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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

142 responses to “What Wandale Robinson’s Flip Means for Kentucky”

  1. Bigblue7982

    It means we’re not getting a player that didn’t want to be here in the first place I say good riddance.

    1. CombatMedic_98

      Money talks brother…parents will receive a visit with an envelope of cash…to secure the commitment…new car will be delivered in the coming months…account access will be made available after he arrives and is 100% eligible and suited up…”assigned” tutors will “assist” with his grades & schedule…O I can go on and on about this game that happens EVERYDAY and is known business practices…what a shame! Then again He just mighta had a change of heart!!! Yeah right…so did Zion Williamson…YEAH RRRRRIGHT!

    2. CombatMedic_98

      Our Alumni need to step up their game for real…we are getting out hustled by a LOSING PROGRAM of NEBRASKA…maybe we’ll counter offer for $200,000 and he’ll resign with us…crossing my fingers!!!!

    3. michaelb

      You’re the biggest moron ever

    4. notFromhere


      Freaking YEAH! Only healthy way to look at it

    5. mashburnfan1

      yep that is smart, every kid that did not pick UK is getting paid. The ignorance shown in the comments is comical. So when we were getting kids to UK instead of OSU, Bama, and others I guess we wrote the bigger check. When we got the one and dones, bigger checks right. Just stupid.

    6. unbridled

      Good riddance. The kid seems to be a head case. I’m not sure how good Wandale is anyway. People who compare him to rondale Moore are just silly. Choosing Nebraska is highly questionable. Nebraska is a shell of its former self and frost won at a school that recruits by itself and they literally played no one.

  2. Randall lee

    Wandale who?

    1. UKPROF

      If he knew all along he was going to end up at Nebraska, and he ‘played this game’ with the recruiters and BBN, then he is not the caliber kid we want at UK anyway, because ‘TROUBLE’ always follows kids that think this way. Best wishes Wandale.

    2. notFromhere


    3. unbridled

      So was his commitment to UK a ploy to garner votes for the mr football award?

    4. W1ldCats4Life

      There is no doubt! I’ve talked to several voters across the state, and it’s always something they say….mr football needs to stay in Ky. UK, UL, WKU….

    5. unbridled

      Didn’t high school coaches vote on the award that has already been given to wandale? Isn’t the “media” mr football yet to come?

  3. Mathlete

    The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!! The sky is fa… Oh. We still have an epic class and could still add another bunch of great players? Yeah, I guess we’ll be fine.

    1. Cole28

      What, exactly, is epic about it?

    2. Mathlete

      Multiple 4 star guys from in state (the second coming soon), strong class out of Ohio. Richardson coming back. A QB from LA that is lighting up the scoreboard in the same style we’re going to be playing.

      We’re #28 in the country after Robinson’s flip. That’s one of the best rankings in program history. What’s not to love?

    3. Cole28

      It looks very different on ESPN. We were #34 before the decommit, and still counting the JC transfer who’s offer we pulled due to eligibility issues. Literally only one 4-star guy left. According to ESPN, it is statistically the second worst class since stoops took over.

      I’m not saying its not a decent class, but “epic” is a massive exaggeration. Unless ESPN is fake news. lol

    4. Cole28


    5. notFromhere

      And it doesn’t matter one dam bit. We got 3 people on the ALL-SEC that weren’t 4 or 5 stars. When will people figure this sht out?

      It would be nice to have a plug and play guy like Bama gets, but he isn’t that. Maybe he will be eventually. Don’t kn ow don’t care

    6. mashburnfan1

      Cole…idiot you need to know stars are not that important. It is like the rankings…just peoples opinion of the player or team. There are many 4 and 5 star guys that never even played a down of college football. There are many more 3 star to not rated guys in the NFL than there are 4 and 5 stars. Give me a 2 or 3 star that wants to be the best, wants to work his a$$ off and get better over your 4-5 star players that think their doo doo does not stink and they just have to put in 3 years of college football to be a pro. You want Elam players, that is your 4 and 5 star rating, or do you want a 2 star Josh Allen. A 3 star Benny.

