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Boogie is Not Buying what JJ Redick is Selling

Article written by Matt Jones

57 responses to “Boogie is Not Buying what JJ Redick is Selling”

  1. Loss of consortium

    Time to grow up buddy.
    Love Demarcus as much as any cat of all time..
    However your playing basketball and getting paid millions..
    When someone else who is playing basketball offers to great you or play slap
    Hands…. Don’t act like a gag. Your not in the military….. This is not life or death..Geez

    1. UpperSectionStudent

      I’m in the military.. We shake hands. What’s your point?

    2. Doug

      Well they should have taught you to read or comprehend better
      Look at the life or death part

    3. Hans N. Arms

      Agreed to an extent. Boogie appears to be acting Redick-ulous. But what precipitated the cold shoulder? Perhaps Redick was apologizing for cheap shots/elbows. Its a battle in the paint; Boogie’s a warrior….actually a King. And that’s part of his 115% contribution to the court /game.

    4. LeX


  2. Cayuts

    I’m a UL fan, but you all seem to be far more up to date on the situation….what’s up with Behanan? The vast UL media conspiracy keeps all of these stories under wraps. Did you all know UL also killed Kennedy?

    Seriously though, any updates would be appreciated little bro as you all are far more up to date given your paranoid fixation on a team that doesn’t exist

    1. KYStout

      It went like this:

      Chane Behannon is apparently not a very smart person and tried to sell his 2012 FF “participation” ring. He got exposed and UL went into “massive coverup mode”.

      Any more questions?

    2. Here is an Update

      You remain a Moron. Got that?

    3. theSkinny81

      KYStout: If I could “like” your comment a million times, I would. Bravo.

    4. BluKudzu

      Chane played last night against Southern Mississippi in a much less than capacity filled YUM arena. He logged a few minutes and played ok. Cards shot 50% at the free throw line, almost as well at the 3. These guys can hoist the 3 ball. They Flat out owned the boards, and pressed for 20+ turnovers, while adding 10+ of their own.
      First time I had ever been to a Louisville game not playing Kentucky. Had tickets given to me at mid court, and wanted to see what YUM was all about. After my first thimble of $8.00 bourbon, I found out.
      Could not see the score boards due to the bogus banners, but did see an award/love fest by the Louisville media for Jurich.
      Think I will go back to watch the ‘Cats. Should be a good time.

    5. Coverup

      If they bust the thief the story will at least sound credible. Its not difficult, just get the name from the auction house. My guess is Chane asked Granny to sell it and it will never be resolved.

  3. KevinM

    Matt, great find but I’m guessing that’s prior to tip off…..don’t get the reaction there…

  4. Greer

    Centers in the NBA should be nasty. Get out of here you punk Dukie

  5. Eric

    It’s not really a uk duke thing, Cousins hates the clippers, and primarily Chris Paul.

  6. Beatle Bum

    Unless there is a justifiable explanation for that behavior, why show that video here without criticism? Boogie just looks like an immature jerk.

  7. Beatle Bum

    Which is going to affirm immature jerks on this forum.

    1. wrb

      I see you were 1of the first 6 to confirm.

    2. Beatle Bum

      One of the first to offer criticism of his ridiculousness. But, thanks.

  8. Matt Jones

    I hate Duke. I would not set one foot in that dump even if they paid me

  9. RC

    Why should he shake JJ’s hand? JJ is on the other team. Both are getting paid millions to win, not to be BFFs with other teams. I get sportsmanship but I see nothing wrong here.

    1. agreed

      I agree. I don’t know if this is pregame or after some sort of mix-up with a minute left. I’m sick of seeing all the buddy-buddy bull$hit that goes on.

      I want a guy who wants to rip someone’s heart out…..not play kissy face like Magic & Isiah, or the million bro-hugs that go on before an nba game nowadays. Jesus. Lets just all have a cup of tea and rub elbows together before we pretend to care about whether we win or lose. You don’t need a pregame handshake to spout the virtues of sportsmanship.

    2. PillowTalk

      Yea I wish we had somebody with that kind of edge on this team. Besides this wasn’t like the end of the game it was in mid battle. Save the sportsmanship till later.

  10. Haha

    Guys it is because of his/the kings recent history with the clippers. You know how Chris Paul acts like a punk, though i dont think he is one, everytime he plays Cousins. Well Cousins feels the same way about all Clippers.

  11. JoJo

    Boogie plays with an edge which is important for his game. He is paid to produce not play nice with the opposing team. He is a competitor which is why I love him I at times with the people I work with would bring the same fight to life and work.

  12. Beatle Bum

    If Boogie played for Duke and Reddick played for UK, how many apologists would we see posting here?

    1. haha

      So true…blinded by the light

  13. Truth

    Boogie is a loser. Probably will average a double-double but never play on a winner.

    1. PillowTalk

      Every winning team has somebody with like Cousins. Somebody needs to be a dick and play with an edge.

  14. JoJo

    If you go to and watch the highlights from the Kings game you will see that Redick get injured while competing for a rebound with Cousins. He did not return to the game after the wrist injury.

