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32 responses to “YAHTZEE! Four-star running back JuTahn McClain commits to KENTUCKY”

  1. UKinIN

    So the three star running back from last night, is he on board with this?

    1. UKnowMe

      There will be plenty of RB reps to go around by the time they are on campus.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Plus they talked that the RB last night may have a better future at WR. Even if not, RB depth is huge to have. keeps them fresh the entire game.

    3. Cletis75

      Shows that he’s willing to compete, that’s a good thing!

  2. Carcrook


    1. abobicesaevior

      You were so bored you had to comment? Hilarious!

    2. dcforuk

      I suspect carcrook is indeed a crook. He must be a fan of ________ team and likes Kentucky’s Sports Radio blog more than his own team’s blog. Therefore, he had to steal some attention here. A UK football fan would historically not fall asleep with an announcement of a four-star commitment. However, maybe it is a sign of how dramatic UK’s football recruiting has turned around that perhaps 4-star commitments are becoming more expected! Well done Stoops! Well done Vince! Go steal from some other team carcrook!

    3. Carcrook

      I’ll wait until the ink dries on his LOI!!!!

  3. ukwildcat1991

    Kentucky football teams power is over 9,000!!!

    1. Cats N Pats

      I’m not sure what this is a reference to, but if it is DBZ I love it lol

    2. ukwildcat1991

      I thought it would be nice to bring some Dbz into it lol

    3. taiza67

      via GIPHY

    4. taiza67
  4. TOMCATS1990

    Looks like a good one, hopefully he stays committed ND Michigan and Ohio St are not going to be happy

  5. ColoradoCatFan88

    I want to be able to get excited about these types of “commitments”.. Let’s hope he stays true to his word.

    1. T-wah

      Didn’t you see that he is 1000% committed? I mean, that sounds pretty committed to me. LOL

    2. mashburnfan1

      Lots of things in our favor. He is close to home, he already has the offers from some of the so called power programs. I don’t put much into highlight tapes because naturally they are going to show the great plays. What I love is he did his thing in a tough area vs some traditional powers. Would imagine he plays several tough teams in that Cincy area. May try to stop and watch a game on my way to a UK home game this year.

    3. Cletis75

      Mashburnfan1, thank you for that post. It has good analysis, and shows you can be objectionable sometimes and reasonable. Stay on the same diet, and things will be better for you and the rest of us here.

  6. Biggie

    I certainly understand the difference between committing and signing (although more and more seem to be sticking). However, all of BBN should be extremely grateful to the Coaches and Administration for putting us in the positive to even win these battles against some of the top programs in the nation.

    1. dcforuk

      Plus one!

    2. UKinIN

      I think Nick wrote about this before, but even if a four star commitment eventually backs out, it may get other players to give UK a look.

  7. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

    What we need in all of these recruiting stories are three or four more people to give us their own variations of “I’ll believe it when he’s signed” and “commitments at this point are meaningless” and “I hope it happens but I’m not confident”. There just absolutely can’t be enough of these. They give us all such a great dose of wisdom in the reminder that there’s just absolutely zero room for any positivity in the fan base. Thank God the Fellowship of the Miserable is here to protect us from ourselves.

    1. Shepherdizing McDyess

      Here here

    2. notFromhere

      Fking NAILED it!

      Buncha turd blossoms the lot. Gotta hope they at least have some longsuffering friends so they arent as miserable, helpless, andweak willed as they sound. Can you imagine not being able to look out the window with any hope for the day until you KNOW for SURE everything is going to go completely perfect?

    3. InigoMontoya

      AFAMidgets, you win the internet today!!

  8. az1006

    With an offer sheet like that, just getting a commitment is a huge, huge step for the program. I temper excitement, just because of the nature of football recruiting, but this is big. And you can thank Vince Marrow and Benny Snell for our success in recruiting backs in Ohio.

    1. notFromhere


  9. notFromhere

    Awesome news! UK FOOTBALL- now football season is all.year.round

  10. michaelb

    I think this kid is a difference maker and game breaker type player ….I feel this addition to be different than a lot of other pick ups … coupled with the strong line we are gathering up makes me optimistic about the future of our sec status … we’re gonna be winning some league games in the next 1,2,3,4 years . Watch out fla & tenn & miss st


    Great pick up. I am optimistic even if it’s just a commitment. Very promising looking back, homerun, scat back that we need who can catch and is not scared to run up the middle. I could def see him playing Slot WR as well. Has elusiveness like Lynn with the fact when he catches a screen he’s tryna turn it into a TD with every catch. Elite SEC speed already like Boom was. Excited and can’t have enough RBs, especially running the spread-multi-run game. Like what the future holds! Go Cats!

  12. catsfan1995

    So are we using Rivals or 247? I never know which one is better. Rivals has this kid as a 3 star. We can use 247 but Justin Rogers is not a top 10 prospect according to them. Either way, I’m happy with how recruiting is going! Go cats!

  13. notFromhere

    Finally git to watch his vid. Reminds me of a great mix of JoJo Kemp, Boom Williams, and a lil bit Benny Snell. Gets downhill, keeps em churning, can take some contact and keep moving forward. McClain and Davis are gonna be great complements to each other!