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12 responses to “Just Go Ahead and Name Tyler Herro the Rookie of the Year”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    A bit of hyperbole … but the kid can play. I hope he has a great year. Miami is a good place for him.

    1. trumpetguy

      SC, a “bit” of hyperbole doused with a ton of sarcasm! Do know this however, Bucket is unafraid and if given a real fair shot/opportunity to mesh with Jimmy Butler, both those guys can help the Heat win some games.

  2. Newtype

    Zion who? Move over MJ.

  3. JASUN74

    He played a hell of a game. Bam looked good also. Silva from South Carolina looks awfully good too with 16 points in his 15 or so minutes. Tyler looks like he’s going to help them a lot though. Looks great passing the ball and playing really good Defense. I love that he has Bam there to hang with. They’ll be pretty good in the East this year, it’s wide open.

    1. DelrayCat

      Unfortunately the Heat made some bad contract mistakes that will hamper then for a while longer. They got rid of the Whiteside albatross..but they are paying Dragic and Waiters over 30 million combined this year…neither will be on the team next year…maybe not even lasting this calander year.
      Tyler’s making 3 million, and while an NBA bargain….can you see why guys leave early???

  4. Ned T.

    I recall people saying Herro was at least a 3-year project at UK. Goes to show that you never really know a bang from a bust during recruiting.

    1. Carterbbn10


    2. trumpetguy

      Correct, that is why you don’t evaluate by what you read, but rather by what you see. How could anyone say pro/con about any player without seeing the player? ANYBODY think Cal or any other coach offers a scholarship without seeing a prospect, but only reads about the kid in a recruiting rag?….and I don’t mean mix tapes either!

    3. Looother

      It was obvious that Herro would be a one and done player after the pre-season Bahamas games…

    4. michaelb

      I called herro being 1 & done when we got him .. his mental toughness & chip on his shoulder was his best qualities

  5. 270cat

    I thought Zion was the only rookie this year…

    1. Papaw

      So did Zion