    7. RealCatsFan

      There’s a phrase for that – “peaked in high school”.

  4. ukkatzfan

    Commitment is such bad terminology for what they do. Expressed intention to a school seems way more appropriate. Really does look like he rode UK for Mr Football. But that is more a problem that the state of Ky has created. Never did like that UK commitments had upper hand for Mr and Mrs sport for the state. So it has now bit ky in the butt. Hoping the powers to be make it perfectly clear “school intentions” will no longer play a role with the selection committee.

    1. Based God

      Exactly. He played the system. Committed to Kentucky to win Mr. Football, then flipped to the school he wanted to go to all along.

    2. notFromhere

      It’s like that turd that just won’t flush. You know what I’m talk in about. That floaty turd, man! Stinkin up the whole toilet when you just want im to go away.

      He want all the attention til you get out that brush and get to chasing im. Then parts of im are all stuck in the brush andbyourr like…DAM!

      What I want t’know is WHO THE SAMELL IS WANDALE ROBBISON?!?

      Don’t rightly care iffinnee ainy comin to Kentucky to play football. Might as well be named pitino

  5. oruacat2

    The only people who really care about this, outside of the program itself, are those who write about, hype, and spin it professionally.

    I will never wish ill will on a KY kid making choices about his own life – but I won’t waste my time fretting about it, either.

  6. not

    With the weapons we will have on offense, I don’t think this will affect us too negatively.

    But with that being said, he straight up lied to everyone time after time after time. We may have dodged a bullet by not having a kid that manipulative in our locker room.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      That’s a big assumption. No need to trash the kid for being a kid.

    2. not

      He literally told reporters he would enroll at UK in two weeks on the same day the report came out that he was going to flip. That’s called lying, not “being a kid”.

    3. cats646

      He lied. That’s not an assumption at all. He basically said himself he knew he was going to Nebraska the whole time. I hate it when a young man does something completely wrong and idiotic and everyone says, “well he’s just a kid”. When your kids disobey you and do something incredibly stupid do you tell them it’s ok because they’re a kid? No, you punish them and hope they’ll learn from it. He is not a kid, he’s an adult, just not a very good one.

    4. notFromhere

      Yeah. Still called lying in all the places that matter. (Cali not being one of those places, some spots in Frankfort being others) No quesrion he flat out lied. How does he feel when Frost bites his assets in Nebraska and he doesn’t win the Heisman? We’ll see

  7. truebluethroughandthrough

    I don’t blame him, heck when Alaba….. Nebraska??? wth? Do I smell fish?

    1. makeitstop

      Yea – I got a better offer is understandable, but I want to go to Nebraska, rebuilding team, middle of nowhere, far less national exposure makes u wonder if there is more to this decision than a change of heart. Our offense isn’t any more uninspiring than it was when he “committed”.

    2. notFromhere


      It’s that stuff they spray on the fields in Nebraska. Don’t breath in

    3. notFromhere

      You made me lol

    4. unbridled

      I’m telling you people that wandale is not the elite player people were assuming he is. The comparisons to Rondale Moore are ignorant. The kid is clearly a head case. Disaster avoided!!!

  8. StuckinLville

    I’ve seen weird things in recruiting, but this kid is a drama queen. I know we should wish him luck, but why? Hope his career flops… karma’s not fun.

    1. truebluethroughandthrough

      I don’t see the need to wish him luck. Gave UK a false “verbal” commitment, probably cost us other recruits that could’ve filled that spot. I’m with you. Karma is a dish best served cold. A man’s word is worth nothing anymore. If you tell somebody something, be a man and stand by it, or don’t say it. period

    2. sportsbird66

      I totally agree with you.

  9. Billy Mays Here


    Wandale is talented kid. He will likely do well at Nebraska. I sincerely hope he achieves all of his dreams. But he will not make Nebraska a winner and will not change their program. He would not make Kentucky a winner and would not change our program. Winning in college football is no different than success anywhere else. It is a culture, not an individual. Louisville put all their eggs in one basket with Lamar Jackson and we see how that ended; temporary at best. Rondale Moore is PHENOMENAL, but he didn’t make Purdue a winner at 6-6. Damien Harris is a very talented kid. He’s had a great career at Alabama. He didn’t change Alabama. He isn’t even one of the Top 5 running backs they’ve had under Saban. This season, he literally has half of the rushing yards and rushing touchdowns as Benny Snell, and has less than 3,000 career rushing yards in four years.

