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BBNBA: Rondo records 21 assists in Pelicans win

Photo by Michael DeMocker, | The Times-Picayune

The New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Golden State Warriors 119-100 in front of a loud home court crowd to move the series to 2-1 on Friday.

Rajon Rondo was on another level recording an incredible state line of 10 rebounds and a playoff career-high 21 assists.

The last player to record 20 assists in a playoff game… Rondo in 2011.

“You can’t get assists without your teammates,” Rondo said after the game. “They made shots tonight, guys moved well without the ball. … It starts with defense. We were able to get stops, get out in transition, create mismatches in transition. Guys are going to their spots, and I just try to find them.”

Anthony Davis was the beneficiary of most of Rondo’s assists, finishing with 33 points, 18 rebounds and 4 steals. Darius Miller contributed with 5 points in 14 minutes.

The Pelicans look to even the series on Sunday at 3:30 pm ET. You can catch the game on ABC.

All of Rondo’s 22 assists:


Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

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5 responses to “BBNBA: Rondo records 21 assists in Pelicans win”

  1. Parker_UKFanNC

    “Records 21 assists” “All of Rondo’s 22 assists”

  2. michaelb

    How does one make it to college, NBA, NBA playoffs or reach ‘superstar’ status just not playing any defense ? (Klay Thompson)…. look what klays defensive strategy was lol… apparently he set out to just shout profanities after his defensive assignment dunks or hits a jumper … wow

    1. michaelb

      I was better defender in high school literally lol. They didn’t let me play in NBA cause I was too good, ‘said I’d ruin the NBA game for everyone’. Had to let other people get a shot at having basketball careers. Jk 😀

  3. Luether

    Several of Rondo’s “assists” were questionable and at least one ridiculous. Quite a bit of home cooking by the NO scorer. Even the announcers discussed this in the 4th quarter. Just saying…

    1. michaelb

      What do you mean? Are you talking about what qualifies as an “assist” these days? I’m with ya , some times it’s laughable . In an odd way I agree with where the definition of an assist has gone though. Back in the day : if ball wasn’t scored within .3 seconds after recieving the pass they didn’t mark it down as a dime. A lot of things have changed in the realm of statistics in the last 15 yrs. such as that it’s possible for 2 players to earn a steal on the same play . In the past one player could knock the ball away from the offensive player and the other pick it up and break toward the goal & the guy that had the ball last was credited with the theft . Now adays the swipe that actually separates the ball from the defender can be credited for the steal as well . I noticed this happened when Wall & Bledsoe played. Back when we could trap & press .