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Article written by Drew Franklin

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14 responses to “WATCH: Mark Stoops on the SEC Network’s Signing Day Special”

  1. gasman01

    ESPN didn’t think much of our class… 32nd and 11th in Sec. prove them wrong guys!!!

  2. Possum

    11th or 12th in the SEC, was today successful?

    1. mashburnfan1

      How many times do you idiots have to be told to quit looking at stars and rankings, they mean very little. Alot of times the ranking is how well hyped the kid is, not actual skill. If you can’t see the difference in the team today vs the year Stoops got here then there is no help for you. This staff gets kids that can develope, kids that are under the radar for a variety of reasons. I suppose you just want 5 stars, lets see we had Fatt Elam, how well did he do. There are only 5 or so 5 star players so it is obvious not many teams will get them. The SEC is a recruiting beast, so 11th in the SEC uis good for 30th in the Country. The staff is getting kids that that Bama, OSU, Mich, UGA, and the likes are after. We used to et recruits that Ohio, CMU, Marshall, Rutgers, and the likes were after. And those SEC teams that keep getting the so called higher ranked classes, well we beat most of them and should have beat all but UGA.

    2. CombatMedic_98

      I agree somewhat with that assessment however, there comes a point in this process where we NEED those Jake Fromm’s, Trevor Lawrence’s, etc. that’s gonna catapult the entire team to a new level. I see it year after year and I think if can get those “5-Star” stat producing athletes…Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia will get beat by us. We’re almost there too. I think this next game against Penn State, a win will set off a nuclear bomb in the recruiting pipelines…UK staff won’t know what to do with the influx of TOP TIER Recruits!

    3. Possum

      But we didn’t and taditionally don’t. I understand your point, but let Alabama, UGA,LSU, etc. get this ranked class and call the day successful. Are we better than we were when Stoops got here? Hell yes. Should we have gotten a better class, by whatever rule, than we did this year with possibly 10 wins and contention for the east? You damn right we should have.

    4. mashburnfan1

      *25 or so 5 stars

    5. notFromhere

      You’ll never beat it into empty heads, mash. People been trying for decades

    6. JASUN74

      Mash tatercakes. I agree with you for once. Well everything except the Matt Elam comment. This isn’t the first time I’ve saw this the last couple weeks from people, and it’s a shiiity way to do a kid from Kentucky or anywhere for that matter!!

      Maybe he didn’t pan out like we all hoped. Who give a shiiit man. Lay off the kid. He is a still a Kentucky kid and, He choose to come to Ky, over Bama and a lot of other big time schools.

      He doesn’t deserve to be talked about like that, and I guarantee you wouldn’t, if he was within 30 feet from you. He’s no doubt a fan of KY, im sure I read his family, are fans of KY!! This is a KY fan site!! Get it you fat ulgy piece of shiiit!!!

      I dont know if he or his family reads this site, but I’m sure they’re just like other UK fan and probably do from time to time. If so I’m sure they’re just too nice to say something to all the assholes like you.

      What’s your stats while playing at Ky, you fat piece of shiiit?? What are they ?? Probably not too good if I were guessing !! Who the hell do you think you are man? If you think comments like that are funny, you’re badly mistaken!!

      Matt played for the University of Kentucky, and you should show him a little respect!! I know you like to joke around sometimes and in your mind, you’re being funny, well, you’re not as funny as you think!!

      I don’t understand why they let people do this here?? Maybe as long as they get clicks, then they don’t care!! It may just be, there’s too many post to read and they don’t have time. It doesn’t excuse you from me you little bitchh!!! I guarantee I’m not alone either

      I’m as sure, as anything I’ve ever been sure about, that Matt Elam doesn’t need my little 230lb ass to take up for him!! But you know what, I love that kid for choosing to stay home and play for us, and I’ve got his back for the rest of my life!!!!

      He got people talking about Ky, when they had forgot about us. If nothing else, he had kids wondering about Ky. He wasn’t an All American!! Big f-ing deal. Get over yourself mashedupnose!!!

      No matter how his career here ended up here, doesn’t give some punk the right to call him names and try to make fun of him.

    7. cats646

      Damn right JASUN!!!!!! Give him hell!!

    8. runningunnin.454

      Whew, Mash fell into a burning ring of fire; get the man some aloe.

  3. cats646

    ESPN can suck it. They’ve been down on us all year!!!!
    Prove them wrong cats!!
    Go big blue!!!!

  4. notFromhere

    Coach finished that video up right. Definitely want those kids with a chip on their shoulders

  5. makeitstop

    Just for context, bf Stoops arrived our class was ranked #50, and we had one 4 star (occasionally) and 20 commits ranked .8400 or lower. (Low 3, 2, 1 and no stars). This year we have 4 four stars, and all the rest 3 stars, w only 4 below .8400. Keep in mind, Jon Toth was under .8400 so w good development those guys can be contributors, too. Bottom line, talent is better, they’re bigger and faster. UGa and Bama are getting the top 10 at most positions and we’re getting top 30 at a few but it’s narrowed the gap a great deal, and the rest of the conference is pretty close, allowing for development to close the gap.

    1. JASUN74

      Yes Sir makeitstop, Great great points, and a great post!!! We’re climbing faster than a green snake up a sugar cane pole. Little Futurama!! Lmao.

      Seriously though, you’re completely right, it’s amazing what some time with a great Staff can do for a Program. We’re building a strong group of lineman and overall our Defensive growth has been tremendous. Offense this year will be awesome also.

      We have depth at every single position and only a few that could maybe use a guy or two. It’s unbelievable to see pictures of the teams we had six, five and even four years ago. They Look totally different now. It’s really night and day.

      I’ve Never been more excited than I am with our program, and the direction we’re on now. We owe Coach Stoops a great deal of gratitude, and I for one believe our whole staff is doing amazing!!

      I hope they all stay as long as they want to be here. They have grown every year and got better at every thing they needed to from the year before!! I really Proud of them and cannot thank them enough for everything!! Thank you, and again, Great post, you hit a home run.