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Anthony Davis is Becoming a Superstar


The newly re-named New Orleans Pelicans have stumbled a bit out of the gate with a 1-2 record, but that certainly hasn’t stopped Anthony Davis from having three spectacular individual performances. On the season, Davis is averaging 23.7 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 4.0 blocks per game. This is made even more impressive given the fact that he’s only totaling 37.7 minutes per contest. While these numbers are undoubtedly impressive, Davis outperformed his already impressive figures last night against Charlotte when he poured in 26 points in addition to 6 blocks and 6 steals. This type of performance is fairly rare as you can imagine, and it put him in some pretty decent company.



Article written by Jonathan Schuette

20 responses to “Anthony Davis is Becoming a Superstar”

  1. Matt From Richmond

    Sweet lob. I thought it was 1:00??

  2. Brad in Portland

    How long do you think Anthony Davis will stay will New Orleans?

  3. Is Kevin Ware in jail yet?

    He could end up one of the NBA’s all time greats.

  4. cristoforouk

    Kevin Ware is not impressed

  5. Kevin Ware

    Damn first he bangs my girl to where she can’t even feel my little part and now he’s killing it in the league where I will never make it. I might as well just take my own head.

  6. Fitch Slap

    5 blocks to your head botch!

  7. Come on

    #3 He is only 3 games removed from a very mediocre rookie year. I ope he ends up being better than Wilt but lets give hime some time before we anoint him.

  8. Daniel

    @Come on… mediocre? you probably weren’t following him last season but I was and it wasn’t mediocre… 13.5 ppg 8.5 rebs. He came into his own last season.. a lot of people missed it because of Damian Lilliard but Davis is now a much more valuable player… He could be All NBA this year from my observation

  9. Daniel

    I was amazed at his growth last season and this year is even more

  10. theSkinny81

    7 – I didn’t see #3 mention Wilt anywhere in his comment. Believe it or not, there’s more NBA greats than just Jordan and Chamberlain. Maybe AD will be ranked up there with the likes of Dave DeBusschere, Kevin McHale, Elvin Hayes and George Mikan when it’s all said and done, some of the greatest to play the game at their position.

    Or maybe Samardo Samuels will. LoLoLoLoLoLoLoLoL

  11. Come on

    #8 That was while playing for a bad team. It was a good year yes but he was the #1 pick in a loaded draft. All I’m saying is nothing has been shown that suggests he will be “One of the greats”.

  12. Come on

    #10 No reason to hate on Louisville’s greatest export lol. I’m not saying Davis won’t do it just saying that the sample size of his game is too small to make that assumption.

  13. come on

    Anthony Davis will be one the best ever due to his point guard vision and smarts in addittion to his size, length and skills usually only seen in people six inches shorter. Miss everything about this guy,
    wish he was still here but want him to live his dreams.

  14. pr

    Davos will an all-star this year. Watch!!! He’s got my vote

  15. Is Kevin Ware in jail yet?

    Come on – I did say “could”, not “will” end up an all time great. Dude is like 21 years old and putting up sick stats. He’s 8 years away from his peak.

  16. Floyd

    This will cause Ware to smoke another blunt.

  17. Slick Rick

    Did someone mention Kevin Ware’s girlfriend? I have 15 seconds available if she is interested…please?

  18. Linda Taylor

    15 – AD is 20 years old.

  19. Your Mother

    Davis did not have a mediocre season for a rookie. It’s important to remember he only averaged 28.8 minutes a game. Those are not starter minutes. Yet along with his 13.5 points and 8.2 rebounds (2.6 offensive), he averaged an assist, a steal and almost 2 blocks. He shot over 50% from the field.

    New Orleans never ran plays for him, and didn’t play him nearly as much as they would had they been trying to win last season. He could have been rookie of the year, or at least made it a split decision, but the Hornets were not interested in winning.

    Uniblocker is going to be a force this season.

  20. UKBlue1!

    Davis and Cousins both will leave a huge mark on the NBA. Both are two of the biggest athletic big men to ever wear a uniform at UK.