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DeMarcus Cousins Had An Outstanding Season And No One Seems To Care


The 2013-14 NBA season was a career year for DeMarcus Cousins, but the average NBA fan didn’t even notice. That’s because DeMarcus got no love from the league when the All-Star teams were announced in January, nor did he receive honors when the All-NBA teams were released at season’s end. He walked away from his fourth season in the league empty-handed, despite posting numbers seldom seen in the almost seven decades of the NBA.


Cousins’ final stat line included a 26.1 Player Efficiency Rating, the highest ever by an All-Star snub. He is the only player in league history to have a PER of 25 or higher during the All-Star break without having a spot on an All-Star roster. IN LEAGUE HISTORY, PEOPLE!

Cousins also averaged a double-double with almost 23 points and 12 rebounds per game, while shooting just under 50 percent from the field. There are only 31 other instances IN LEAGUE HISTORY with better numbers than Cousins’ 26.1 Player Efficiency Rating, 22.7 points per game, 11.7 rebounds per game and .496 field goal percentage in 2013-14. Only ten other big men have done it, all of whom are NBA Hall of Famers.











That’s right: DeMarcus Cousins joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Charles Barkley, Walt Bellamy, Wilt Chamberlain, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Moses Malone, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and David Robinson as the only players in league history (IN LEAGUE HISTORY, PEOPLE) to finish a season with a 26.1 Player Efficiency Rating, 22.7 points per game, 11.7 rebounds per game and a .496 field goal percentage. All of those seasons came with an NBA All-Star appearance, while all but three concluded with an All-NBA selection. Furthermore, 10 of the 31 walked away with the Most Valuable Player award.

But DeMarcus Cousins’ trophy case remains empty. Sure, his team had the third-worst record in the Western Conference, and he led the league in techs, but one of the 32 best statistical seasons by a big man deserves at least a little bit of love. Something, anything.

I suppose DeMarcus will just have to run it back in 2014-15. They can’t ignore Boogie’s dominance forever.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

33 responses to “DeMarcus Cousins Had An Outstanding Season And No One Seems To Care”

  1. GoCats2

    I have no facts or stats to back it up but I am guessing the main reason lies in the fact that all of the other seasons by all of those other players ended up in the playoffs including more than a few of them ending in Championships for their team. It doesnt make it right but if a team does not make the playoffs it is hard for any player to get noticed.

  2. Hoop33

    Kevin Love gets noticed constantly despite playing for a terrible Timberwolves team that hasn’t made the playoffs since the KG days.

  3. truth

    Love DMC, but he’s not on the same level as love

    1. Catdaddyd


    2. Bizzaro World

      And he’s not even close to the same type of player as Love either. Might as well say, well he’s no Kevin Durant. No shit Sherlock.

  4. NjCat

    It’s pretty clear he’s made himself a paria in the league with his constant complaining and sulking. The fact the his team is near the bottom every year doesn’t help much either. Sorry to say it, but the guy may make a lot of money but will never win anything cause people just don’t like him. And it’s very difficult for a leopard to change its spots.

  5. Coach John

    How in the world did Wilt not win MVP all of those seasons listed? Bill Russell was good but come on. Oscar averaged a triple double his MVP year so I can see him winning. Wilt was robbed several years.

    1. Coach John

      Wilt averaged 45 points and 24 rebounds in 62-63, enough to garner 2nd team all nba team.

    2. asdf

      They musta not liked Wilt much either…

  6. frank

    the guy didn’t win jack and he’s a baby on the court. He doesn’t get much respect because he hasn’t earned it

  7. huge fan

    Great post, I agree with every word. Can’t believe all the haters here. DMC did get some attention from Jimmy Kimmel after the season. Maybe next year. Love me some Boogie! #bbnforever

  8. huck

    They are chosen by: “The starting lineup for each squad is selected by a fan ballot, while the reserves are chosen by a vote among the head coaches.”

    My opinion is, Big Cuz is going to have to grow up and pretend to be a professional ball player, as opposed to acting like spoiled little teeny girl crossed with a punk. If he wants to be involved in that type thing, he is going to have to shut up, suck it up and at least pretend to be a person that the fans (all fans of the NBA) can relate to – other than a mouthy, whiney assed punk.

