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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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13 responses to “DeMarcus Cousins on Warriors: “We’re the most hated team in sports.””

  1. Aar

    As long as Boogie’s a Warrior, I ain’t hatin’.

    1. IndianaSucks

      You’re in the minority my friend

    2. bigbluebanana

      I’ve been a die hard Warriors fan since Don Nelson left Dallas and went there. (I’ve always been a huge Mavericks fan, Dirk is my favorite player ever). Words can’t express how happy I was when boogie went there. No team can top UK for me, but the Warriors, St. Louis Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Penguins fight hard for the second spot.

    3. IndianaSucks

      What’s your NFL team?

    4. bigbluebanana

      Don’t really have one. I grew up over Lyon County, no football there, so football was never a big thing to me. I guess the Rams when they were in St. Louis, I usually cheer for the Titans, I lived in Charlotte for a decade so I root for the Panthers, and I live in Pittsburgh now, so I’ll cheer for the Steelers. A shorter answer would’ve been; I don’t really have one! Lol

      That’s why I tend to stay quiet on here when talking about football (unless it’s talking about coaches)…I don’t really know enough about it to argue in an informed way. But I love UK sports through and through, so if the football Cats are playing, I cheer my heart out!

  2. Cletis75

    The Patriots are hated by more because the NFL is more popular. Plus, they won Their 1st 3 championships by cheating. I know some people lost a lot of respect for you and Durant, because some people earn a title and make a name for themselves, and others just ride the coat tails of others. You two choose the easy path, which is why you all will always be seen as cupcakes. Fair or not, that’s the legacy you all chose.

    1. IndianaSucks

      You know that boogie isn’t reading this right?

    2. bigbluebanana

      Shh, don’t ruin it for him! Also, if the best company in my line of work offered me a job where I knew I’d get worldwide recognition once said company won “company of the year”, I’d go in a heartbeat…most people would too.

    3. babbus

      Pretty good synopsis. Bigbluebanana, comparing the general workforce to a competitive sports league doesn’t really work.

  3. Mathlete

    Nah man, that’s the Patriots. The Warriors are just annoyingly good, they aren’t notorious cheaters

  4. Look Out Fireworks

    Don’t forget about the Yankees

  5. Luether

    The haters are always gonna hate. Looking forward to seeing Boogie back in mid-season form soon…

  6. ukcamel

    Other than Draymond and Pachouli (who doesn’t even play there anymore), the Warriors aren’t really hate-able.

    Durant is a coward and it’s now impossible to cheer for him, but I can’t actively hate him.