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Demarcus Cousins Abused Dirk Last Night

Oh my…

Article written by Matt Jones

22 responses to “Demarcus Cousins Abused Dirk Last Night”

  1. Royal Blue

    That was BEAST!!!!


    DAMN!!!! Boogie might be one of my favorites of all time….

  3. bluegrassstu

    Looked like a foul on Demarcus. Putting an arm/hand on a players’ shoulder in order to score?

    1. Kaboom

      Shutup. Thanks


      Dude, Dirk slid under Boogie like a little bitch right there and got punished for that weak oreo game!

  4. brian

    I want that poster!

  5. K2da

    Can’t stop Laughing !!! Looks like Shawn Bradley back in the day . Damn!!!!!!

  6. buzzard

    BIG CUZ!!!!!! He should have been the #1 pick!

  7. Basteballer

    Maybe my favorite poster dunk!


  8. Bill

    He got leaned into, fouled, when he was on his way up.

  9. UKBlue

    Damn nation – Boogie did a little boogie in mid air.

  10. Rockfield, KY

    Any guy that is 6’8″ or up and tries to take a charge all the time instead of protecting them rim deserves to get posterized. Taking a charge is for pu$$ies and small guys. Duke and Florida are the worst.

    1. fireants25

      totally agreeā€¦heck of a dunk and game by Cuz.

  11. NotFirst

    I’m sure Mr Nowitzki is a fine gentleman, but what kind of an idiot to jumps in front of a freight train?

  12. UKBird

    Did he miss the dunk?

  13. And ..

    I am a huge UK fan. But I would take Dirk over DeMarcus any day!

  14. jake

    too bad dirks like 40 and cousins could maybe still be in college

  15. Call the Ball

    Wish he would have screamed at him, stared him down for 4 minutes doing the Wiggle. Dirk makes Ryan Harrow look like a Badass.

  16. Dirks Chin...

    Mr. Cousins, please remove your man pieces from my area. Thank You. That is all…

  17. Doyle Hargraves

    Why is Dirk crying? Cause he just got dunked on!

  18. WatchingTheKings

    Unfortunately, an offensive foul was called and the basket didn’t count…cool gif though…Go Big Cuz!!!

    1. UK Joe

      If it was anybody but Cous it would have been called a blocking foul or no call.