    I am a huge fan of his, twice his age and still working on things.

  9. Scott

    Think it’s funny people blast boogie for being whiney or getting techs, but don’t recognize the fact that he donates to charity and the kids of Sacramento all the time. He won every where he had been before Sacramento. sorry he puts the team on his back each and every night and can’t win because his teammates aren’t as good as him and he gets upset for it but doesn’t me he doesn’t give back to the community. He deserves recognition but espn and other media outlets like to blast him for his on court problems.

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      I like Cuz, but giving back to his community does not make him special/unique. Every one of the higher paid players do it and get very little attention. Even many of the “lesser paid” do this. Plus it has ZERO to do with all star recognition. As many have said, this snub is a reflection of his immature and childish behavior on the court. He’s a great player who struggles to learn his bad behavior has consequences. I just keep waiting for that light bulb to finally flicker on.

    2. Number Three

      You probably like Donald Sterling too.

  10. bigbluetruth

    Cuz is a great player but not a lot of people outside of BBN have a lot of love for him. Talking to a LOSERVILLE fan last week and after talking about the butt whipping Cal has laid on them I ask who they liked more than any player Cal brought in (Davis, MKG, Randle, Knight etc etc) name the player LOSERVILLE fans hate the worst no doubt they say Cuz. I take that with the fact he kicked their butts in more ways than one.

  11. rainman

    I love Boogie, but a lot of it is on him! He doesn’t allow people outside
    of BBN to like him! He definately suffers from the same thing Wilt did!
    NO ONE LIKES HIM, they won’t vote for him!

  12. Catdaddyd

    It’s better to be a All-Pro than an All-Star.

  13. js2

    Boogie was noticed … he got a max contract. He played very well. He just needs to keep his temper in check (he is still a very young man) and get some better players around him. It can happen.

  14. Bizzaro World

    Ryen Russillo put Roy Hibbert above him. Troll on Big Russ, and keep incessantly whining about how BBN doesn’t like you.

  15. Zach

    Cousins and Love are two totally different type of ball players. Cousins definitely needs to be shown more love. He does a lot behind the scenes that goes unnoticed…and a lot on the court too.

  16. Jack Ryan

    If you’re a fan of the NBA then you know why he did not get any love. He whines and complains and has made himself a person that no one cares to write or read about. I can’t believe the writer of the story did not bring this up in his blog.

  17. Palcat

    Well, probably because he does not play any defense, he leads NBA in techs called and behaves like teenage girl. It is nice that he scores 20 every night, but he is the same type as Harden – absolute zero focus on D, so for every bucket he scores, there is one bucket coming back. I would take most centers in the league over him – you don’t win titles by offense.

  18. Musehobo

    All this is silly. Reputation + Techs + No Playoffs = no love.

    His stat line is amazing. He’s a top tier talent in the NBA, but I won’t feel sorry for him. If he even cares what people think of him, he’ll need to change his attitude. If he doesn’t care, he’ll keep posting big numbers and he’ll just end up keep getting paid. Drew is friends with him, but he should be able to see this about Cuz. Drew not really addressing Cuz’s personality struggles just makes him look like a homer.

  19. Lynda Clark

    I love Big Cuz! I agree he needs to mature more, but let’s admit he has charisma out the whazoo. And I find it funny that the worst people can say is that he acts like a teenage girl. C’mon, really, how bad is that? Acting like some bro’ teenage boy would be much worse. Stop pickin’ on teenage girls.

  20. Allen W.

    Forget all the folks here that say he’s a whiner.The team he plays on is inconsequential and in a small market. Until he moves to a more meaningful team he won’t get any respect. Put him with a contender such as Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, or the Chicago Bulls (my favorite) and his attitude would be jovial like his time at UK. Or back with John Wall on the Wizards… Hmmmmmmm.

  21. TVUKBleedBlue

    Just a little FYI…DMC was TIED for the lead in Techs with 16. The other two with 16 were Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant. Both media darlings, and neither of them are EVER labeled hot heads, immature, etc.

  22. TVUKBleedBlue

    In the 1999-2000 season Rasheed Wallace had 38 Techs…made the All-Star team.