    Wandale wants to play for a team that will most benefit him, not him benefit them. That’s not a shot at him—that’s what 95% of a kids his age would choose. He wants an offense that, win or lose, go winless or undefeated, will put up 600+ yards of offense each game and he’s promised to be part of that. Not getting Wandale hurts. I want all homegrown talent to wear the blue and have Kentucky Pride. But we will be fine.

    We get the snubbed, overlooked, hungry kids with chips, not stars, on their shoulders. Randall Cobb, Benny Snell, Lynn Bowden, Josh Allen . . . I could keep going, but these are just four recent transformational players who have profoundly changed Kentucky football’s culture, shattered our record books (in Josh’s case, two sacks in the bowl game and he breaks the SEC single-season record!). That’s Kentucky football. The slighted whose impact will be felt for many, many years. I think that DNA of our team’s culture can go back to four kids: Greg Page, Nate Northington, Houston Hogg and Wilbur Hackett. Four slighted kids who changed college football forever.

    1. Alleykat16


    2. cats646

      Good comment.

    3. Irish son

      Damien Harris is a bad example though. Saban completely changed his offense for Tua. Harris will still be one of, if not the first backs taken in the draft

    4. codeblue270

      Great commentary- coaching staff has built dreams into winning- taken blue collar kids & turned them into hard Nose football players with grit & fight – the qualities NFL teams want & they wear our blue and white- keep making the difference one player at a time every season- we will succeed

  10. UK96Champs

    It hasn’t been long since uk got most of it’s talent from the 3 star ranks ( remember Randall Cobb) so just saying we’re getting a LOT more 4 star players than we used to. We’ll be fine without this kid.

  11. truebluefootballfan

    Trolled by another top in state recruit… what’s wrong with these kids?…. #aintraisingemright

  12. Shively1978

    Mostly there parents who obviously don’t teach them to keep there word and what commitment means. Go where you want yeah that’s ok but once you commit you should have to sign that day. I don’t understand why we continue to teach kids that your word means nothing and lying is OK.

    1. Billy Mays Here

      Their parents enjoy the attention as much, if not more, than their kid does.

  13. Uk8rings

    For some reason this one feels different than previous decommits…I mean it’s not like the kid committed a year ago and had second thoughts….. With the”commitment” just weeks ago and all the subsequent comments its just not right. Whatever dude… See ya

  14. 4everUKblue

    Whatever happened to honesty?

    1. Catfan4life-original

      Their parents

  15. Billy Mays Here

    Kids coming out of high school that are All-World Mr. Everything want more sizzle than steak. All Scott Frost had to do was say he had the #27 Total Offense in the country — not that they were 4-8 and finished third-to-last in their league, again — and that Kentucky has the #100 Total Offense in the country out of 129 teams. Plain and simple, if Kentucky wants high school offensive superstars then we’re going to have to overhaul our offensive strategy and output. On average, we throw the ball very little and we score very little, and we play conservative and safe to control the clock. We haven’t had a Top 75 offense under Stoops. Kids like Wandale, especially at his position, want no part of that.

    1. DelrayCat

      You are making entirely too much sense for this thread.

    2. makeitstop

      All that is true BUT unless he was hanging his hat on Danny Clark being his QB (clearly not the case), u tell me what’s changed in this equation since his “commitment” let alone since his interview yesterday. Our offense doesn’t help us w receivers, that’s a fact, but if ur featured, u will get air time and a shot against future NFL DBs every week. His mendacity is what makes him a poor fit for our program not our play selection in this case.

    3. mashburnfan1

      I said when he committed, WHY? Why would any wr come to Gran for an NFL look. Maybe the kid watched the UT, Mizzou, A&M, Vandy games again and said wtf did I do.

