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YAHTZEE! JUCO athlete/CB Michael Mathis commits to Kentucky


According to 247’s Chris Fisher, two-star JUCO athlete/cornerback Michael Mathis has committed to Kentucky. Mathis is a 6’2, 205 lbs. athlete from Kilgore Junior College in Texas, which is also where current UK TE Steven Borden and WR Joey Herrick played ball. Mathis can play multiple positions, including cornerback, which he’ll likely play at UK. In one season at Kilgore, Mathis had thirty-seven tackles and one interception. He’s the 24th member of UK’s 2014 class.

Welcome to the fam.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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23 responses to “YAHTZEE! JUCO athlete/CB Michael Mathis commits to Kentucky”

  1. DB11

    Any chance he can play right now?

  2. John

    Wonderful! Help where it’s most needed.

  3. Blue Jesus

    Since we only have one more scholarship to give, are we assuming we’ll oversign assuming some of the higher rated players get poached or some players don’t qualify?

  4. Yahtzee

    2-Stars! Now were rolling. SEC Championship here we come.

  5. Uk

    We can sign 27 in this class I believe

  6. Big Cat Daddy

    I hope theres some linebackers in that class. We need some for the future.

  7. Catfan

    #4 don’t be an asshole.

  8. LeX


  9. UpperSectionStudent

    Haha, the 2 star jokes are funny. But really, I don’t see why we’re getting excited for a two star guy. And I’m trying my best to not be mean.

  10. Mills

    Randle Cobb was a 2*. Mathews from Vandy was a 2*. Nothing more. Thanks.

  11. CatFanInChattanooga

    Johnny Football was only a 2 star by some sites. It’s about coaching and developing. I have a feeling that a 2 or 3 star will develop more with this staff than the last one.

  12. wildcat fan

    he kinda looks like a young bernie mac

  13. Rupps_Rhetoric

    12) dead on

  14. BCS

    We can take 28…but we are in big with the Glenville crew (marshon lattimore, Marcelys Jones,) so you bed they will save a spot for them, Elam, Gennessey and maybe another WR… It will be a fun ride to NSD

  15. Bernie Kosar

    But Tyler, I really want you to make me a sandwich! Nah, not really. I don’t like sandwiches.

  16. soggyUKgrad

    Randall Cobb was once a 2-star ATH.

  17. joe

    Yahtzee! we got rocked by WKU…”stoops troops! stoops troops!” all up to the game people are talking about how good the cats will be, afterward: “Well its Kentucky give them time” “It’s kentucky I mean the recruits are going to change all of this”. Lets be real here the Kentucky football program will suck until the end of time and is sorry’ it has to be that way. Their seems to be support from the outside now to some level, but the BBN will ultimatley turn their back on the football game and the stands will be just as empty as they were last year, after watching this team get shalacked’ for years. I Would not be surprised if we lose this weekend and win 1 game for the whole season. There is no quick fix to the program and the next few years are going to get ugly.

  18. gog8ors

    So when did Samuel L. Jackson give up acting and decide to become a college football player?

  19. just saying

    dude looks like a 45y/0 x-con. Was this pic from the longest yard?

  20. bluegrass79

    please a freaking 2 star? That’s how we got in this situation. No 2 star Juco BELONGS at Kentucky. decommit dude

  21. sobriquet

    Taken aback… I thought for a minute this was Sonny Collins (circa 1973)

  22. UKfanNKY

    So we loose against Western which by the way are a very good team and all you band-wagon a$$-holes are bitching and ready to jump ship!! Don’t need you or want you so go bitch about something else or better yet keep your a$$-holes oh i’m sorry your mouth shut! If you expected Coach Stoops to come in and go unbeaten this year you are flat out stupid!! Till we get rid of Jokers jokes and he can establish his own Team just shut the hell up and SUPPORT THE BIG BLUE!!!! GO CATS!!!

  23. Before you bash...

    He will count against last years total and has ABSOLUTELY ZERO EFFECT ON HOW MANY RECRUITS WE GET IN THIS CLASS.