  15. Louseyville

    @2… lol calling us lil bro? That’s rich, but not surprising. You loserville fans can’t come up with much by yourselves can you? You are playing the little brother role perfectly by even being on this site (which you probably are on more than your own) checking on big brothers news. You can call us little brother, all you got to do is win 6 straight national titles, gain about 500-600 wins on us and win 16 straight head to head against us lol. You Louisville fans get more pathetic by the day lol.

  16. katmandue2you

    can we not see something about UK and UT? I mean damn…its the last game of the season against the Vols. I know the game is between two bad teams…but lets cover something here

  17. O T I S

    NIT clowns

    1. Brilliant!

      This is one of your typical posts. How do you come up with these? You are a Cretin.

    2. wrb

      Better than being a u of l dumbass like yourself.

  18. blugreg

    Once again vine doesn’t mean much without full connotation of situation. It is funny but I bet it’s simply an intimidation move on Cousins part. He has a reputation of being nasty so why not feed off it! Reddick is a little punk & the a Clippers are too!

  19. bigblue091812

    Loserville fans memories are about as long as their manhood. They keep bringing up the NIT, they forget that Slick Rick has bailed out of the NIT twice and had 7 of 12 seasons at Loserville with 10+losses. HOF, he got there for what he did had UK, and if they think they have a shot of going back to back they are as dumb as I thought. Hell, the only thing Loserville has done to help college BB is to get fouls called the way they should, after years of his and everyone in the big east mugging other teams the NCAA said enough is enough after Loserville was called for 1 foul (with 2 big east officials calling the game) in the last 8:43 against WSU in the final 4. I’ve watched the final 8:43 and can count 14 fouls the ghetto rats got away with. SO THANK YOU LOSERVILLE, and maybe you can get back on this site in 35 + yrs and state how you think you have a chance for #4 this year. I wonder how great Slick Rick Jr. will be for you when daddy scum retires.

    1. BluKudzu

      No B2B 4 L1C4 from what I saw last night, for damn sure.
      L1C4. I can’t believe they say or write this stuff, much less get tattooed with that.

    2. BluKudzu

      I swear L1C4 looks like LICK.

  20. kevin slapnuts

    I wish UL had more players in the NBA……then i wouldn’t have to be a closet KY fan.

  21. Oscar Combs

    Chuck Aleksinas is about to commit to the Cats

  22. Downcline

    This behavior used to be the rule in the NBA, not the exception. Now the political correct, pussifiers have done their work to make men little girls.

    Get em’ cuz.

    1. haha

      Simply not true. Bet you haven’t watched much nba in your day have ya? This is a typical blowrod/skip bayless repeater statement

  23. Drew Franklin

    Breaking News about another UL player who stole Twitter

  24. Nothankyou

    No thank you Smukie.

  25. ray ray

    Ruck F.J. Reddick !

  26. quickie

    Would you shake somebody’s hand after you saw them picking their nose and eating it on TV?

  27. Mack

    I’m surprise little jj didn’t flop right on the spot, all he wanted was a hug or a reach around. A little off subject, I was watching the Rockets play the Nets last night and one of the 3 brothers that played for duke was on the Nets, T Jones had the ball and made a sudden move at which point the little dukie went to the floor like someone had shot him and of course the ref. call Jones for the charge. The guy doing the game for the Rockets said that was a flop but that is how they learn to play defense at his college, we are not the only ones that notice.

  28. BUT

    Clippers 104
    Kings 98

  29. bung

    Big Cuz rules…

  30. Joe

    Favorite wildcat ever! Give em hell boogie!

  31. Jj

    23 is like dam n

  32. Chris Kaufman

    1 second out of a 3 year history, i have no idea what was really going on between the two

  33. PillowTalk

    I WISH THE PLAYERS ON THIS TEAM WOULD ACT LIKE THAT. You show me a team with no questionable characters I show you a losing team.

  34. Chuck Davis

    Bottom line..Cousins is an A$$…don’t care if he played at UK or not…If he had played at UL, most of the BBn would crucify him…that’s the hypocrisy of the UK fan.

  35. Oohlala

    I watched part of that game. The touched under the basket and Reddick fell down like every Duie does. If you watched the Duke Arizona game last you would have seen Sulaimon do this same thing several times. After the first one the refs quit falling for it and did not give him the call. He threw a fit and Coach K went over to talk to the refs imediately. Duke did get a few lousy non calls, I hate to admit but Arizona outplayed them in every stat.
    As for the NIT comment, yeah I checked and what do you know, UL has never went to the NIT or lost in the first round. At least thats what UL’s media machine would have you believe. And behanan should be forced to clear up the issue with the ring or not be allowed to play. My guess is they are probably covering up for a family member as I honestly dont think he would stupid enough to try and auction it himself. Wouldn’t want to see Granny arrested would we?

  36. Daniel

    I LOVE IT… people who are saying He needs to grow up are completely missing it… Too Much Buddy Buddy in the NBA these days.. the Other night Boogie’s teammate Isaiah Thomas tried to shake hands with Chris Paul after a Game That The Kings Lost.. and Demarcus didn’t like that… Why? BECAUSE HE WANTS TO WIN… He hates to lose… He’s a competitor and He Hates His opponents when He’s playing them… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT…. I love that.

  37. Wampus Cat

    Boogie is one of the few players playing today that plays with heart every night. He realizes that it isn’t social hour, so why shake hands or even acknowledge your opponent?