  16. DelrayCat

    Was Nebraska pitching him to play RB and not slot receiver?? Maybe it was a scheme issue.

  17. jsuge20

    “challenging the SEC For Champions ship”- wah????

  18. secrick

    Crap Nick it’s one player, you guys act like we just lost a Football game .

    1. CombatMedic_98

      Well this messed up their “YAHTZEE” count to minus 1…

  19. makeitstop

    We have had remarkably few bad actors in this program lately. If u told me we had a chance w a great athlete but the kid had serious integrity issues and ask should we take a chance, I’d say pass. Not worth it. Grammar u can address, lateness issues, bad habits people can fix, but character and integrity u can’t. U have it or u don’t. I said give him a chance to make good on his word, or reveal him to be what he is. Changing ur mind, it happens. But he just outright lied: coming to UK and recruiting people there at a time two insiders had already been told the flip would come today. Folks, bullet dodged. THAT we do not need.

  20. TreyTingle

    “I didn’t intend on hurting anybody”. Bullsh*t. I know everybody on here wants to say oh he’s just a high school kid. Of course he can’t make up his mind. Fine. Then DONT make up your mind. This is just disrespectful to the schools receuiting. Don’t commit and say you are going to sign and then enroll early. When you aren’t for sure. Why waste everyone’s time. Just seems like he was saving face. Article was right. From now on I won’t be following football recruits until they sign. Just a waste of time.

  21. kjd

    Means nothing. We have talent. Moving on. Back to work. Go Big Blue!

  22. shelby

    All we have to do is send coach marrow the night b4 signing day and he’ll probably flip back. He’s so damned wishy washy!

  23. nadkin

    I said this last night, he can see the momentum in our recruiting, we are scouting players above him, and they are interested in the BIG BLUE. He wasn’t going to start, ,just like Lynn, and Benny, they got mad over it too. He isn’t willing to wait for his time, they said he will start the first game next year. We will be fine, we have some talent that will step up on offense. ITS OK

  24. BigolBlue

    It means we are still uk and get mostly 2/3 star guys and a rare 4 star. Yes I know Josh Allen. There is still a reason why these guys are regarded high out of high school. The stars dont matter people are silly. Look at the top teams. Coincidence they have good recruits?

    1. truebluefootballfan

      The stars don’t matter entirely… Not all 4-5 stars pan out in college and not all kids can afford to buy stars (travel to camps). The stars are a somewhat dependable reference but definitely not completely realiable by any means.

  25. UKfansNKY

    It means he’s a Herbie Husker….lol.
    Didn’t want to have anything to do with the SEC, scared!
    Good luck kid! Your word means NOTHING!!

  26. truebluethroughandthrough

    The best way to combat this is to stop feeding his ego. Delete every post about him on KSR, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and be done with it. Everybody is sitting here fueling this kids mental fire. Just be done with it, go out next year and win, and let him sit over there and husk that corn….

  27. UKCatAttack

    I just wish I could get back the time I spent watching his videos.

  28. michaelb

    Don’t listen to the negative nick , you’re a good reporter and you host the best podcast I’ve ever followed . It’s way better than Aaron Torres. 5 minutes into Torres’ he makes you want to punch him in the face . And he calls ksr stupid multiple times – I don’t get it lol

  29. michaelb

    Hey this situation sucks let’s try not to turn against each other . We all don’t like it but truth is 1 wr isn’t gonna make or break our team.

  30. Smyrna_Cat

    It doesn’t mean anything. We get some recruits, we lose some. It is hard to tell what is in the head of an 18-year-old. It would be helpful if some wouldn’t make this into a “sky is falling” kind of thing. Let it go.

    1. notFromhere

      No doubt

    2. BluKudzu

      Did he lead his team to a state championship? Did his team win the region? Did he play 6A? Did his team go undefeated? Whose records did he break? What teams did they beat? What was their records?
      The only thing I have seen was the videos posted here against som pretty typical Kentucky High School teams.
      And his commitment video.
      They both were similar, because they both were self promotion.
      I really enjoyed the commitment video. He was pretty good in that.
      Go Cats.

