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An arrest warrant has been issued for DeMarcus Cousins

PHOTO: Diego Pardo/Players’ Tribune

An arrest warrant has been issued for former Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge in Mobile, Alabama.

According to A.J. Perez of USA Today, a third-degree harassing communications charge was also listed on the Mobile municipal court website.

On Tuesday morning, audio leaked of a man alleged to be Cousins threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, Christy West.

In a recorded phone call retrieved by TMZ, Cousins allegedly asks West if he could have his seven-year-old son with him at his wedding this past weekend.

“I’m gonna ask you this one more time before I take it to another level,” the voice in the audio says. “Can I have my son here, please?”

Once West says no, the individual alleged to be Cousins responds by saying, “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet in your f–king head.”

West is seeking a restraining order against Cousins after she said in court documents and a police report that outside of the threat, he also previously choked her.

She also confirmed that an arrest warrant had been signed.

“Yes, a warrant has been signed,” West told USA TODAY Sports in a text message Thursday.

The NBA and Lakers said on Tuesday in public statements that they were “investigating the allegations.”

Cousins suffered a torn ACL earlier this month and is expected to miss the entire season. He signed a one-year deal with the Lakers back in July.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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52 responses to “An arrest warrant has been issued for DeMarcus Cousins”

  1. UKFanSC

    He will get a finger wagging and then they will turn him loose. Those comments serve as one of the uniquely stupid actions in his life, but clearly in the heat of anger. Hopefully he’ll learn from it.

    1. Ned T.

      10-year-olds learn lessons. Adults his age never change.

    2. Soylentbeans

      Not true at all ned. That being said he probably wont.

    3. kjd

      He’s a hot head, always will be.

  2. Realme

    Sigh. This is such a bummer.

    1. MtnCat

      He will learn from this, but much to learn yet. He will…he’s smart and now wiser. Live is a four quarter game…. still a few minutes before half for Boogie. I have no doubt this one is a winner …

  3. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Fake news. Minimum fine. Community service and asked to be more thoughtful of his comments to ex

    1. StuckinLville

      I think you should learn what fake news is.

    2. nocode96

      Likely just repeating the sentiments of a certain idiot in Washington. Don’t like the story? Fake news!

    3. njcat54

      Please let us all know which words in the story were fake. And please be specific.

  4. abmorris27

    Innocent until proven guilty in this country, but doesn’t look good. No defending this if either the verbal threat or the physical assault is proven true. And would change my whole point of view on Boogie.

    1. ukkatzfan

      Innocent until proven guilty is a lie that you believe ? Go watch someone get arrested. They don’t say “ you are free to go until your court trial”. They throw your ass in jail until the trial.

    2. TPACAT

      Yeah, they only do that for illegal immigrants. For the rest of us citizens, there’s a thing called “bail”…

  5. Ned T.

    Never liked him. His charity was insincere and he is a lifetime malcontent.

    This will not change him because he cannot change.

    1. StuckinLville

      Who does that much charity if it’s insincere? He has done a lot.

    2. bigb

      Sure you never liked him, bet you loved him while he was scoring buckets. Insincere charity? Yea sure you can tell that thousands of miles away. Must be a looser fan

    3. bosch8184

      Who does that much charity if it is insincere? The Clintons.

    4. Han

      Clintons are scum but at least their charity doesn’t just buy things for Donald Trump like Trump’s charity did before it was shutdown for being a scam.

    5. BBN in H-Town

      Ummm 100% that’s exactly what their charity did…

  6. StuckinLville

    As much as she’s wrong for not letting him have his son, he’s just as wrong with how he handled the situation. I think he just needs to take the money he has and just disappear. His career is basically over any way.

  7. Dolla Bill


  8. UKGrad79

    Unfortunately that’s why you have to wait to put peoples jerseys in the rafters.

  9. daddy43040

    That columnist mighta been right after all just took lil longer

  10. bramstoker

    I don’t know DeMarcus, but – as someone who’s been around the block a few times – it sounds like there is very little justice in the situation. Of course DeMarcus wants his son at his wedding and you can ‘kill’ someone in a lot of different ways when you have money and power, many of which aren’t exactly illegal. The man just had a third devastating injury in as many years and his ex-wife is targeting him with laws designed to protect women – but is she truly in danger? Does she feel threatened, or is she bitter that she doesn’t get his cheese no more? Like I said, I don’t know DeMarcus, but it comes off as unjust in a way that many people understand but few can fight against.

