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62 responses to “Audio leaks of DeMarcus Cousins allegedly threatening to shoot ex-girlfriend”

  1. sportsbird66

    She definitely should had let his son be at his wedding,but you just can’t say things like that.

    1. BluegrassBoi

      I mean–if this turns out to in fact be Cousins on the phone, would you let your son be in custody of someone willing to say this to the mother of his child? I can certainly see why she’d be hesitant.

    2. stratblend

      There is nothing in the world that will make someone fly off the handle faster than the withholding, mistreatment, or perceived violation of your child. This certainly doesn’t look good for Boogie, but it’s not inconceivable as to how it could have happened.

    3. ukjaybrat

      BgB – have you ever said something in the heat of the moment you didn’t really mean and never really had any intention of pursuing. admittedly, he still shouldn’t have said it. but being provoked into saying something doesn’t mean you are a bad person. and he was absolutely provoked no doubt about it.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      We’ve all said something in the heat of the moment we shouldn’t, but in this day and time, you just.can’t.say.that. It will come back to haunt him, and he had to exercise more self-control than that.

    5. BluegrassBoi

      I’m definitely not saying Cousins is a bad person. I don’t have kids–but I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have them withheld from me. All I’m saying is this. I get being the heat of the moment can cause you to lose your cool and say something you’ll regret. But it gives you NO excuse to threaten someone’s life. ESPECIALLY if that someone has the ability to use your words against you when it comes to gaining custody of your son. I’m a huge Cousins fan but he has got to be smarter than that. And I’m sure he’ll admit that–unfortunately he’s probably going to have to admit it in court. Again–assuming this is in fact him.

    6. Matt10

      Bluegrassboi, if/when you have kids you’ll understand. If my wife and I split and she tried to prevent me seeing my kids I’d most definitely say some things I’d regret. Makes me mad just thinking about it and we’ve been married 24 years! Lol.
      Just for perspective, ALL women are a little crazy.
      If you haven’t seen this classic…

    7. Cletis75

      I agree his son should be at his wedding, but it is Big Cuzz’s responsibility to make it happen. He should have petitioned the court to have his son at that time. He had been in a relationship with this woman before and knew she was vindictive and should never let himself be put in this position.

    8. StillBP

      Matt, you have no idea why she didn’t want her son at the wedding. Perhaps it’s bc she’s been abused by Demarcus in the past… I don’t know that either, she alleges he’s choked her. If she’s truthful in that, why would she want her son around him? A man may have threatened to put a bullet in a woman’s head for not allowing her son to come to his wedding, yet “all women are a little crazy”… This comment section is just unbelievable. Idk how your wife has stayed married to you this long, poor lady.

    9. Matt10

      StillBP, you don’t know f-ing sh¡t about what happened either and you sure sure as sh¡t don’t know anything about me and my marriage, a$$hole. I’d smack you if you were in my face, and so would my wife. I watched a woman lie about my brother-in-law, accused him of rape and destroyed his life, even after the truth came out and he was exonerated. Did you even watch the video? It’s funny! Damn get off your high horse and shut your mouth, idiot.

    10. Looother

      Nothing to see here – just Boogie being Boogie…

  2. RackEmWillie

    He’s struggled to stay healthy and has struggled at times to find a team to pay him.

    If this ends up being an issue, I’m assuming that’ll be it for his career.

  3. ukjaybrat

    he shouldn’t have said it. but she shouldn’t have been a b- about his son. this is a big day for cousins and his wife and his new family. and to deny him the right to have his son at his wedding is just being a selfish b-. i don’t wish death on anyone but she can go screw herself for that nonsense.

    1. ukjaybrat

      imo she intentionally provoked him into saying something he would regret. she knew what she was doing or wouldn’t have been recording. luckily for cousins california is a two-party state so i doubt the recording will amount to anything. we’ll see.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Except none of us know what has happened in the past. Might not be the first time he has said or done something to her. Everyone just jumps to his defense when we know so little about everything. I have no idea all that has happened but it does appear he said this so not a good look.

    3. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      I actually agree with mashburnfan here. She was more likely recording because of stuff that happened in the past. She may have been trying to keep her child safe…we simply don’t know enough other than if this is Cousins on the recording he went way too far.


    She can go F–k herself keeping his son away from him the selfish bitch! SHE mad cause she isn’t the one getting married to a millionaire! She will have the kids head full of lies and trash about his dad as well. It’s a damn shame she is going to ruin 2 people’s lives cause of her jealousy and being a complete piece of shit.