  31. Headhurts

    Kid is really good but he would’nt have run up and down the field like that in 6A class

    1. 8 god


    2. notFromhere

      Or the SEC

  32. michaelb

    The kid talks out of both sides of his mouth . Being hypocritical like he is will always get himself in hot water with others no matter what age he is . That’s the real point of people’s problem with him.

  33. michaelb

    Truth is that skill position players are a dime a dozen . It’s only the lineman that matter anyway . This season proved that time and time again every Saturday

  34. Bluenblood

    These kids are such primadonnas They will all soon learn the truth that they are fish in the pond. Good luck Sandals not care for your style

  35. drbigblue

    He never was committed anyway. He was wavering when their was a possibility of Braum coming to Louisville. Either you want to be a Wildcat or you don’t. He didn’t so let’s move on. The grass sure isn’t greener in Nebraska. Hasta la vista corn husker.

  36. nadkin

    We are on a recruiting uptick at this moment, we have young talent at the receiving level, and bodies ready to step up. We are knocking it out with good defensive players wanting to join the class. We could really pick up some more 4 star talent, between now and signing day. I believe Wandale needed to get away from Kentucky, and he made the right choice for himself. We cannot fault a child for not making the right decision the first time, who else wishes they had went back sometime, and choose another path? Lets just wait until people sign, and then talk, because this is “College Football Recruiting” We could lose more before signing day, but pick up more as well.

    1. randyt

      The kid made a decision based on what is most advantageous for him. He owes us nothing. Fans who trash the kid because he switched to Neb need to GET A LIFE! We will be fine.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      I have no problem with him following his heart. But “Respect my decision” for these guys is a knee slapper. Respect which one? The first one, or the second one, or…

  37. chris43

    How can this happen?!?!? I mean they already called the Yahtzee!!!!!!!! Doesn’t mean crap in football.

  38. youmyboyblue

    I think that Wandale just realized that he was not tough enough to play in the SEC, and moved to a conference that has a weaker schedule

  39. WildcatCam

    According to this rivals article, it looks like what frost did with D’anthony Thomas won him over…from the kid’s mouth. Which can loosely be equated to our lack of offensive diversity.

  40. gasman01

    Who knows.. maybe the kid from Louisiana is the real deal. Time will tell.

  41. Jiminy Crickets

    I heard from people I trust he had an “understanding” with Nebraska, but committed to UK to ensure he won MrKentucky Football. I’m told he was going to flip no matter what, but his ideal situation was Brohm at UL, but when he turned it down, he stuck with Frost. If that’s true, then good riddance, we didn’t need him

  42. notFromhere

    We want the ones that want to be here. That simple. If he doesn’t want to be at Kentucky, he isn’t a thought. He’s a no-star. If he had Nebraska on his mind the whole time then he’s either a dbag or a dmbass. Neither matters cause he’s not gonna be here.

    The staff will find good players like they always do…


  43. notFromhere

    I shouldn’t have, but I read one line of that article…. “hurt morale…” Wtf are you kidding?! Feminine Harris went to Bama and UK still won 9 games and had our first, 1st team All-SEC running back in some time. The only thing that hurts morale here is when a kid gets injured or does something stupid.

    In the end, you either play for yourself or you make the team better. I don’t care about the how or the why of the ones that don’t want to sign with UK. Just want the ones that come here to do well in the games and in life

  44. My Dixie Wrecked

    Scott Frost > Mark Stoops. Plain and simple.

    1. Shively1978

      And Scott Frost has accomished what? UCF is still winning because of there OC and there style of play. There D has never been good they just out score people. Plus he was lucky enough at UCF to have a really really good Qb.

    2. My Dixie Wrecked

      Oh, so a WR should hate an offense that out scores other teams?

    3. truebluefootballfan

      We out scored your team by 46. Move on

    4. 4everUKblue

      And who did UCF even play? You’re on the same intellect level as combatmedic/slater.

    5. cats646

      Mark stoops-Coach of the year, plain and simple.

