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Without Jarren Williams, What’s Next?

The back-and-forth relationship between Jarren Williams and Kentucky appears to have been ended yesterday after Williams’ official visit to Miami.  An on again, off again, on again, off again relationship, theres a chance it isn’t completely over, but Kentucky must use its resources to look forward to a future without Williams.

Mark Stoops, Vince Marrow and the offensive coaches have been here before.  Last year they had to change course late in the recruiting season when Mac Jones flipped to Alabama.  Faced with a similar situation, here’s what the Cats could do with the 2018 recruiting class.


Kentucky could do nothing and be fine.  Obviously, they will not do nothing.  Vince Marrow is actively seeing what options they still have, but if Kentucky doesn’t sign a quarterback in this class they will be just fine.

Mark Stoops said today that ideally each class has a quarterback.  “You’d like to.  Fortunately for us, we took two last year, which is a good thing.”

There will be at least four quarterbacks taking snaps in the spring: Drew Barker, Gunnar Hoak, Luke Wright and Danny Clark.  Walker Wood is another option but may not be available after undergoing shoulder surgery.

Between those five players, Kentucky could be set at quarterback for the next four years, allowing enough time to find the perfect fit who does not decommit at the eleventh hour.  The Cats have established strong early relationships with a handful of talented underclassmen; Lexington Catholic’s Beau Allen, a sophomore legacy recruit; junior Paul Tyson, Bear Bryant’s great grandson who visited UK for the Florida game; and junior Hayden Wolff, a 6’5″ pocket passer from Florida.

Stephen Johnson Part 2?

When Darin Hinshaw and Eddie Gran last looked for a JUCO quarterback, they found a winner.  Why not go back to that well?

Marrow recently began following a few junior college quarterbacks on Twitter, one of which the KSR crew has seen play.  Lindsey Scott Jr. is East Mississippi Community College’s dual-threat quarterback.  Mr. Football in the state of Louisiana, he transferred to Last Chance U after spending one season at LSU.  Scott plans on graduating in December and could enroll in time for spring practice with three years of eligibility.

Scott is only 5’11,” but he’s an extremely impressive athlete.  Without much of an offensive line, his legs get him out of trouble and help him make explosive plays.  This year he’s accounted for more than 30 touchdowns, 3,000 yards and led EMCC to a 10-1 record.

Marrow is also looking at Garden City Community College and former Oregon quarterback Terry Wilson.  Another dual-threat quarterback, Wilson has thrown for more than 1,700 yards and completed 60 percent of his passes.  When you watch the 6’3″ stud throw a football, it’s hard not to picture Stephen Johnson.

A Michigan Commit

Prior to zeroing in on Williams, Kentucky spent plenty of resources on Kevin Doyle.  A 6’4″ pocket passer from Washington D.C., Doyle camped with the Darin Hinshaw and the Kentucky Wildcats last summer shortly after receiving a scholarship offer.

If Kentucky tries to rekindle the relationship with Doyle, it will not be easy to get him to Lexington.  Doyle committed to Michigan in late September.  Even though the Wolverines have struggled to meet lofty expectations this season, Doyle appears firm in his commitment, visiting Ann Arbor last month.

Back to the Ohio Pipeline

Of course Vince Marrow knows a guy who in Ohio.  According to Ben Roberts, yesterday Marrow reached out to former Minnesota commit Brennan Armstrong.  The lefty is the top-ranked quarterback in Ohio and the No. 15 dual-threat quarterback in the nation.

Virginia is currently the favorite to land the flip from Minnesota, but there’s a chance Vince could pull the reverse-Regielsperger and get Armstrong to Lexington at the last minute.

Outside of the realm of quarterbacks, there’s a few pieces of good football recruiting news worth sharing.

On the day Williams decommitted for the second time, a former UK commit decommitted for the second time.  After Tennessee terminated Butch Jones, Shocky Jacques-Louis announced on Twitter he is no longer committed to the Vols.  Even after he parted ways with the Wildcats, Kentucky has actively recruited the Florida wide receiver.  Michigan and Michigan State are also in the mix but don’t be surprised to see a second recommitment in the 2018 class.

Kentucky is also in the running for a highly-coveted junior college transfer.  As of right now, Kentucky is the only school that has been actively recruiting former Under Armour All-American defensive back Eric Glover-Williams, his father told 247 Sports.

A Canton, Ohio native, Glover-Williams left Ohio State two games into the season and enrolled in Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  He’ll be eligible to enroll in January.  Between Marrow’s ties to Ohio and Stoops’ success with JUCO defensive backs (A.J. Stamps and now Lonnie Johnson), there’s a lot of things going Kentucky’s way.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

25 responses to “Without Jarren Williams, What’s Next?”

