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Article written by Nick Roush

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20 responses to “WATCH: UK Quarterback Commit Scores Five Touchdowns to Advance to State Title”

  1. Ukcatzfan2

    good job when does he flip over to LSU

    1. mashburnfan1

      He obviously has not watched Gran calling plays since he was at the MSU game. I swear Gran thinks the 1st down stick is a stop sign that you are not allowed to throw beyond.

  2. mashburnfan1

    So I am watching this Ohio State game vs NW. Remember that NW team that we almost beat without Benny and could have tied if we wanted to. Well they are making a strong comeback and now down just 3. So if OSU loses then NW goes to Rose Bowl. That means QSO or Mich would go to NY 6 Bowl and might we get the other in Orlando? Could be interesting.

  3. N-UR-i

    Both need to come on down!

    1. JASUN74

      Yes Sir. Some talented players there. Gilmore looks to be for real. Our staff is getting better and more confident all the time. This kid should be a four star and will be if they win the championship.

  4. notFromhere

    Howtf does anyone think they’re a UK fan when they’re slamming the OC on a story about a committed recruit? How fkn stupid do you think people are? You’re no UK fan. GO suck cardinal balls

    1. mashburnfan1

      Actually am a fan and season ticket holder and going to the Bowl game. Does not mean I can’t be honest. We had a great year despite Eddie Gran and his play calling. We had Jarren Williams as a commit and he left and had another as well that left. It happens everyhere but have to think watching Gran has something to do with it. He is not a bad person, actually seems to be a great person, and he does help us recruit South Florida which is valuable. Facts are he has cost us games the last 2 seasons with his play calling. Watch these games today and look at the teams throwing down the field, look at them throwing beyond the sticks on 3rd down. They mix it up, have play action etc. Gran has hurt Benny with his conservative play calling and allowing the D to load the box and attack the line of scrimmage.

    2. UKWildcatNation

      Well if you are just being honest then why have I never seen you post anything even remotely positive!! That makes me think you honestly do not like anything about UK, or their athletic programs.
      It’s one thing to “honest”…it’s something completely different when you have a negative comment on almost every post that is positive. Move on

    3. CombatMedic_98


    4. shelby

      Gran calls the formation; TW makes the decisions about whether to leave it with benny or pull and run or throw; TW also picks the receiver. He is just now starting to gain enough confidence to do something other than leave it with benny EVERY time. Stop blaming gran for everything.

    5. JASUN74

      That’s mash tater. All you do, is look as hard as you can to point out the bad!! If recruits see this piss , what do think they are thinking? You’re one of the worst people on here and think because you go to the games you’re a fan. NO,NO,NO. You just want some attention is all!! It’s not funny dude. Not at all anymore!! An Eddie Gran didn’t cost us games, he helped us win nine games. New quarter back an all. I’m not even explaining anything to you or waistin my time with you. Attention whore is all you are. Get over yourself and quit trying to ruin stuff for others. Just a little kid. I bet you don’t have a friend in the world.

    6. notFromhere

      Yeah, none of it has to do with a first-year QB that is still learning a playbook. Whatever, mash. Stick to slobberin on UL basketballs.

    7. Skooms

      Mash Tator actually is a UK fan, he’s just a grumpy old man still longing for the Pitino/Mumme era. As I’ve realized that my father still longs for the Fran Curci/Joe B era and everything gets compared to those too coaches, I no longer hate on these fans. They fell in love with UK sports during that particular time period and just miss it. There’s honestly nothing wrong with that in my opinion. So Mash, I’m not talking smack to you anymore, just like I quit complaining about Medic. Big Ol Blue though I’m convinced is truly a UL fan.

    8. JASUN74

      I used to think lol that also skooms. I’m old enough to have been through those days to. He’s a punk that hoping recruits see his remarks. That’s it. Gave and gave him time and tryed to understand stand him. He’s not worth poop. He talks about every little detail that may not be to his standards and ships on them. ( you know what I meant by ships). Lol. I know for a fact some kids get on here every now and then whenever they are interested or part of the teams. All you got to do I use google and find us if you don’t know. He’s trashing this program every single day. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was burning. If he was joking sometimes, it may be different. It honestly make it suck to come here and read anymore and I’ve Been here from the beginning.

  5. VinDatuk

    Do you have any clue how much Eddie and Darin tossed the ball around at previous coaching gigs? They are restricted by The HC.

    1. UKWildcatNation

      I have been told by people inside the program that Eddie has been extremely limited and handcuffed by Stoops

    2. jaws2

      I’ve been saying that for 4 years!! Stoops wouldn’t let Brown turn it loose either. It’s not his MO. He loves smashmouth football and is WAAAAY too stubborn to give it up. It’s cost us games and if he doesn’t change will continue to do so. We’ll win despite him most of the time.


    We will look back and be thankful we have this kid. He has a chance to be elite before he leaves UK. I’m very high on Amani. Let’s hold on to him bc he has that “it” factor. I can tell

  7. michaelb

    Every comment here is ridiculous

    1. JASUN74

      Michaelb , you are right and I’m about ashamed of myself for responding to him. Actually I am. I mean, I’m sure we have players that love reading mashed noses take. Most kids are smart enough to not pay attention to dumb people, other like listen to everything anyone says as gossip. Their parents look to see how we’re talking about their babies. But we’re ridiculous for taking up for them. Thanks