  45. brassnux66

    Well considering Nebraska fans accusations of him getting “paid” to attend UK, I guess Frost and the Cornholers ponies up an even better monetary offer. I say good riddance to a boy that can’t be trusted.

  46. Nickerbocker05

    Robinson is a bust anyway… nothing like a rondale Moore, dude never played competitive football for 1, (class 2A?) Louisville Muhammad Ali league is more competitive then the schools He played.

  47. Trevathan

    One recruit cant make or break a football team. It’s not basketball and everyone needs to remember that – one player cant single-handedly do anything for an entire season in football without consistent talent around them. There’s no clearing the lane in a football game.

  48. KYjellyRoll

    I say KSR should stop following the kid. He has absolutely nothing to do with uk anymore…

  49. recliner coach

    If it were ur son, u would want him to be happy and support his decision

    1. cats646

      If it was my son I would’ve taught him a little more about honesty and integrity before he became an adult.

    2. makeitstop

      Cats646 ur right. That’s some bad parenting. It’s not the decision it’s the dishonesty. U want to play in a cornfield, knock urself out. U like Frost’s offense more than Gran’s, fair enough. U want to rack up frequent flyer miles making two connections to Lincoln, enjoy the peanuts. But when u say u are 100% committed and are recruiting for UK as evidence of ur commitment and u actually have already told Nebraska (hence the leak) then ur just dishonest. And that we don’t need. He doesn’t need understanding or respect, he needed parenting and a dose of integrity. Let’s move on to someone w the values AND the skills we need.

  50. Shively1978

    I just read an article where Robinson said Frost and his staff basically promised him he would be an all American and win the Heisman. Unless he plans on playing QB I do t see that happening kids good he ain’t Heisman good. Plus you aren’t going to win a Heisman on a team that wins 4 or 5 games. Might win more next year but not like the big 12 with ten teams is all that good. Good Confrence for offensive players cause no one on ghat Confrence plays defense.

  51. notFromhere

    Nebraska is not in the big 12 anymore

  52. Shively1978

    Yeah my bad there in the big 10 west. Just as bad though. How does a team like Northwestern win there side of the Confrence but not even win a non Confrence game. They where 0-4 against non Confrence opponents. All I can say is have fun. I just don’t get it. Even if I agreed with decommiting and going somewhere else it makes more sense with kids like Harris to Bama or Jarren Williams to Miami. But Nebraska. There’s a reason there called fly over states. Just dosent sound very appealing if I was a college kid. If I left Kentucky atleast put me near a beach somewhere.

    1. notFromhere

      It IS just as bad. Yes it is

  53. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Nebraska accused Kentucky of paying him to come here so when the time came they could and dare anyone to say something about it.

  54. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    “Respect my decision”. lol

    1. not

      If you ever have to say “respect me”, you’ve already burned your chance of getting respect

    2. Dark Soul

      In song want a little weak minded fairy on our squad anyway. There is a big difference between a ky high school league and the sec.

    3. Dark Soul

      I don’t want

  55. Smyrna_Cat

    Was there a need to bump this back to the top other than as click-bait? Just let it go.

    1. 8 god

      Fax. Came here to say this.

    2. binarysolo

      The most popular post of each day gets bumped to the top spot at 11pm.

  56. AndTheDevil

    Shame no one informed him that Nebraska football hasn’t been relevant for well over a decade. But I guess anytime you can go to a team that finished 4-8…you should do it.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      He is welcome to make any decision he wants, and his parents approve of. Who knows why an 18-year-old makes any decision. And Nebraska? Anyone that has been there would question why Nebraska?

    2. uk scotty

      They appear to be relevant to the 90,200 fans that show up every game.

    3. cats646

      That’s literally the only people in this world they are relevant to. And they only show up to every game to get a break from shucking all that corn. That’s the only two things to do in Nebraska. Besides freeze your ass off.

  57. michaelb

    Only thing that matters are good linemen . Wrs and rbs are dime a dozen compared to interior guys . 100$ says he winds up leaving Nebraska after 1st year.

  58. Donald Pump

    This guy may have some talent, but he is not/would not be the savior of UK football. He is not an SEC game changer.