  1. Swizzle

    We got good qbs, let him go get arrested like mac jones

    1. runningunnin.454

      Agree, forget about him…don’t want him.

    2. Rembrandt

      I don’t think this is about Jarren Williams anymore. He isn’t coming. So it’s about what comes next after Jarren Williams. I would like to sign Armstrong and Wilson.

    3. Sentient Third Eye

      Yes. The program has to show some dignity never considering Williams if he comes back again. If you girlfriend will dump you twice, she’ll do it a third time at her convenience. Don’t put the entire program in that situation again.

  2. TreyTingle

    Just let Lynn Bowen take over. He’s the next Randall Cobb. The love running the Wildcat so much. What better QB for that? Him and Snell would ball!

    1. ziplock

      I agree with the vote for Lynn Bowden.

    2. ClutchCargo

      This would be the answer if the QB cupboard was bare like it was when Cobb first came along. If he is indeed the next Randall Cobb, then his place would be at receiver and kick returner, right?

  3. JC3

    Thanks Nick for the very good update. Always enjoy recruiting post/news. Thanks again. JC

  4. UKinIN

    I know Williams’ face isn’t shown but I want that picture to go away.

  5. timbo

    Could we get a post with news about what THIS post alludes to?!?!

    1. timbo

      Never mind. Google works. Don’t waste any more ink on this kid. Leadership 101-loyalty, honor, dignity. He may be a teen, but he ain’t got it and it sounds like he comes by it honestly. As a coach or teammate, I don’t want somebody making the most critical decisions on the field that can’t make the most routine and basic ones off of it.

  6. Catcasey1

    Yep sick of hearing about the Williams kid. Hope he’s happy some where else

  7. chris43

    Hope he fails miserably elsewhere to be honest. It’s not at all to do with the fact he decided not to play at UK but how he did it with all the on and off BS.

  8. Cincy Cayt

    Hope he does well

  9. Teamhhc1

    Watching these films shows me that Lindsey Scott Jr would definitely be the best of the 3. I really liked Brennan Armstrong’s toughness but his ball release was way to low. That could be fixed but may hurt his accuracy for a while. It would be an absolute NO for Terry Wilson. Accuracy was not there and is slow on decisions.

  10. ClutchCargo

    This news bothers me a lot less than I thought it would. I’m confident this staff will find a JuCo prospect to go along with some solid prospects already on the roster.

  11. blueballs80

    Jarren Williams made his decision. Good for him. Let’s move on. Let UK provide the opportunity to another QB who is more hungrier and has a chip on his shoulder and an edge that puts us on the edge. I am waiting for you. We will not dwell on the past and we will welcome the future.

  12. notFromhere

    Armstrong has a quick throwing motion, good touch on his throws but also zip when he needs it. Hits his receivers in stride and at least up to 55yds while doing it. Throws well on the run/roll out to either side, and makes all of the throws over the middle and threads the needle in traffic. He makes decisions quickly, actually reads well in the read option, and is a patient runner, like Snell, but accelerates well when the hole opens up. This kid is a great fit.

    Can’t play the video on Lindsey Scott orTerry Wilson, so I’ll have to watch that tomorrow, but love what I see of the former Minnesota commit. Not worried about Armstrong’s throwing motion not going over the top. Some great QBs had a lower motion like that.

  13. StuckinLville

    It’s funny how players forget who believed in them when no one else did. And I agree, they are teens but it’s called morals. Football recruiting is so dirty.

  14. Terry26

    AJ Mayer, Covington Catholic QB, a Miami commit but has not signed, yet. Throws a really nice ball, has very good wheels. Would be my pick for Mr. Football. Good gene pool…grandfather played basketball for LSU, one of their all time leading scorers, cousin Luke Maile, former U.K. Baseball player. Great student, better kid!

  15. DrewP


  16. Catlogic15

    If the coaches are looking at Jucos, it doesn’t say much about their confidence in Hoak and Clark.

  17. notFromhere

    Has nothing to do with their confidence in Hoak. If we had left all our eggs in the Barker basket, we wouldnt have had SJohnson or a bowl game last year. You need two QBs minimum in the SEC, 3 some years, and QBs transfer a lot in college football.

    You go get the best available QB you can every year, no question.

  18. notFromhere

    The other 2 QBs in the videos look good in their own ways, as well. Armstrong doesn’t even have a UK offer at this point, according to 24/7. Just going to trust the coaches that they’ll find the best guy.

  19. east-ky-boy

    First off, Barker needs to transfer. I like the kid. He’s a Ky boy and I wanted him to do well but for whatever reason, it just isn’t working. I’ve never watched a practice other than the blue white game but I wanna see what hoak can do in a real game situation. If hoak is good enough to start then I’d go the high school route and redshirt a kid and develop him. If hoak isn’t good enough to be THE qb then I’d go the juco route