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WATCH: Mom walks out when son commits to Florida

National Signing Day announcements are supposed to be fun, but this one is just awkward and sad. Four-star wide receiver Jacob Copeland just picked Florida over Alabama and Tennessee, upsetting his mother so much she picked up her purse and walked out on live television.

That is heartbreaking. Thankfully, momma came back:


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17 responses to “WATCH: Mom walks out when son commits to Florida”

  1. Mathlete

    I don’t blame her… she’s in all crimson, he’s in all crimson, and then he picks Florida in a serious troll move. I’d walk off too in her shoes so the cameras wouldn’t see me smacking my kid upside his head!

    1. J-Dub421

      Except for that Tennessee hat….

    2. Mathlete

      Yeah, I don’t even understand how that happens unless it was really cold and she borrowed the UT hat… You can’t be a UT fan and a Bama fan. That’s worse than being a UK fan and a Duke fan (because at least UK and Duke are both good!)

  2. sp

    Good for him. More kids need to do what they want and stop letting go their moms decide for them.

    1. RajonTheDon9

      Dan Mullen is the second best choice to Saban. Tennessee woulda been a trash commitment.

  3. Biglaw Dawgin'

    The only way this would be OK is if the family lived really close to Tuscaloosa. Then getting upset because your son was going far away from home, that would be understandable. But they don’t. They live in Pensacola which is the same distance to Gainesville as it is Tuscaloosa. So to throw a fit because he picked a team you’re not a fan of? C’mon momma.

  4. highway119

    Boy won’t that be fun for the coaches to deal with if he doesn’t get the playing time or attention she thinks he deserves. Way to make your son’s day about you, Mom!

  5. KYJelly

    STD will love this

  6. Ashleehutch

    Makes me sad, have to wonder if Boldens mama woulda done that had he picked UK

  7. PillsburyThrowboy

    First, the mom is confused anyways because she has a Bama hoodie on and a Tenn hat on.

    Second, this mother is a disgrace. Sure, you can be upset with your sons choice but don’t get up in the middle of his announcement on national TV. What a joke.

  8. Blue_Cat75

    Maybe she had to go to the bathroom?

    1. Luether

      #1 or #2?

  9. Bobbum Man

    Have heard she really wanted him out of Florida because of the crowd he’s hanging with

  10. suppie

    this only means one thing: bama and tennessee were offering that straaaaaaaaaaaaaight cash.

  11. kydrummer

    She’s wearing Alabama shirt and UT hat because they are 2 of his choices. Not sure if she had any UF gear or not.

  12. LegggoooCats

    What a piece of shit mother.

  13. futrelljr

    Her son thought it was hilarious. Said his mom was just putting on a show. (Article at