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7 responses to “Enes Kanter Chose Trail Blazers Over Lakers to “Be Drama-Free””

  1. jos_ros_

    to be fair enes is constantly saying something to the media that might cause drama

  2. bigbluebanana

    Magic was not the right call. Even his peers and everyone from LeBetard to Wilbon to Golic said it was a silly hire. There were hushed whispers recently that a reason magic is failing is that he expects every major talent to want to play for him and the Lakers for less money. If I were Walton, I’d almost be wishing to get fired. Walton, like his dad, are really mellow guys, not the type to want to be anywhere near drama like this.

  3. weneedpitino

    Good choice Enes, I don’t know who would want to play along side of someone like Lebron anyways, I think you made an excellent choice. I happen to know a thing or to, people generally come to me for sound advice, and the choice that you made is the same thing I would have told you to do. I’m also pretty sure that Lebron is a raci$t from what I here as well. Go Cats, and boo Lebron and the Lakers!!

    1. ukkatzfan

      You hold suspected racism against Lebron with your username ? ?

    2. JoeMoney333

      Also, every sentence is a run on. Don’t be afraid of periods.

  4. david8577

    I think with 2-3 solid punches I could flatten cowherd’s nose to a normal size.

    1. Ridge Runner

      1 David.. his face looks soft baby like. Probably mouth would still make noise.