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John Wall is on Fire

The Washington Wizards may currently be three games below .500, but that hasn’t stopped John Wall from going on a hot streak. His scoring average of 34 points in the past two contests is an impressive feat by itself, but the former #1 overall pick in 2010’s NBA Draft is also averaging 5 rebounds and 4.5 assists in that same span. The above video show’s Wall’s 31-point performance against the New York Knicks from last night.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

21 responses to “John Wall is on Fire”

  1. sry mr wall

    Feel kinda bad for saying this, but i really hope they suck it up enough to get Julius Randle. How awsome would that be.

    1. dustin

      John Wall has been my favorite player since arriving at UK (AD, Randle close behind) and would love to see them in the playoffs and Wall make the All Star team for getting them there. However, the thought of Wall with Randle is awesome and would take away the pain of them not getting the 1st pick two years ago and getting Davis with Wall.

  2. Troll bridge

    Where the trolls at, where they at, where they at

  3. Rei

    Loserville got pooped on. Guess that makes up for yesterday’s football game.

  4. Holler Baller

    John Wall is in the building

  5. Come Out to Play

    UNC shorthanded, yet still spanks U of L.

  6. Elwood Blues

    This is a post about John Wall and yall are talking about Louisville losing. Sometimes BBN is pretty embarrassing.

    THAT BEING SAID, John Wall is a grown @$$ man in the league. Loving watching our alumni.

    1. Why?

      Why is that embarrassing? Sorry, let us keep to the subject at hand. Do not violate unspoken rules??

  7. rockatao

    and boogie, terrence jones and daniel orton with double-doubles last night

  8. Han

    If (who am I kidding, when) UNC gets Hairston and McDonald back, they have a chance to be pretty good. Louisville’s still getting used to not being able to foul to win games, but they’ve got a lot of talent and UNC just wore them out.

    Just need to root for Kansas and Michigan St. to lose to open the top back up some. (Arizona, too, but that’s bound to happen.)

  9. Mott Mones

    After wins against Iowa Trucking School, Ohio Hairdressing College and Memphis School of the Blind, UofL was no match for shorthanded UNC.

  10. Ahhhhhh...that was nice

    Sorry little brother…guess you didn’t hear about that rule change, huh? No more hack fouls, hip and hand checks means your style of “defense” is officially outdated. Have fun playing teams with more than 1 big. Hmmm, anybody know a team like that? GO BIG BLUE!

    1. Al/in/Indy

      Let me guess, are their colors red and black? Is their mascot a bird with teeth? Damn……

  11. Al/in/Indy

    Good grief, there wasn’t many people at that game UNC/Uvel…..There would’ve been more people in the seats if there was a Sandy Patty concert at an Atheist convention.

  12. big dave

    I’ll take J.Wall on fast break against anyone! Finisher!!!! Even in college.

  13. binarysolo

    ♫ This. Wall. Is on fire!

  14. Blue Jesus

    Louisville had 3 assists. Chris Jones has come in and scored pretty well, but he needs 20 shots to do it, and that doesn’t leave much room for distributing. It’s either Jones or R. Smith creating offense for themselves, or a fast break bucket from the press. Not a lot of variety to their scoring, and UNC exposed them a bit today.

    1. Lexington 3

      Precisely. That is some real HOF coaching going on there on offense.

  15. BAdams

    Glad to see him having a great season. So many Cats are on fire and I’m loving the chances of multiple Cats being on the All Star rosters. As for Loserville, if they cant UNCs front court, Randle and Co will smash them. Shut down Russ, game over.

    1. BAdams

      cant handle*

  16. Jen

    He is not “the former #1 overall pick in 2010′s NBA Draft” unless someone went back in time and picked someone else first in that draft.