    1. UKinIN

      Wow. That wasn’t hateful reaction at all. Way to live up to your name Darth.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Idiot she has a kid so she will get alot of that money even without the marriage. And you have no idea if he has made threats to her or the son in the past.

    3. Dolla Bill


    4. Ned T.

      I am glad you have your priorities straight.

  5. stratblend

    I also hope she was well compensated by TMZ. Bunch of vultures.

  6. UKinIN

    Bottom line: Cousins is responsible for whatever he says. But yes, she was recording the call for a reason.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Thanks for a balanced view.

    2. mashburnfan1

      How would she know he would say something like that this time and just happen to record it? Maybe he has said it before? Bottom line is we know very little, including if it is him on the phone. But like everything else people jump behind a keyboard and make stupid comments about both.

    3. MyFriendsBrotherInLawKnowsMattJones

      Or maybe she records calls all the time waiting for the moment she could provoke him into saying something.

    4. 4everUKblue

      mashbum, you are the king stupid comments and it’s not even close.

    5. Dairy Queen All American

      Yes, she recorded the call for a reason. The reason was to get paid. Funny how they didn’t show the full call or series of calls. Strange people record phone calls without letting the other person know they are being recorded. A child should not be withheld during major life events. Even worse, she had this on speakerphone at a children’s play center.

  7. StillBP

    Wow, I love boogie but the comments on this thread are scary. Scary that you all think he was provoked into threatening to put a bullet in her head. Keeping her son away from his wedding isn’t provocation to threaten murder. And to assume he didn’t mean it or would never follow thru is ill-advised in this day and age. Domestic violence is not okay, even if your son isn’t allowed to come to your wedding. Hell, he’ll probably marry someone else in a few years, maybe his kid can go to his next wedding.

    1. ukjaybrat

      you’re not wrong. but assuming the opposite is just as dangerous. and you made several assumptions too. just sayin

    2. StillBP

      My comments were in response to the comments above, I should have lead with “if that is him on the phone”… I’m not assuming it is, I’m just responding to everyone blaming the “bitch”… I really hope it’s not him on the phone but if it is, there is nothing that makes what he said ok

  8. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Disappointing to hear this. You just can’t say things like this. No excuse whatsoever. Hard to be Boogie fan anymore, hope he recovers from his injury and gets his affairs in order. Best of luck, young man.

  9. Big Sexy

    I always thought Demarcus would start maturing one of these days. I guess he’s still pretty much that 17-18 year old kid. Grow up Boogie!!

    1. Ned T.

      17 year olds should not say this, either.

      He’s mental and always has been.

  10. catfan312

    Wow that’s very scary for him to say that and even scarier that the fanboys would think this is ok and that she or anyone deserves to be threatened like that? What if that was your sister or friend getting a threat like that? Still ok with that? He’s crazy and so I get that but damn this is a whole new level

  11. ryan1723

    Can you imagine what kind of messed up life it would take to blindly support a man on tape threatening to kill a woman just because you watched him play basketball for a year at a particular college? Evaluate your lives people.

    1. 3Goggles

      I couldnt agree more. I loved Boogie as a player and appreciate his fire, but this is a line that can’t be crossed. Blindly supporting him just because he played for your school is nearly as bad as the threat itself.

    2. Drogon

      Just because she’s a c**t doesn’t mean you can say things like that. Her using her son as a weapon shows how reprehensible she is as a person, but that’s still no excuse to sink to a lower level of threatening her with this sort of violence.

    3. StillBP

      Drogon, do you know her? In your opinion she’s a c**t just bc she didn’t allow her son to come to the wedding… Do you know why she didn’t allow it? I sure don’t, so if you actually know, please enlighten us. Otherwise you’re the c**t.

  12. Mike Honcho

    Ever wonder why Kentucky is the laughing stock of the country? This comment section is a good start.

    1. UKFanSC

      Since when is Kentucky the laughingstock of the entire country. Speak for yourself.

    2. Cletis75

      You misspelled California! We don’t have homeless people laying everywhere and a government so broke that it can’t take care of its citizens.

    3. J-Dub421

      Cletis, Kentucky’s government is so broke it can’t take care of its citizens. There’s an ongoing pension crisis for public servants. The poverty rate in Kentucky is 14.8 percent, which is tied for the seventh highest of all the states. Kentucky takes in a lot more federal money than it pays out.

