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18 responses to “WATCH: Wandale Robinson announcement teaser trailer”

  1. VulcanEar

    No way he picks UK over Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State or Nebraska. I HOPE he does, but lets be real.

    1. Brutal Hustler

      Nebraska is big trash now. We have surpassed them. Tom Osborne is not walking through that door.

    2. Booby Petrino

      Lots of reasons to do so. Cats are on the rise, Nebraska is not. He wants to make an immediate impact, he likely won’t do that on Ohio St, Bama, or Michigan. SEC > Big 10. Also, proximity. His family doesn’t have a lot of money (no disrespect meant, I don’t have a lot either) to travel and watch him play.

    3. henderblue

      All good points Booby. I wouldn’t say there’s no way pick UK. I’m saying we got a chance

    4. VulcanEar

      Sometimes I love being so so wrong!

  2. jimmer

    So much drama.

  3. UKFan7787

    There’s some movement in Wandale’s Crystal Ball this morning. UK now has a slight lead.

  4. Larkin123

    Can anyone find any clues in the video? It might help pass time…

    1. DelrayCat

      I’d say the two closest to him are the front-runners. He’s making a big mistake if he goes out of state…especially with the cats on the rise. We are better than Nebraska now for sure, and OSU/Bama will recruit over him.

    2. dylangeorge7988

      He’s wearing an Adidas shirt. Nebraska is an Adidas school. Sigh…

    3. DelrayCat

      Yup…with Adidas getting off basically scott-free for bribing players…I’m guessing they are spreading the cash now for sure with their affiliated schools. Hope that’s not the case here…smh.

    4. FakeNewsCATS

      The background audio track is by Kentucky Baseball’s Zeke Lewis….

    5. UKallDayyy

      Why have Zeke write the song if he’s not picking UK?? Kid in UK shirt is also a Kentucky baseball player

  5. MadScientist

    Reading what he wrote on Rivals I get the impression he wants to help a team and be a weapon, not just part of their stockpile of weapons. I take that to mean it’s either UK, Nebraska or Purdue.

    His last game against Harrison Co. he had: 13 carries for 95 yrds and a TD, 2 catches for 95 yrds and 2 TDs, 3 solo tackles and a forced fumble that he returned 54 yrds for a TD. The Kid’s a BEAST!

  6. Justin

    Look at the shorts. ?

  7. Larkin123

    So you say Adidas means Nebraska. Someone brought up both black shorts which also points to Nebraska.

    1. UKFan7787

      I picked up on that as well..

    2. Justin

      But did you see anything else?