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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

25 responses to “Will Wade had more than one strong-ass offer”

  1. CatfaninCinci

    Will Wade is Neo from the Matrix if he survives this…

  2. az1006

    Will Wade was reinstated by the previous AD, and the new boss may not be so forgiving. Would be really surprised if he coaches another game for LSU.

    1. trumpetguy

      Believe the saying is “if you stand around in the pig pen very long, pretty soon you will smell like pig sh##, especially if it is knee deep”…..and this appears to be at least waist deep!

  3. yoshukai

    Will Wades son is married to Mark Emmerts daughter. Curious how this plays out.

    1. UKinIN

      That’s quite a feat since Wade is only 36 and only has a daughter.

    2. dcforuk

      Well played UKinIN!

    3. magimae

      LMAO, some of the posts on this web site are hilarious

    4. RAGE

      Agreed lol

    5. yoshukai

      lol, I was mistaken. It’s LSU’s new athletic directors daughter that is married to Mark Emmerts son .

  4. UKinIN

    Isn’t UK recruiting someone from the same high school or AAU team as Reid?

    1. StuckinLville

      Whitney played on the same high school team

  5. BigJohnC

    So…no one has to answer for paying players? It’s just on a be swept under the rug?

    1. 4everUKblue

      Works for K and dUKe!

    2. RAGE


    3. RAGE

      Didn’t for Rick and from the comment in court he may have not even known lol

    4. 4everUKblue

      Seems to only work for certain coaches with K leading the way.

    5. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      The NCAA is waiting for the trial to be over. They’re letting the FBI do the heavy lifting and more importantly, without the FBI the NCAA would have no idea that any of this happened.

  6. Smyrna_Cat

    He gone.

  7. ScoggDog

    I’ll say this … I think the pressure on these assistant coaches is tremendous to land players. Maybe not at Kentucky – I think the irony is that Calipari will emerge as the cleanest guy in the bunch. I’m not a Cal Fan. But I do believe that he’s clean as the Board of Health. He’s set up systems around himself – such as multiple compliance officers – as a check on himself. And that’s smart. Really, really smart. In the best of ways. He’s not cheating.

    But at other schools ? Yes – I do believe that Head Coaches have set up a system such that they dictate what they want done, but don’t want to know the details. Plausible Deniability.

    1. RAGE

      Exactly RICK PITINO

  8. makeitstop

    I have no idea how he survives. I get paid to explain stuff that’s hard to explain… I got nothing. Between “strong ass offer” and this? If it’s true, the spin is futile, the meaning is obvious and it’s just a question of how long they want to continue the slow speed chase bc it won’t end well. LSU isn’t on the list of protected franchises to be sheltered at all cost, those are both in NC.

  9. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Will Wade should come out and say I got the money from Duke or NC in order to have a team good enough to beat UK. That way they have no choice but to say we found nothing please move along.

    1. friendsofcoal

      Great idea! LMAO

    2. CatfaninCinci

      The question becomes however, how does this truth… Set Benny free???

  10. dave1964

    If this Kentucky we would already be on death penalty.