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Anthony Davis played a big role in bringing Darius Miller back to New Orleans

We’ve written several articles on the site over the last few weeks about Darius Miller’s resurgence in the NBA and how important he has been for the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

Last week, Miller led the entire NBA in three-point percentage for players with over 75 attempts from the field. With no minimum criteria, Miller was No. 2 in the league behind Boston’s Jayson Tatum

On tonight’s John Calipari call-in show, Coach Cal talked about Darius Miller’s dominant three-point shooting in the league and how proud of him he was for leading the NBA.

Jerry Tipton (being Jerry Tipton) released a tweet immediately afterward with a stat-correction for Calipari, saying Tatum is the NBA leader in 3P%, not Miller.

After seeing Tipton’s tweet, Calipari then (obviously) joked the show was pre-recorded in the first week of December to make the statistic still relevant. Tipton, not understanding what sarcasm is, then released this tweet.

After busting some numbers, Miller is actually sixth in the league for players with at least 80 attempts at 46.4%.

For players with 100 three-point attempts, Miller is third in the NBA behind just Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield. Higher efficiency on more shot attempts for the former Wildcat.

And if you want to be super nitpicky, we can just go to the very top of the list and see who owns the No. 1 spot with no minimum shot attempts.

Take that, Jerry.

Coach Cal went into detail about how proud he was of Miller for grinding it out and making a name for himself after his brief stint overseas.

“Every kid you have has a different path. Some kids are having to play through the D-League, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. You have to go down there and be hungry and humble and not think it’s beneath me because this is my launching pad. Darius did it.

“He’s doing great. Even when he was here he was in the D-League and stayed. It shows the character of Darius Miller,” said Cal.

Caught in the middle of the three-point statistics and Miller’s journey in the NBA was how exactly he ended up back in New Orleans. Calipari told Tom Leach that one former Wildcat was instrumental in bringing Miller back from Germany and giving him a big role on the Pelicans.

You know who wanted him on that team? And I called him and thanked him. Anthony Davis,” he said. “Anthony Davis had a lot to do with that. He also gave Terrence Jones a chance. At the end of the day, when you’re as good as Anthony Davis, you have to sign off on some of that stuff. Anthony is one of those great guys.”

Another day, another story of former Wildcats putting in work in the NBA.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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    Nice try but Darius Miller will never be an NBA starter…

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