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Guy who said he would get a Willie tattoo going through with Willie tattoo

Our favorite

Our favorite

Remember the guy who said he would get a tattoo of Willie Cauley-Stein’s face on his body if Willie came back to school? Well, Willie’s coming back, and the guy, Michael Gray, says he’s following through on his promise. Gray tweeted that he’s scheduled an appointment to get the tattoo on Sunday, and will probably go with a “more traditional Willie.”

We people are crazy.

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48 responses to “Guy who said he would get a Willie tattoo going through with Willie tattoo”

  1. Joe Blo

    He is in my law school class and is hilarious! Go CATS!

  2. Musehobo

    He should get it on his Willie.

    1. Tom Crean

      I’d do that. I’d like to spell his name out on it too, but would only get to Wi

    2. Musehobo

      You could get a not-to-scale ruler tattooed on it too.

  3. K. Sypher

    Me loves me some “traditional willie.”

    1. laughers

      HA ! traditional, unconventional, any place anytime, anywhere …

  4. Chuck

    this is such a UL fan thing to do, but whatever, its only skin.

  5. Dave

    Is he gonna tattoo his set of “twins” if the Harrison’s return?

    1. Laker Cat 18

      How funny would it be if the guy got his “Willie” and his “Twins” tattooed? That’s a story to tell the grand kids.

  6. Laker Cat 18

    Ok. The guy schedules his tattoo on April 20th. The NBA deadline to declare is April 27th. I’d wait a week there buddy.

    1. technicolor yawn

      sound advice

  7. Big Mike In the Wood

    This must be the press conference Kyle Tucker teased this morning.

    Worth it!!!

  8. Snowball

    Hey Matt,

    When I initially started coming to this website on a regular basis, it was primarily because you would get on here and give us your inside information. I feel like there is less and less of that now that you’re more mainstream. Is that because of outside pressure? I would love for you to make a post on here telling us what you’re currently hearing from your sources about each of the guys that haven’t spoken yet. I know you have done that, but yesterday’s news is yesterday’s news. Keep us updated. I love your site, don’t get me wrong, I just want more of the stuff you can’t get anywhere else. That’s the stuff that built this site.

    1. John

      There isn’t much inside information from what I’ve been seeing. Everyone had the Harrisons pegged for Maryland before they made their announcement because they do not share what they’re thinking. There have been no hints from Randle or Young either. All that has really been said is that none of those 4 players’ families are in a financial situation where they need the NBA money and none of the parents are pressuring their sons to enter the draft. Coach Cal leaves it up to the players and only provides information of where they might land in the draft.

    2. Brandon
  9. Han

    The last guy’s tattoo got us to the finals. Maybe this tattoo will get us #9 for Willie Cauley-Stein.

  10. Billy Joe Jack

    UT fans are BLOWING UP on Rivals. I can smell the jealousy.

    1. Hayley's quadriceps

      What are they blowing up about? They got what they wanted right?

  11. Billy Joe Jack

    Here is a link to the hilarious pity party.

    1. Rei

      Nice try Joe Jackoff. Shortened urls are a dead giveaway.

    2. Billy Joe Jack

      Not trying to be a secret agent about it. I am just looking for some lolz.

  12. Catfanran

    Just think him being a true fan he can show his “WILLIE” to everyone out in the open.

  13. Billy Joe Jack

    Remember that it is always about the lolz.

    1. Adorable

      Your parents failed you.

    2. Fact

      Idiots breed and spawn more idiots.

    3. Pistol Pete

      Or did your parents fail you. You’ve obviously never enjoyed lolz.

    4. Billy Joe Jack

      You can be a successful and intelligent and still be a horrible person.

    5. ^^^^^

      ^^^^ That’s just stupid. Get a life and go back to school.

  14. CatSinceBirth

    If WCS is the man I think he is, the nice thing for him to do is tell the gentleman to forget about the tattoo, and that he appreciates the feelings, but that he doesn’t want him to do that just because he came back.

    1. Musehobo

      Whatever. If it’s me, I tell him to get it.

  15. 94Stein

    I wish this worked for all the guys cause I go on record now, I will get Randle, the twins, and Alex’s face tattooed on my back if they ALL stayed

    1. James young

      What about me?

  16. Clay Travis

    This is GOLD. Burning couches, threatening Cal’s daughters on twitter, rioting after the title game, burning down a house, and now this? I’m definitely going to edit my “dumbest fan bases column.” UK Basketball fans have clearly jumped over Bama Football fans.

    1. Chester KSR

      u r a idiote! were not a dum fans!

    2. Clay Travis

      I’ll edit the column after I publish my next column. I’m almost finished with it, “Best looking 7 year old boys in wet tighty whities”

    3. Brett

      Way to prove Travis’ point, moron. No wonder everyone thinks we’re (that’s how you properly use that word) a bunch of backwards hicks.

    4. Clay Travis

      I’m finished now. I think I just saw the wiener. I mean winner.

    5. Clay Travis

      Brett, I’m a complete idiot, and even I know that was a joke by a troll

    6. Chester KSR


    7. Pistol Pete

      Chester, if he is a real person, needs to be euthanized.

    8. Hey's Mom

      He is real, Pistol Pete. Have a listen-

    9. Pistol Pete

      That can’t be a real person. No one is that stupid and anti-intellectual.

  17. Cory Eaves

    The Weatherman Underground. Holla.