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WATCH: Stupid humans are destroyed by a bull

Listen, it’s a slow sports night. No Bat Cats. No softball. No NBA. One NHL game and that’s pretty much about it. Slow sports night suck, but it could be worse.

Much worse. You could be one of these people getting absolutely leveled by a bull. I’m pro-animal and generally feel bad for bulls, but this fella seems to like the bright lights. He has some attitude and I like the cut of his jib. One minute he’s probably freaking out because he’s claustrophobic and in the blink of an eye he’s (relatively) free to do whatever he wants. After being pissed off the first thing he sees is a bunch of goobers that seemed to make the wrong turn leaving a Darius Rucker concert.

Those goobers are going to pay. What idiotic type of game is this? What do you win? What do you prove? The only thing wrong with this video is that not everyone of these morons aren’t bucked into oblivion. #TeamBull

A few things:

1. Like I said, the bull is coming out of that gate pissed. You add Van Halen’s “Jump” and the bull may just do something it’s going to regret he’s so pumped up.

2. He doesn’t take long to destroy someone. Good.

3. I like the PA guy tells us the bull is mad. I wasn’t sure. Let’s lock you in a cage pal and see how you like it.

4. How would you not poop your pants seeing the bull getting ready to charge?

5. The double-dip after the charge is amazing. Two guys go down instantly.

Bunkie Perkins has another angle and the first guy may be the biggest loser.

Article written by TJ Walker

11 responses to “WATCH: Stupid humans are destroyed by a bull”

  1. Optional Facts


  2. gobble gobble

    Wooow… people are dumb. They deserve whatever injury they may have suffered

  3. BBNDan7

    They must’ve drawn ovals not circles…

    1. tree_gardener

      That’s a hilarious reference

    2. BBNDan7

      Im just so glad at least someone got it lol

  4. TrueBluePhil

    What the hell is pro animal. Are you one of those snowflakes, tree hugging idiots that try to force your stupid ideas on others because your too stupid to think for yourself. Good grief!!! Move to Canada with all the other [email protected]@ks

    1. JoeMoney333

      This comment is so over the top I’m thinking, bad troll.
      However, this is a Kentucky Sports comment section so I’m thinking this could be a legit opinion. Man I’m torn.

    2. Troll Slayer

      Lol Joe. Maybe this guy needs to get in there and show that bull what’s what.

    3. jimmer

      Ironically it’s “you’re” too stupid. But you wouldn’t know that.

  5. Bull Filmer

    These northern redneck targets are mindlessly Buffalonely.

  6. JTHinton

    TJ, Soccer City with Lance McGarvey!!!