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Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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7 responses to “BBNBA Free Agency Tracker Update No. 1”

  1. macattack

    I’m a Knicks fan. I dont think its as big a disaster as the national media is making it out to be. They have some good young pieces and since they have begun the most recent rebuilding process, they have changed their tune. Yes, it would have been nice to get KD or Kyrie, but they’ve been preaching building the team from the ground up with good drafting and smart free agency moves. I like the Randle signing. He’ll go nicely with RJ, Knox and Robinson. RJ looks the part of a future star. Knox can be good if he can get more consistent. Mitch Rob showed a lot of promise too as a rim protector. Put those guys with DS Jr? They’re on their way. They wont be great this year, but they’ve got plenty of upcoming draft picks and all these FA deals are short term. They’re clearly looking ahead to 2021. Yes, Dolan is an idiot and I dont think the team can reach where it wants to go until he gets his hands off of things, but things are moving the right direction.I see a team next year that has a floor of about 30 wins and potential to sneak into the playoffs if things play out right.

    1. J-Dub421

      Randle is an excellent signing. He’s a 20 and 10 per night guy regardless of what team he plays on, what team he’s playing against, or what players are around him. Randle is a workhorse and is extremely consistent.

    2. UKinMKY

      To release a statement saying outright “we didn’t want to give KD the max” despite the team with all his medical info being willing to do so shows that the Knicks leadership is beyond help. They’re the Sacramento of the East if you ask me.

    3. UKinMKY

      You’re right about their on court product as is, although I think 35 wins is about their ceiling given how the talent has diffused through the East.

  2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    So a middling player can make 10-15 mil a year now? Wow. *facepalm emoji*

  3. Smyrna_Cat

    This was after the team signed Randle. So even though our former Cat is rolling in cash for at least two more seasons, the front office basically said: “we’re sorry we had to resort to adding Randle and whoever else we rope along”.

    Wow. You have to be the most negative writer (I use their term losely) in the history of KSR. Why are you allowed to still write on here. Knicks far were disappointed because they thought there were getting KD and a top guard. THAT is what they are disappointed in … that has nothing to do with Randle directly.

    Come on KSR. Do better than this.

    1. classof68

      To the author of this post: you really had to use the phrase “sh*t festival” to make your point that the Knicks are lousy? My advice – don’t pursue journalism as a career.