    2001 – Rasheed Wallace 41 Techs– All Star
    2003 – Antoine Walker 23 Techs– All Star
    2004 – Steve Francis 19 Techs– All Star
    2006 – Rasheed Wallace 19 Techs– All Star
    2008 – KOBE BRYANT 15 Techs– All Star
    2010 – Dwight Howard 17 Techs– All Star
    2011 – Dwight Howard 18 Techs– All Star

    Just take a look at the top 5 in Technical fouls over the last 15 years and there is always at least 1 or 2 guys from the top 5 who made an all Star roster that year.

    When DMC gets a T he is petulant and a baby. When Kobe gets a T he is passionate and a “the ultimate competitor”.

    1. Steve

      Are you really trying to compare Cousins to this list. REALLY! Your dreaming my man.

    2. TVUKBleedBlue

      I am not comparing him to this list in any way other that to show that his high number of technical fouls is not a valid reason to leave him off the All Star team and to point to inconsistency in some peoples logic. Each of those guys led the league in Ts the same year they were All Stars.

      His stats back up being an all star and these numbers show that how many T’s he gets should not be a factor. If you want to talk about him not being on a winning team then I point to Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving last year or Kevin Loves entire career. There is no logical argument you can make to leave DMC off the All Star team or an All NBA list.

      Also, he compares pretty favorably with Rasheed Wallace across the board…

  23. BBN#1

    yea big cuz could change his attitude a bit but hell i see it as more of a nastyness you want your big man to play with.. im sure when other players drive to the basket the thought of boogie being a nasty sob comes into their mind just my opinion id be scared as hell

  24. Really

    Alot of it is perception. We have ppl on here who admittedly don’t watch any NBA basketball, and call him a baby. You don’t know if you don’t watch. Yea I’ll compare Demarcus to Rasheed Wallace all day. Rasheed’s best scoring season? 20 ppg. Rebounds? 8.2. His career averages? 14.4 points, 6.4 rebounds. Was ALWAYS at the top of the NBA in tech’s per yr. Your gonna tell me Cousins can’t compare to those numbers? They’re right there in front of you. In the 70’s 80’s, Cousins is the mean center inside ppl want on their team. Everybody’s too soft nowadays. Put him on a winning team and ppl would consider him the best center in the league. Ppl don’t need offense? Obviously OKC has the best scorer in the game in Durant, but if he gets you 30, Westbrook gets you 30, thats 60, who else on that team is a consistent scorer? Think they wouldn’t much rather have DMC inside than Kendrick Perkins? Of course they would. Look at the numbers, he had better or equal stats to most frontcourt players included in either the all nba teams, or all star teams. As someone said above, Durant was at the top of the technical foul list, anyone calling him a crybaby? Didn’t think so. And when I say that, don’t go saying “well Cousins isn’t comparable to player ____” I’m not saying he’s Durant, but if their technical fouls are near the same, why is one labeled as a baby, and the other is a saint? All I’m saying is watch some basketball. The center position isn’t very good in today’s NBA. We don’t have Olajuawon, Ewing, and Shaq out there. Your all NBA 1st team center was Noah. He’s a great defender and rebounder, he’s also abysmal as an offensive player. Cousins is the most offensively talented center in the league. Howard, Noah, Cousins, Hibbert, Lopez? Whoever said he’s not a top 10 center is a complete moron. Great post Drew Franklin. Here’s hoping Boogie can shed the PERCEPTION that he’s a bad guy, and gain the recognition he deserves. I have no doubt if you put him on a playoff team, or with a guy like Wall or Bledsoe, his “attitude issues” diminish.

  25. Hartline

    No one seems to mention that he plays in Sacramento, arguably the smallest market team sans Milwaukee in the league. East Coast media bias ensures that Boogie is never seen on TV. I don’t have the stats but I am certain Kevin Love was shown on TV much more often than Boogie. While perception certainly could hinder his all-star selection, if no one sees what he is doing it won’t really matter. In addition, Demarcus really doesn’t have a made for TV skill set. Love can make threes, Davis is an athletic the likes of which the league has never seen and so. People want to see these players more because they present something fans haven’t seen before or don’t see often. Boogie is (just) an incredibly good big men and that just doesn’t attract the attention it once use too.