    Even if he signed with UK. We could lose him in one play.

    Football is a team sport and culture is most important. I think we’re moving in the right direction in that regard.

  59. blueblood4life

    Bye !!!

  60. binarysolo

    Don’t be mad at a child for doing children things. If you’re gonna get mad at something, be mad at the recruiting hype machine that puts on these live announcements. Let them tweet their choice, whatever, no need to stick a tv camera in their face.

    If the sports media must broadcast these announcements, make it so it’s done on the first day of signing and the kid signs the LOI on TV.

    1. cats646

      He is an adult, not a child.

  61. friendsofcoal

    I’m hearing that the new HC at OSU is coming after him hard.

  62. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Why do we have a “signing period” anyways? Let kids sign whenever they want. Make it a rule if you commit, you commit and sign right then and there. Will stop a lot of this crap.

    1. Melvit

      I agree 100%.

  63. CellarDoorx06

    I will admit that this sucks. This really, REALLY sucks. This guy has literally ZERO integrity to be spoken for. Ah well.

  64. 4everUKblue

    Maybe among the reasons he chose Nebraska, besides that whole duffel bag full of cash thing, he didn’t want to play in the SEC where players come to play against the best.

    1. cats646

      He probably took a visit, saw our defense and thought, HOLY SHIT! Those guys will eat me, I’m goin to Nebraska. And walked out with his pants full of shit.

    2. 4everUKblue

      Lol! Exactly what I was thinking.

  65. 4everUKblue

    He obviously has a lack of integrity, something we don’t need at Kentucky.

  66. sportsbird66

    I’m sure that there is a lot of fun things to do in Nebraska. Just can’t think of any at the moment!!!

  67. sportsbird66

    *there are

  68. BluKudzu

    “Respect my decision”
    “Did you see my commitment video?”
    Nothing this kid will ever say will be believed by anyone with any brains ever again.
    Glad he is gone.
    Go Cats.

  69. Melvit

    A person’s word means nothing anymore. It’s a shame we are losing those values.

  70. jamburgey22

    1 kid doesnt make a team. Stoops will coach these young men up to be stars we dont need someone unless they’re 100% with us.

    1. cats646


  71. bige

    Recruiting is tough on these kids. Raise your kids to be good people and they don’t want to disappoint anybody. Then expect them have the fortitude that few have.

    He’s definitely overrated. He’s in the Rondale Moore mold but not quite at the same level with burst quickness or strength and that’s the difference between all conference and second string in a power 5 conference.

  72. bigblue2018

    why do we care about a kid who is dishonest and don’t want to be here. Go to the big city of Lincoln, great place to be in the winter. He’s not as bad as that bum from Richmond who went to BAMA who said on he was still undecided and 2 days later committed to Bama and said he had made that decision a month ago. I still remember him coming to the UK / UNC basketball game acting like he was coming here. He has championship rings but still no class. I hope the Cornhuskers have a losing season next year.


    Lets move on. Wish him the best. He will be replaced! And I’ve been saying this since we got him, we have a 5* QB in my eyes that no one talks about. Amani Gilmore from LA will be a NFL draft pick if he doesn’t choose the MLB route (already a top prospect in MLB draft). We also have Travis Tisdale, top 100 rb who in my opinion is better than Robinson and plays harder competition in GA. He’s a 4* similar to a boom and shifty like SiFi, whom we get next yr for a sr. yr. If we can get Lee (teammate of Gilmore) and the 4* corner from SC plus Casey from Ballard, we won’t even remember this minor setback. We’ll be fine! 9-3 or better next yr! We never have done that and we will! We are on the rise bbn and we’ll get more 4* talent and maybe one 5* every 3-5 years. I see the foundation just gotta keep building consistency

  74. blueblue

    I don’t really want to bad mouth a kid that I know nothing about but I do want to point out something that just doesn’t seem right. He commits to UK, then wins Mr Football, and then less than a week after Mr Football, he flips to Nebraska!?!? That’s not suspicious at all, is it? Did he just commit to UK to get more Mr Football votes? If that’s the case, then that’s a bunch of BS!!! Just saying.