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Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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11 responses to “NBA is Now Investigating Allegations Against DeMarcus Cousins”

  1. JASUN74

    Man I hope they just drop that stuff. No doubt he wanted to have his son be there on his wedding day and was emotional. He definitely shouldn’t have said that, but a woman shouldn’t hold his son hostage either and push him to that point! Again, he shouldn’t have said it!! Lol.

    I know from personal experience that a woman can make a man go crazy over a child. After we split up, My ex tried to tell me I couldn’t see my son again, I had to take her to court and I won full custody and it worked out, but going through that was the worst sadness I’ve ever had in my life. I just hope they can get past this because his son will one day find out what’s going on and it’s going to a bad situation for all of them. I’m sure he’s a good dad and should’ve got to have his son there.

    Sad deal for sure. I swear I’m not trying to take up for him, but I do know how much they can hurt you when it’s your kid involved.

    1. ukkatzfan

      Go ahead and mention your name. Sounds like she needs to take you back to court. You might not be trying to take up for Boogie, but you are succeeding at it.

    2. JASUN74

      ukkatzfan. I would try to explain this to you but I’m just going to leave it alone. Pretty mean things to say to someone though. I forgive you!! Have a good one!

      Go Cats!!!!!

  2. tgoff

    ukkatzfan-you are an absolute idiot and shouldn’t post another damn word. You obviously run your mouth a lot. Maybe someone ought to smack you. All he took sides on was the emotional aspect of having his son kept away at an important time. He said repeatedly Boogie was wrong in what he said and that he indeed was.

    1. Carcrook

      I agree, I went through the same thing with boy my boys.

  3. Saul T. Nuts

    I know it sounds bad, but we’re only hearing one quote taken out of context. There are two sides to this story. Let’s wait until the facts are in…

    1. JASUN74

      No doubt She set him up. Just happened to record that part and sell it to TMZ. OK!! LOL. He’s going to need to get some anger management and/or someone to help him with his communication skills. Hopefully, Her, DeMarcus and his New wife can talk and work things out for the kids sake. Maybe she’s jealous and hurt and trying to hurt him, maybe not, but whatever it is, I truly hope that they can find a way to get along, be friends and take care of his son. He should’ve never went that far and said what he said and I hope he can fix the damage. It’s going to be tough, but I guarantee that she’ll forgive him long before a bunch of KEYBOARD WARRIORS will. Anyway, I agree Saul T Nuts! Best name ever! Hahahaha. Go Cats

    2. 3Goggles

      Yea shes obviously recording hoping he says something bad so she can use it in a custody battle. But it really doesn’t matter what she did to provoke him. You cant tell someone in anger that you’re going to put a bullet through their head. Thats domestic violence through harassing communication per the police report. I love Boogie, but if this is him he’s screwed.

    3. Ned T.

      “A quote taken out of context”? What more context do you need?

      Sheesh…I cannot believe anyone would vouch for this moron.

    4. StillBP

      People like you all are why athletes have been getting away with domestic abuse for so long. Making excuses for the man (“she provoked him”) and blaming the woman. Truly alarming. You all have no idea why she didn’t want her child there. She claims he’s physically abused her in the past, perhaps she doesn’t want her child around an abuser. Idk if what she claims is true, I’m just stating that you all have no clue about the situation and are blaming her for something you know nothing about. Yall probably thought OJ was a great guy too before the truth came out.

  4. Ned T.

    Cousins is Jeckll and Hyde trash.