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Which table you sitting at, KSR Edition

The “Which table you sitting at” meme has swept the internet over the past 24 hours, so of course KSR is getting in on the fun. If you had to choose to sit at one of the tables in the picture above, which would it be? 

Leave your answers in the comments.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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57 responses to “Which table you sitting at, KSR Edition”

  1. dustylayne

    Table ten. All day. Lol

    1. runningunnin.454

      Me, too; but, would we really be able to eat?

    2. Breckbrat50

      I am walking by table 8 to get to table 10 as fast as I can. I want that seat next to K. Table 5 made me laugh out loud.

    3. ClutchCargo

      Only if there’s an economy sized bottle of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer on the table.

    4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      I’d have to wear a better bio-suit than even the CDC could provide.

  2. dhusk

    Easy. 3 then 9. I would love the opportunity to yell at MoscowMitch until i lost my voice.

    1. Big Sexy

      He’d kick the crap out of you.

    2. MoscowMitchtheB!+(]-[McConnell

      I got broke in half just giving under the table jobs to the NRA. Now that being said he’d still get stomped because you don’t talk trash to one of Putin’s ladies….it just isn’t done.

  3. cats646

    9 for sure. Vince marrow and two hot chicks. Lol

  4. lindamyers56

    Table 4! Boogie!

  5. ukkatzfan

    Easy 7 right across from Ellen. Coaches can talk football. 🙂

    1. Bluegilla

      Whichever one has Laura Rutledge!

  6. Dallas

    Table 9 could you imagine the drama you would get to be a part of. Would be awesome.

  7. Ramsey Rocket

    Table 5 would be great comedy. We might need to invite John Higgins to referee that table though.

    1. bbn606

      7 for me.

  8. BlueByYou

    Table 9 with the Big Dog!

  9. dckr

    Definitely 10

  10. kykats

    9. No contest. Stoops enough by himself.

  11. WKY Cat


  12. Mark D


  13. ky yaya

    2 is a great choice. Benny would entertain me and i love bruce. But in the end i have to go w 4. The heart wants what it wants. And my heart belongs to wall and cousins. Wish ppat was at the table too

  14. Nickleye

    Why 10 of coarse you would not have to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations ?

  15. 1stkatman

    Boogie at table #4 and invite Josh Allen in to the mix. We’d convince Benny to join us. Wall will be our spokesman and see if we can bring Vince Marrow over before the food is served. I want what he’s having.

    1. Sir Brandon

      Brilliantly played.

  16. stevemotley

    4 or 7

  17. SkeeterBeater

    Which table would Mrs Tyler like to make sandwiches for the most?

  18. brandonjbrown11

    2 or 7

  19. BettyBleedsBlue

    Oh too funny! I want to sit at every table! I’ll be the server! But I have to pick table #3!

  20. JASUN74

    Table 10 and there’s not even a close second choice!!! Drew killing Peeteenohhh with the questions no one else would dare ask, and slapping the dog stuff out of baldy!! Lmao. Drew’s the best in the business and has been for a few years now. Straight up Gangster! Lol.

  21. Kychopsticks

    Table 2.

  22. UK1995

    TENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Drew and myself would make sure Powell and pitino had to engage in the details of hookergate. My easy number would be table 9, any time a calipari woman and the big dawg is included life would be perfect

  23. ksdestne

    5 all day long to watch Ryan squirm or get mad would be interesting

  24. MoscowMitchtheB!+(]-[McConnell

    Table 10 so Pitino can tell me how he lasted that long with a lady.

  25. ClutchCargo

    7 all day long, is this even a serious question?

  26. The Real LindaS

    4 and I’m not real sure who the third person is on that table, kick him over to 1 and bring AD over to 4. If that does not work 7…my favorite number…Mickey Mantle’s number…coaches can talk and Mrs Ellen and I will share our favorite jokes.

  27. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    I want to set at table 7 to hear Brooks tell Stoops that he could have done that if he had the commitment to football that he’s gotten but I’m afraid a may catch something incurable from being that close to 10. I feel really bad for Nick.

  28. unbiasedfan

    Definitely 7

  29. panicpat

    10 without question. Drew with Ricky and Kateena would be pure gold!

  30. Ross7035

    table 10, then 7

  31. Memphis UK Cat

    I am partying with TT, the big Kat and Barney. Number 6

    1. DCWildcat

      10 for sure, then 2, and must give Brooks a hug!

  32. AncientOne

    Table one. Three absolute winners.

  33. tdub


  34. UKLugo


  35. UKFanSC

    Table 10……..not even close

  36. nmcinteer

    Absolutely table 10 ?.

  37. sbailey75

    I want to sit at Drews table so we can make fun of Petino and his ex lol

  38. CrystalBall


  39. slowe1971

    Definitely 1 but would love to listen in on table 10

  40. Diesel87

    Cal, Rick, and Billy G all need to be at the same table. I could just see it now

    Cal awkwardly try’s to start a conversation. Um, so Billy, hows things?

    Billy-Pretty good I guess, all things considered

    Cal- that’s good, that’s good. Did you still have to blow into that breathalyzer things before you car will start?

    Rick (chuckles)

    Billy- No Cal, that was years ago

    Cal- So Rick, hows everything overseas?
    Rick doesn’t reply

    Cal-ah, come on Rick. You know I’m just messing with you

    Rick (still not speaking) continues to look through Cal

    Cal- maybe I can brighten up your day Rick

    Rick- Doubt it

    Cal- I got just thing (Cal snaps fingers)

    Cal- (screams) bring out the table dancers

    Rick-(face lights up with joy)

    Cal (leans in and whispers) Don’t worry Rick, we’ll just tell media, you had no idea, and all the his is on me

    1. cats646

      That was terrible.

  41. Diesel87


  42. bigb


  43. bbn606

    Cal has one vote. Looks like Judd has put the kiss of death on that table or has Cal run his course.

  44. Ilduck06

    Table 3 with old number 3 rex. Enough said

  45. slydog12

    Table 7 please. Poor coach Cal got stuck with Ashley ?

  46. cats646

    How come no tables with Trump? Leftist losers.