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19 responses to “Why did Wandale Robinson choose Kentucky?”

  1. Debruyne

    Dad getting a job on staff could’ve helped…

    1. KYcats11


    2. N-UR-i

      Nothing like an internet dumbass making random shit up.

    3. Debruyne

      His dad was hired as a strength and conditioning coach. So that would make you the internet dumbass

    4. truebluefootballfan

      Well it is more resourceful and beneficial to his family than hiring strippers or paying him under the table…

    5. Debruyne

      I don’t have a problem with it lol the article says Why did he pick UK? I was just saying I’m sure that was a big factor in his decision

  2. J. Did


  3. DelrayCat

    Is Wandale related to Roni Robinson? He was a heck of an athlete back in the day in the ‘Fort.

    1. CommonMan79

      Roni is his uncle.

  4. Shidler8684

    What is 4 for 40?

    1. runningunnin.454

      I think he means 4 years at UK, along with the academics, would set him up for the next 40 years…in other words for life.

  5. Alleykat16

    Its a program that Freddie is head of. It’s to help players after the playing career is over. Help them invest their money for to direct them in furthering their education for life after the game.

  6. Alleykat16

    But anyways I’m very excited that he will be playing here. I was worried that he was going somewhere else. It’s great now hope he can get a few more of these KENTUCKY homegrown fellas to follow him here in

  7. ukcats1776.90

    matt Jones is an arrogant liberal “lawyer” (guy who wasted daddy’s money to avoid life until deciding he didnt want to do anything a law degree) who has no respect for his listeners or viewers. half the calls he takes are dripping with condensention and disrespect to the callers. how anybody who isn’t a flaming, cross dressing liberal would ever spend a dime at his restaurant is beyond me. bdubs is right next door and their owner doenst openly hate the way most kentuckians think

    1. whodeynation

      Damn bruh, U mad ?

    2. uk27ncaa

      If u hate him so much why are u on his website and listen to his radio show?

    3. FlySoup

      I’m not a huge fan of matt but I do find the radio show and website entertaining, but he has said many times that he got full rides for his education. You can’t argue that dude has worked hard to get where he is, even if he does sound condescending and disrespectful to just about everybody.

    4. satcheluk

      Time to take your Midol.

  8. Brutal Hustler

    Big shout out and thank you to Freddie Maggard. I was selfishly upset when he left KSR, but it seems like his current role is one he was handcrafted to do. Stoops talks all the time how when you come to Kentucky, you’re joining a family, and having Uncle Freddie working with the kids is a perfect example of how true that is. It’s kinda apples to oranges, but I feel like Freddie could end up being the Bill Keightley of the football team