    1. UKFanSC

      Good take on the situation

    2. BBNDMV

      All of this Bram! It’s clear as day!

    3. Soylentbeans

      First they have a son together she is still getting his “cheese”.

      Second he didnt say im going to kill you he allegedly said I’m going to make sure I put a bullet in your head.

      To me if any of the things she is accusing him of are true he did not act in a manner that i can support regardless of if she was baiting or because of his injuries.

    4. bramstoker

      If there is audio ththeththen of course the accusation is true. The point I made is about what’s just and who’s in the right. It sounds to me like this woman is being unreasonable, and DeMarcus felt that his only defense was to cheaply threaten her. And as a result she is targeting him with it. That’s injustice. Also, do you think she’s happy with the cheese she still gets as his ex? Haha I think not. She had to take care of DeMarcus Cousins kid… that can’t be cheap!

    5. Soylentbeans

      As far as the tmz stuff yeah i agree but she has every right to do everything else she is doing.

    6. StillBP

      Is she truly in danger? If he indeed said he would put a bullet in her head, she’s quite possibly in a lot oh danger. Do you live under a rock? Do you know that people kill their exes over custody disputes? And quite often the people who actually know them say “I didn’t see that coming, I never took him seriously when he said he wanted her dead.” Good God, do some research on domestic violence. Hardly ever to people say “yep, he was a terrible guy, I knew he was going to kill her.”

  11. j


  12. bailey000

    Anybody against Boogie on this is an idiot. This woman is like so many other. She’s jealous, manipulative, and using their son against him.

    1. Looother

      Agree. And this is just Boogie being Boogie…

    2. Trueblue44

      Oh so you know him? Man it must be nice to be close to a superst…..oh wait, you don’t….so please go back to Louisville

    3. StillBP

      And this is how athletes continuously get away with domestic violence. Idiots blindly believing in them just bc they watch them play sports. I guess OJ really is innocent huh?

    4. Ned T.

      You are a deep thinker. OJ needs you on his team.

  13. bailey000

    I hate this woman and I don’t even know her.

    1. Nickerbocker05

      Right… the bitch asked for all this!!!

    2. StillBP

      I hate idiots who condone violence against women. And I don’t even know you!

  14. Nickerbocker05

    The only choking DMC has done is in the bed room…. and everyone like that!

    1. StillBP

      I guess you’ve been on that end of his choking huh? Just bc you like kinky stuff doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  15. TPACAT

    It’ll be interesting to see what the law in Alabama says about recording someone without their knowledge. Two party consent is required in many states. And, I’m sure she didn’t start the conversation with “this call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes”…

    1. Ned T.

      Permitted in Alabama as long as one party knows it is being recorded.

  16. Dairy Queen All American

    This woman is scorned. She can’t deal with the fact that he married someone else. A real idiot move on her part. This kills his market value, and in turn her child support payments decrease. The “threat” was a statement made in anger. No bullet was put in her head, no bullet will be put in her head. Certified crazy bitch.

  17. TPACAT

    From what I hear, the way it works is, the evil guy’s earnings go down but the angelic girl’s support payments stay the same. Then when the evil guy can’t afford to pay that much anymore and gets behind, he gets labeled a “dead beat Dad” and thrown in jail. That’s how I hear it works. Totally fair…

    1. stratblend

      ^^^ ding ding ding


    She is a piece of shit for baiting him.

    1. Ned T.

      Go beat your sister already.

  19. StillBP

    Comment section full of so many idiots condoning violence, blaming the alleged victim. Yall sound like a lot of bitter woman beaters. Great representation for the state of KY. Here’s hoping no one outside of KSR regulars read these comments, they are so pathetic and embarrassing.

  20. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    The real loser? Their kid. And the growing number of kids in America that grow up without knowing or having healthy/functional relationship role models to look up to. It’s an epidemic and it’s deteriorating this country.

  21. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    We’ll never hear the end of this from theTardinal Cardinal fans. I remember being on ESPN when they started that Thuggins name.

  22. sportsbird66