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13 responses to “Lakers: Julius Randle out, Rajon Rondo in”

  1. bigbluebanana

    Rondo and Ball is either going to work beautifully, or, the much more likely scenario, will end up as a huge dumpster fire. Papa Ball is going to say something about Rondo and he’ll earn even more ire from BBN!

  2. TreyTingle

    Lakers are definitely going after Boogie. The Kawhi deal is falling through from what I have heard. San Antonio wants the house for him and Magic is smart enough to wait until next summer and get Kawhi with no strings attached. Gotta say I’m not a Lakers fan but you can’t not respect the wise moves Magic is making while running LA.

    1. mashburnfan1

      They did same thing last year, not trading too much to get Paul George because they knew they could sign him the following {this} summer. Except Paul liked his new team and decided to stay so they got nothing.

    2. crazycatfan65

      I’m sorry man but how can you respectt the moves Magic is making? He signed James and then a bunch of misfits. The Lakers still can’t shoot or defend anyone with that roster. Lakers will do good to finish 4th next year in the Western Conf.

    3. Luether

      My sources say that Boogie will sign a 1 year $5M + deal with Golden State…

  3. Rabbi Li

    Rondo & LeBron will blow up any slackers on that team.

    All the guys who’ve been slow jogging the court will get a foot in their ass as a first warning. 2nd warning will be a pink slip.

    I don’t think that’s a good environment for Boogie on his return from injury year. Not that Boogie will slow jog, but he needs to come back as his body lets him and not at LeBron’s urgency pace to tie Jordans ring count for the GOAT conversation.

    1. michaelb

      Good comment

  4. jahanc2uky

    Yes to your last question. Cousins has enjoyed playing with Rondo since Sacramento and that will be the biggest selling point now.

  5. Rabbi Li

    Also, Rondo works with a team of shooters (Celtics) or a team with a Brow (lob city – effectively making everything Rondo throws at the rim go in).

    Combine Rondo & Ball and you can’t play them at the same time… UNLESS the other 3 players are great shooters and are willing to run.

    I can see LeBron being kind of a fill in for AD on lobs, however who are your other 2 players on the court? Brandon Ingram? He’s not a good enough shooter and is a low energy guy. Maybe LeBron’s presence and another year under Ingrams belt can raise his bar. There are still holes in their lineup.

    Granted, Ball’s injury could be worse than expected and Rondo could be the insurance policy (so they never really plan to play them together but will see how it plays out).

  6. Tom Bombadil

    Rondo will mentor the young Ball.

    1. crazycatfan65

      LaVar done said that Bron can’t teach lonzo nothing because LaVar has done taught him everything so I don’t see what Rondo could teach him. LOL

  7. justgettingstartedbro

    LaVar gonna be saying that they wouldn’t be there except the fact they wanted to play with Lonzo! Can’t wait for that dumpster fire to light up!

  8. ziplock

    Rondo and Lavar are going to get in a knockdown drag out!