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Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 responses to “WOW… Isaac Humphries can really sing”

  1. KYJelly

    That’s a good cover TECHNICALly. I’m sure there’s a lot of post-production and the TECHNICALity to make someone sound better than they do is their job. However, Isaac should stick to basketball, there are a lot more singers with TECHNICAL abilities than their are 7-foot Basketball players.


    1. Salsa from NEW YORK CITY

      Sounds like someone is jealous.

    2. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

      Lamar Fumbled 41-38.

    3. Dubowski

      lol. not sure why people think this is some ville troll. we all remember that tech. +1 for good comedy

    4. crwally

      He really slammed this one into the ground

  2. Big johnson

    Wow! How about. Letting us know if Reid is playing.

    1. brandond373

      Pretty sure there was an article like 7-8 posts before saying he wasn’t

  3. runningunnin.454

    11-17 Wake Forest up on Duke by ten early in the 2nd half…at Duke.

    1. satcheluk

      They look so despondent. Lol

  4. weneedpitino

    He’s good. Go cats, and go la salle.

  5. satcheluk

    The fans that is.

  6. weneedpitino

    Reminds me of the summer of 83, heading to Nashville thinking i was gonna be the next Conway Twitty. Well needless to say and long story short it didn’t work out. I sounded more like a mix of Barry Manilow and Bruce Sprinsteen and we all know Bruce can’t sing.