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Whitley County man tries to break into home while drunk on moonshine


You’re looking at Lonnie Paul, a 67-year-old man who tried to break into a house in Whitley County on Friday night. Two men were inside the house, and refused to let Paul in, so Paul started to beat on the door and tear at the screen, and when that didn’t work, he tried to break into the window, waving a knife around in front of him. One of the men got his shotgun, called 911, and held Paul at gunpoint until the police got there.

At that point, Paul admitted he’d been drinking moonshine all day and had no idea why he was trying to break into the home. He’s now at the Whitley County Detention Center facing charges of menacing, terroristic threatening, burglary, alcohol intoxication, and more.

That white lightning will make you do some funny things…


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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29 responses to “Whitley County man tries to break into home while drunk on moonshine”

  1. Honky Kong

    Whitley county used to be in the news at least once a week for something bad. Now it’s in the news EVERY day.

    1. notmybrother

      Tell me about it.

  2. John Ellis

    Isn’t that Gillispie?

  3. RandyB

    Mrs. T,
    I usually very much appreciate your submissions, but what does this drunk have to do with UK
    sports? Is he a big UK fan? Plans to walk/stagger-on for Stoops?

    1. Al/in/Indy

      He may have 3 years of eligibility left.

    2. Catgrad7072

      Right. Nothing to do with UK but it does perpetuate the stereotype that many have of Kentuckians.

  4. FlashOfBlue

    He is lucky he wasn’t shot…..

    1. unreconstructed

      His drunkeness was the guns fault he almost got shot with. We need to do away with all guns. It would end drunkeness as we now know it. Guns are good for only one thing, making people get drunk.

  5. Corn Squeezins

    White Dog is NOT a gateway drug

  6. ha

    Looks like Michael Douglas

  7. New Englander

    Stereotype confirmed.

  8. Ralph

    Thanks so much for this article! Nailed the part about UK sports…

  9. Uh...

    This isn’t barstool sports. This is to quote yourselves, “University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.” While this is ridiculous, its neither of the prior 3. I moved away from Eastern Kentucky to get away from stories like this. Please, just don’t.

    1. Ralph

      Name a blog that’s trying to be more like than stool than KSR, you can’t!

  10. King Kelly Coleman

    This website turns more and more into TMZ everyday….stick to what got you here KSR.

  11. Laker Cat 18

    I got drunk this weekend and took a crap. Will you write a story about that as well? I love Kentucky SPORTS Radio. I expected to at least see a UK or Louisville cap or shirt on this guy.

  12. Think about it

    They probably derive revenue from directing traffic to sites like that

  13. Laker Cat 18

    Matt/Ryan – serious question here. Why is there no uproar over former NBA great Larry Johnson’s comments about forming an “All Black” basketball league? I don’t get why this hasn’t had as much attention.

    1. Laker Cat 18

      oops! wrong thread…thought I was still in the show thread!

  14. schwing

    how are you gonna burgle your own house?

  15. Ace

    No doubt he is a Kentucky fan!

  16. RC

    At least file this story under your Funkhouser blog, not your main page. Per the Funkhouser Blog, it’s described as “KSR’s take on recent non sports related happenings”. Boom. Roasted.

  17. Subtlety

    Is it a coincidence this story showed up in the feed right after a story about Billy G? Hilarious if so, well played Mrs TT.

  18. bluetooth

    Lonnie looks like hes had a really bad day

  19. HolySpacemanBatma

    They could’ve shot that guy and claimed they thought it was a space alien. They would never go to jail. I mean look at him. He looks like a chupacabra. Beep bleep bloop, space monster. Geet offa ma layund!

  20. Stupid Americans

    OK, but is he gay? That is the only real issue facing America.

  21. mitch

    Even worse 20….he’s a lifelong straight ticket voting Democrat

  22. Hack Daddy D

    This is just classless. KSR is a joke.

  23. Steve Black

    Is that his “best” side? lol