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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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37 responses to “With a decision on the horizon, Kentucky’s recruiting timeline with Cade Cunningham is flat-out absurd”

  1. BBN4LIFE03

    Hey jack, when you planning on releasing the sources say podcast?

    1. BBN4LIFE03

      K thanks for responding!

    2. standuplex

      Where can I listen to the podcast? Sorry if thats a dumb question. Just not really a podcast listner but read here often. Really intersted in hearing thus tho

    3. 4everUKBlue

      Not that dumb, I believe it will be posted on this site.

    4. standuplex


  2. World Wide Wes

    Done. Deal. Jack keep killing it.

    1. Jesus H. Chrysler

      PS don’t mess it up, Wes

  3. WildcatNation

    I’m hoping that they’ve locked him up but you never know

  4. 4everUKBlue

    Jack I’ve been seeing some say he will announce either tonight or tomorrow. When you think he will announce and are gaining even more ground?

    1. boldry5918

      Jack, great to hear this movement on Cade and I hope for announcement soon, but have you heard anymore word on the silent comment that BJ was talking about last week?

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Bj secret is Cade

    3. bigbluenationmbb

      Boston’s secret hinted towards a forward I’ve heard it paulo

    4. WildcatNation

      I’ve seen the same things but I’ve also seen someone say he wasn’t close to making a decision.. idk who to trust

  5. TOMCATS1990

    Lock him up

    1. Bluehender

      Who exactly are you talking about?

    2. King_tucky

      I assume that he is refering to C.Cunningham.
      Like Trump going for Hillary….
      “Lock him up,Lock him up,Lock him up !!!”
      Make UK Basketball Recruiting Great again

    3. King_tucky

      Not that it wasn’t ever great. Cal is the one who changed the game. And anyone else tries to do what he does fails. Give us 1 2 n 3 in recruiting n see if he don’t make it work. Even if they all play the same position

  6. Kojohnson

    So after every official visit. They went and saw him. Thats dedication. Cal has never recruited anyone like this. Cade should see this and think Cal really believes he can be the best guard he has ever coached. I think we got him

    1. mashburnfan1

      probably to see how much they offered so we can increase ours. You know if he chooses any place but UK the idiots on here will be saying cash won, etc. Recruiting is, and always has been, a dirty business by ALL teams and coaches.

    2. nocode96

      You still around? Was kinda hoping old age and senility got you. Oh well, please, continue to entertain us with your verbal diarrhea.

    3. 4everUKBlue

      That’s a prime example of why you’re so disliked mashbum, you are the idiot and after you telling me no need to name call because at the end of the day we are all fans. You are no fan of UK basketball, get the hell out of here. This is an example of your being a liar. You say Cal cheats but NO ONE has ever shown any proof and you haven’t either so STFU!

    4. 4everUKBlue

      nocode, I don’t know about old age but senility has obviously kicked in. What a damned idiot! I can call him an idiot because he’s no UK basketball fan, I don’t give a damn how many football games he drives to.

    5. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Little Mashy why would him playing for his brother involve money? Heck I’ve heard more people saying Stoops had to have paid somebody with the people he’s beat. Don’t believe it.

    6. 4everUKBlue

      mashbum always has been and always will be the turd in the punchbowl. I would bet his wife or husband even hates him.

  7. EK


  8. Headhurts

    Wow! If he ain’t feeling the love after all that then forgetaboutit.

  9. mashman 93

    Cal is recruiting like a man possessed!!!! Jack please hurry and get the podcast up man I can hardly wait man. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  10. TonyMontana

    I read that Florida is making an in-home visit with him tomorrow. Anybody else see that?

    1. mashman 93

      That is what I read on “house of blue” earlier today

  11. Flan

    Thanks for doing this timeline Jack! It really puts in perspective the work they’ve done. Loving this re-inspired Cal!!

  12. mashman 93

    Hey Jack, I read a guys comment in “House of Blue” and he read(didn’t say where) that Cade was talking to Florida head coach Mike White. Have you heard that and if you’re to busy recording that’s cool.

  13. Han

    Honestly, I’m still just thrilled we got Clarke to join Boston, Ware and Fletcher. Cunningham and the others we hopefully get are like a second helping.

  14. BigBertha

    The suspense is killing me!

    I love it. It’s been a minute since I’ve been this anxious for a recruit.

  15. Nickerbocker05

    Cade Cunningham is and will be the prized recruit when we get him! Hands down ppl. Dude could have been #1 player in this past class.

  16. SuperTroy18

    Going by his facial expressions in pics wearing every team’s jersey, I’d say he’s either UK or Washington. His face in that UNC pic is VERY telling. Haha. And he’s so ashamed to be wearing the Florida jersey, he won’t even look at the camera!

  17. Saiyanj717

    Let’s go!!!!