  13. nocode96

    When my ex wife got remarried, there was never any question about whether or not our son was going to be in her wedding. It was important to me for him to see his mom happy, and for her to have him there for her. That being said, I don’t know anything about the dynamics between Cousins, his ex, and their son. Regardless of what they are, Cousins can’t react that way, no ifs, ands, or buts. He went way too far. No one in this thread seems to be talking about this from the viewpoint of the little boy. Any parent, especially a divorced parent, that is worth their salt will tell you it’s all about the kids. If that is boogie, how long before this little boy hears it if he hasn’t already? That’s his mom, man. My ex wife and I certainly aren’t best friends, but neither of us have or will ever put the other one down in front of our son. Just because we don’t love each other anymore doesn’t mean our son doesn’t still love us both with all his heart. Bad, inexcusable move if that is boogie.

    1. oddthomas

      I don’t think an unwarranted, citizen wiretap is admissible in a court of law without both parties having knowledge that the recording is taking place. Just wondering…

    2. BigBlue4Three

      Alabama law requires the consent of at least one party to legally record an in-person or telephone conversation. As long as she consented to taping herself, she is within her legal rights.

    3. ukjaybrat

      But California requires two. depends on where cousins was.

    4. Double 00 Tony Delk

      She filed for the protective order in Alabama, so if AL is a one party consent state, then it is admissible.

  14. abmorris27

    This is heartbreaking. I love Boogie and want the best for him, but this really inexcusable behavior. I keep defending him and rooting for him, but no defending this. Think about his son. Just the worst.

  15. gasman01

    This is part of the reason no one wanted to take a flyer on him in the NBA. His attitude has not changed. Wish he would grow up.

  16. UKFanSC

    Boogie has always been one to speak first and regret later. Just look at his NBA behavior if you need proof. But he is no killer, and hopefully this will pass quickly.

    1. Ned T.

      Hopefully not. He deserves what is coming.

  17. RC

    Sure sounds like Boogie to me based on other times I’ve heard him on tv. IF it’s him then I’m through with him as a fan. There is ZERO excuse for this kind of behavior regardless of what’s happening between his ex and him. None of us know the circumstances behind her decision but there is absolutely no excuse for threatening to kill someone. Period.

  18. DelrayCat

    Boogie shows all the signs of a anger management issue…and it won’t help this attitude has shown up time and time again for the world to see on the hoops court. Some people are all talk and blow off steam with these sorts of antics and never turn to violence, but you never know. Hence, a definite restraining order coming…but this also sounds like a total set-up by the ex.
    Mo money…mo problems.

  19. notFromhere

    It isn’t like he hasn’t had anger issues the entire time he’s been known to BBN. He’s always been easily triggered by random things, words, or sideways looks. He wouldn’t have been so competitive without that chip on his shoulder.

    In spite of that, you have to have dealt with a cold, manipulative person in a situation like this to understand how it could escalate to this. She RECORDED this call. That should tell you plenty.

    She set this whole thing up and baited him into it. Then she used the recording publicly to taint any jury that might sit in on trial. She wasn’t going to be able to use it in court. This is a money grab using his son as a hostage.

    No, he shouldn’t have said it. Yes, she knew she could get him that angry and did. Yes, he needs to see someone professional to surgically remove that boulder from his shoulder.

    But damn… what a shtty thing to do to a father

  20. kjd

    Cousins has always been a hot head. The woman got the reaction she knew would come, thus the recording. I have no sympathy towards either. My sympathy is for the child. Dysfunctional parents is hell on Earth.

  21. Jesus H. Chrysler

    She’s broke the law by recording him without consent. Doesn’t matter what he said after the fact. Lock her ass up

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      She looking for some sort of payday im sure. Why is she recording phone calls to begin with?

    2. Ned T.

      No she didn’t, Matlock.

  22. RealCatsFan

    Lots of polarizing opinions, and at this point we just don’t know the whole story. Did she set him up or was she just protecting her son from him? We just don’t know for sure. In any case, the sad fact has been revealed that DeMarcus still has a lot of growing up to do. The whole thing is just sad. And now Cousins is trying to start a new life with his new bride, and this could very well taint that relationship as well.

    I think nocode might have the best perspective here. Sometimes people grow apart and divorce is inevitable, but if both parties don’t behave as adults and kids are involved, the kids are ALWAYS the ones who lose.

  23. Racerr11

    Honcho, laughing stock of the country. Honcho where u from indiana.?

  24. mashman 93

    Sounded like him, but hope I’m wrong.