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Eric Bledsoe has another big game

Eric Bledsoe turned in another strong performance tonight as the starting point guard for the Phoenix Suns. Bledsoe has flourished in his new role as “the guy” for the Suns, and tonight he was incredible in a losing effort. Bledsoe finished with 26 points, 14 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 steals. 

Article written by Ally Tucker

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20 responses to “Eric Bledsoe has another big game”

  1. $1.75 Tacos?

    Great job Eric!

  2. Ho Lee Fuk

    Does KSR not “fall back” with the time change?

  3. Joe Dennison

    So happy to see Eric do so well. He is one of my favorites to ever play at Kentucky.

  4. Mc

    Great game by him, too many turnovers, but he’ll get better in that area. He’s nearly unstoppable off the dribble getting to the hoop.

  5. Ryan

    And we can’t underscore that his final free throw covered the over.Thanks big guy!

  6. mashburnfan1

    agree 4} article forgets to mention he had 8 freakin turnovers. Also shot 41% from field. Calling that a great game is ridiculous. He played well and if he had shot better and had 4 turnovers we could maybe call it a great game. His team also loss so the stats that count are just an L.

  7. come on

    So if he shot a better % and had less turnovers they would have won? Maybe if he didn’t score 26 points, grab 7 rebounds and have 14 assists they would not have had a chance. Wonder what his teamates did?

  8. Come on

    #7 Don’t be stealing my name now…

  9. Turkeywildturkey

    Mashburnfan: I’m sure you’ve probably never played basketball, so you wouldn’t understand that 26 points, 14 assists and 7 rebounds, regardless of 8 turnovers, is a heck of a game in any league, especially in the NBA. You must be either an IU fan or UL fan. Regardless, you have no clue.

  10. mashburnfan1

    I played lots of bball, 20 years worth, and officiated it. The 7 boards and 14 assist are awesome. He also did a great job of getting to the free throw line going 10-12 in this game. Still he shot 7-17 and 8 turnovers is horrible at any level. I love watching Eric play, he is very energetic and talented. I’m just saying shooting 41% from the field is decent at best and 8 turnovers is horrible, thus not a great game. When a guy scores 30 people say it’s a great game but don’t mention he was 9-34 from the field and this happens alot, I call it the Iverson stat. I think Bledsoe will be a very good, maybe get to great, player for many years and I hope he and Davis can one day be teammates.

  11. haha

    Most of you are idiots…but 8 turnovers hurts a hell of a lot more than 14 assists helps a team, especially from a point guard. I wish him nothing but the best, and hopes he makes multiple all-star teams, but until he cuts down the turnovers, he’ll never be in the top half of pg’s in the NBA. And 9, just because someone disagrees with you (and proves you wrong), doesn’t mean he/she is an IU or UL fan, just a much more informed UK fan. That being said, go cats.

  12. Derp

    6,10,11= dumb as hell. Seriously? If you don’t think that stat line’s impressive then something’s wrong with you. Derp

  13. theSkinny81

    11 – Um, former MVP Derrick Rose had 8 turnovers the other night.

  14. Your Mother

    And “former MVP Derrick Rose” has not played as a top 30 point guard so far this year. He’s averaging almost as many turnovers as assists and shooting 32% from the field. Of course he will get better as the season progresses as I’m sure Bledaoe will.

    Bledsoe was good, but far from “incredible.” 8 turnovers is always very costly. There is more to a player’s performance than a stat line, but there is also more to a stat line than points-assists-rebounds.

  15. Eric

    I’m the most underrated player in the NBA. I’m a top 10 PG and showed it at the Clippers. When ima get mah respect?

  16. Eric

    26 pts + 28 pts on assist > 8 turnovers. Even if they managed to convert on all those turnovers, which they didn’t, it’s 16 pts. More if 3s but even more unlikely. Which means of course we’d have to look at any of his assists that led to 3s.

  17. Your Mother

    When a team turns the ball over, not only do they give the opposing team an opportunity to score, but they ALSO lose an opportunity to score themselves. This is why turnovers are so costly.

    Additionally, no one said his 8 turnovers were more harm than his contributions were good. No one said his turnovers voided his performance.

    He had a decent game, not “incredible.”

  18. Chill out

    He also had 3 steals which straight up negates three of the turnovers. To the person saying 7 of 17 is terrible. I agree it could be better. He actually scored 26 points on only 17 shots which is another way of looking at that stat. There are 2 sides to every story. I watched most of 2nd half. He was without his backcourt mate most of the game. Which put the ball in his hands every single time down. Dragic is a big key to that backcourt without him bledsoe had to press a little more. Forget the fact that he went against Russell Westbrook one of the best points in the league.

    I’d say after 3 games with the reigns he is doing pretty good.

  19. Charlie Waite

    Way to go E.B.! Keep it up brah.

  20. Seriously

    I think the point everyone is missing here is that he was a BACKUP point guard a year ago, and now he is putting up stat lines like this one. Regardless of whether he had 8 turnovers he still poured in 26 points and 14 assists, and he had three steals. Steals negate turnovers in my book. So 5 turnovers….not the worst thing in the world. Think the Suns will take it.