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Article written by Zack Geoghegan

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6 responses to “BBNBA: 2019 NBA Free Agency Kicks Off Today”

  1. ghilbert77

    I am so glad that ball hog is out of Charlotte. The most overrated point guard ever.

    1. nocode96

      Isaiah Thomas (the new one) would like a word with you.

    2. UKinMKY

      To be fair, Charlotte has basically been Kemba and a bunch of dudes since they drafted him. Curious to see how he works out in Boston when he’s even more ball dominant than Kyrie.

  2. michaelb

    I really hope WCS gets what he wants . The kid is a good guy , loyal to his organization, hard worker, has improved every season & deserves his options . Any team would sign this kid, we all seen he’s a great (maybe above avg) role player . I think he may hit a new level with the right coaching staff . Actually I’m sure he would . He’s been at a place where they collect talent and then don’t know what to do with it . I’m not big on what the kings have been doing the last 5 years . I don’t think their front office has a clear business plan or plan of improvement . The keep getting asset after asset with nothing materializing out of it

    1. michaelb

      Also is sad because I know this kid and I know how much he loves he California lifestyle . He’s basically a transplant Californian . I hope he can remain in the state if it’s his will. Which I think it is . Maybe he can land on the clippers , southern Cali is way better than sac

  3. J. Did

    Big Cuz. He can contribute. Always has; always will. As much as I disliked the bandwagoneership that seems to have blown up (ala the Bulls when MJ was there – ad infinitum), and the fact that Big Cuz lost bigger money on ‘the gamble’ to jump to the “ship”, I truly hope he lands on the one team where he can do what he does in helping to win an NBA title. The kid is a winner. Any kid that works as hard as he does, as passionate as he is, working to put his own self on “that team” poised to win….before time expires…he deserves to succeed and accomplish that goal. No participation trophy – it’s not all about the Benjamins……it’s all about the chase for the trophy. If this eludes Big Cuz, as a player, I am quite certain he will get one or two plus ‘ships – as a coach.