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14 responses to “Eric Bledsoe had an epic brain fart last night”

  1. loservilletard

    Eric is like the rest of the NBA fans, so bored he forgot what he was doing.

  2. ukwildcat1991

    Ksr needs to get their political crap under wraps. This is a sports site. Stop it with Matt Jones and his senate bull crap story with Mitch. Stop posting about free Matt. He is a grown ass man who got into politics. It’s his problem now. Not the show or website. So for the love of god stop talking about politics. If I want to watch something then I’ll watch Fox News it cnn. On that note Eric did have a bad play their.

    1. madarchitect

      meow meow.

    2. BlueSteel

      Why so angry? And they are free to post what they want just as you are free to scroll right past it and get to the sports you desire.

    3. Bluebloodtoo

      Screw freedom of speech. We don’t need that crapp anyway.

    4. Mad Max

      There is literally nothing in this article about Matt or politics…quit crying you whiny snowflake!!!

    5. BeastAtom

      It’s his website. You don’t have to be here.

    6. UKCAT5FAN

      @ukwildcat1991…that’s funny considering it is his website. Lol

  3. Bluebloodtoo

    This is what happens when you legalize pot. Lol

    1. cats646


    2. Mad Max

      Yeah…because no one smoked pot before it was legalized…smh

  4. daddy43040

    His interview before the game about not facing Leonard wasn’t much better

  5. kydrummer

    He was playing by Russell Westbrook rules!

  6. Ridge Runner

    Eric, No worries… man, your human!