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What was up with the sky in Cincinnati last night?

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

(Getty Images via Deadspin)

Jamie Sabau of Getty Images captured some wild photos of the Cincinnati sky during the Reds’ game against the Cubs last night. I’m breaking my rule of never posting about Reds baseball to share it with you today because it’s very trippy.

Click on the image for an enlarged version and then hide under your bed tonight because it appears the end is near.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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35 responses to “What was up with the sky in Cincinnati last night?”

  1. Austin

    Call the ghostbusters!!

  2. Jughead

    What’s your problem with the Reds, Twinkletoes?

    1. Baseball sucks

      they suck

    2. Home of the Braves

      My guess is like Baseball sucks he is too busy playing World of Warcraft and slurping down Gogurts to get baseball or worse yet he’s an Atlanta fan because “they were always on TV”.


    Was there. I have a couple of similar pics on the phone…not as good as this one. There were storm clouds across NKY, but north of the stadium the sky was relatively clear. When the sun set in the West, it lit up the storm clouds from underneath…pretty neat. It ended as the sun went below the horizon.

  4. Joe Diesel

    Marge Schott had her period, in heaven

    1. Good God

      That thought is horrifying…although I fear you are right.

    2. Mc

      In heaven?

    3. ef34f

      (She’s dead)

    4. Over Your Head

      The whizzing you heard was the joke going by. Pretty sure the implication of “heaven?” was that Schott would more than likely go to hell, not that he was ignorant of her death.

  5. Tvillecat

    Wild colors in KY too last night. Sky would change from orange to pink to purple to yellow. . .

  6. Marty Brennaman

    Drew if I ever ran into you it would be similar to the scene with Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker. Your night would be a titanic struggle and this one belongs to Marty!

  7. Revelations

    The rapture happened last night, apparently we weren’t worthy.

  8. Nate

    Give a call to Fake Barney. I hear he specializes in this kind of stuff.

  9. Tennessee Wildcat

    Everyone, that is cumulonimbus mammatus clouds on the back side of the thunderstorm. If you see this, then the storm is over, as the storms were south of where the Cincinnati Reds were playing.

  10. atlantacat

    It’s from all that crap you eat at Taco Bell. I think it’s called “gas.”

  11. cwill


  12. Skyline Chili

    It’s “gas” from those who have eaten at Skyline Chili!

  13. MRob

    this site would be way better if you talked about the Redlegs or baseball ever

    1. Matt

      I agree, but FIRST the site would need somebody who actually understands the game and appreciates the difficulty and interwoven parts of the game.

    2. Josephi Verbum


    3. MRob

      @Matt agreed

    4. Bullitt County UK fan

      huge reds fan. I agree they should hire a new guy to write and report on reds baseball. I know there are tons of reds fans and it would bring up the clicks on this site. Can I hear a shout out from all the reds fans?

  14. inside info

    I don’t believe it because there was no #NoFilter hashtag.

  15. thats budda

    I live about 4 miles from the stadium. It looked like I was wearing blu blockers. Greenish goldish hue that changed the colors of the flowers and shrubs in my yard. Very trippy

  16. King Kelly Coleman

    You can talk about the tardbirds down the road every breath, but you make it a point to never post about the Reds?….ummm yeah…makes sense.

    1. Nat King Coleman

      Maybe if the Reds sign Russ Smith we can get wall to wall coverage.

  17. Joey Votto

    Hey Drew–wanna loofa my stretchmarks?

    Redneck,barfbreath, urine-licker.

  18. WeeCeeBea

    It’s a “Sunset over Ky”. It’s hard for me to relate to people who make fun of Baseball and then get an emotional climax over professional “Rassling”,a bunch of grown men pretending to be fighting.

  19. matt

    that was taken after the 3rd base coach made Billy Hamilton stop at 3rd on what could of possibly been an Inside the Park Grand Slam. Hamilton played if off, but he was pissed. and evidently the Gods where ticked..

  20. The Boz

    More baseball, not less please. Same goes for football coverage.

  21. UK22

    Test test one two.

  22. bluebaby

    Drew, you have no idea how many out here are among the blue/red nation. You alienate yourself when you suggest a dislike for the Reds.

    1. DownSouth

      You’d shut your mouth if you knew what was good for you, buddy. Red = UL around here you punkin pie hair-cutted freak.

  23. Perk

    Notice the two very tall light posts. Blow up the picture get ur phone if u have to. Blow it up all the way and just to the left of the left light pole u will find the man behind the mystery ski. There is a urban legend that the reds and Bengals have a curse. I present to u the man behind the curse in this picture. Please take time to find him.