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202 responses to “Wandale Robinson flips to Nebraska”

  1. BluesBrother

    Good luck young man.

    1. jahanc2uky

      3 questions… 1 He said his heart is with Nebraska, but why? Usually the heart is close to home. I am looking for any reason he fell in love with Nebraska. 2 Why are Nebraska fans saying welcome home, is that a troll job? 3 This kid cannot be too smart, if he committed to UK to win Mr. Football. Does Mr. Football come with benefits that I am not aware?

    2. Cletis75

      Good luck is right. He has given up a lot of future gifts if he doesn’t make the League. A lot of doors get opened for athletes that stay home and play. He could get the same doors opened in Nebraska also, but who in their right mind wants to live there? I think Eddie Gran’s piss poor use of our receivers is to blame, but who knows for sure.

    3. CatsBy95

      Cletis75 don’t think Eddie Gran has anything to do with dropped passes. He’s right for not utilizing receivers if they cant catch

    4. Dark Soul

      They can’t get separation either.

    5. CombatMedic_98

      Wonder how much someone payed his mom and dad to sign with NEBRASKA…

    6. CombatMedic_98

      Alumni are always working in “their” bests interests…try and figure out who “theirs” refers to!

    7. jcolind

      Show me the money!

    8. mashburnfan1

      Who was it yesterday that kept saying this was just click bait stuff, well………….guess not.

  2. Headhurts

    Later gator, next.

  3. UKInsider

    Choke on the corn you prima dona.

  4. UKFan7787

    Good riddance. I’d rather have guys that WANT to be apart of the program, not because of winning Mr. Football. Go Cats!

    1. UKInsider


    2. Miller45

      Right, dude has jut rubbed me wrong for an entire year. I can’t completely place it but we definitely don’t need any toxicity in the locker room

    3. ukkatzfan

      Much better to have toxicity on page of KSR where ALL recruits and players can read it ?

    4. bigrich98

      Got blasted a week ago for this take, but it has aged well. 100% agree

  5. KyCats8x


  6. Tipa

    We wish him the best of luck!

    1. cats646

      No we don’t. I hope they don’t win a game.

    2. BigolBlue

      I agree with cats. Why is everyone congratulating him? Hope they suck. .

    3. cats646

      Wow Bigolblue, we’ve never agreed before….. Did we just become best friends?!

  7. KyCats8x

    Enjoy the cornfields

  8. Ettish


  9. TheAssman

    It says “Committed”….you need to look up the meaning of that word young man…and maybe look up “integrity” while you’re at it

    1. davisfeathers

      your exactly right u should never be allowed to change ur mind about something important when ur in highschool imho

    2. TheAssman

      BIG difference between changing your mind and outright lying…..did your Father not teach you that?

    3. michaelb

      Yep! I owe you a beverage assman

    4. TheAssman

      LOL…good man

    5. bigwoolystylez

      If Jared Casey commits tomorrow will you have the same opinion of him as you do Wandale? He’s an 18 year old kid making the biggest decision of his life, wish him the best and move on.

  10. bigblue98

    Not big blow – Benny was 3 star. 4 star offensive and defensive linemen are what’s important. Bowden is here so we’ll be just fine. Remember few years ago when everyone was depressed because Harris went to Bama – that worked out ok. Next man up. Go Cats!

  11. CatsandPats

    Best of luck to you kid. He obviously wasn’t 100% committed to UK and we will be just fine without him. I feel bad for him, honestly. He’s the one that is going to suffer from this decision to play for a mediocre Big 10 team, at BEST! Sayonara.

    1. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON CatsandPats! Wish him the best, but as CAT FAN who grew up in three BIG PRE-TEN-ED states surrounded by Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois fanbases, this young man just got a great opportunity for a top-shelf education, BUT blew a chance to play inside the BEST College Football Conference in the country… period!

    2. Cats N Pats

      Nice username, man lol

    3. CatsandPats

      Hell yeah! I never knew of another!

  12. Dark Soul

    So much for everyone calling the article yesterday click bait

    1. Miller45

      LOLOL yep

    2. WildcatCam

      Guilty lol

  13. Ridge Runner

    So difficult to get attached or involved in football recruiting, verbals, Yahtzee’s
    , etc..until they show up on the practice field and are committed.

    1. clint w.

      I agree. Most of the posts on here about football recruiting I’ll scroll right past. I do not get excited in the slightest for football commits. There are far and few between athletes that come in and make an impact right away anyway.

    2. friendsofcoal

      RR, is that picture of you or is that a beanie wearing Rich Brooks? Been wondering this for a long time so I figured I would ask.

  14. bigbluebanana

    UK will be fine, good luck to the kid.

    1. BigolBlue

      Banana says this about everything. I bet he said this when Billy was the bball coach. He can turn anything into good news. Skidmark

    2. bigbluebanana

      Blow it out your arse bigblue, seriously. One kid’s recommitment isn’t going to break the SUCCESS of our football program. If you’re the type of guy who gets his panties bunched over the decision of a teenager, I can’t help you. I’ll always be optimistic and hopeful for UK, and I’ll never give up on our program. I’m sorry you’re a bitter person that’s always looking for the negative in life, I don’t envy the hell your life must be. Grow up and enjoy your life you muppet.

  15. Booher

    Duffle bag boys

  16. kydrummer


  17. KYjellyRoll

    Wow. So…how does Nebraska feel about him being “committed”? He was recently “commited” to uk….that was a lie…ridiculous. Another good example as to why not to pay attention to verbal commits. They’re from undecided kids.

  18. bigbluecrazy

    Dude is 100% committed

  19. UKinIN

    Can’t criticize the kid for picking where he wants to play. Can be uniquely unimpressed with the way he’s handled his recruitment. UK will be fine.

    1. Miller45

      Well said sir

  20. jaws2

    Man I just don’t get it.

  21. Mike Honcho

    Imagine being such an incredible pathetic loser that you feel the need to come on and curse this kid for doing what HE wants to do. It’s his life not yours. Could’ve been handled better, yes, but some of y’all need to grow up

    1. njCat

      Maybe these prima donnas should just keep their damn mouths shut until they make a final decision. Punk ass punks.

    2. Shively1978

      Maybe people like you need to teach your kids what commitment means. Same kid probably get divorced 4 times to.

    3. Mike Honcho

      Hey pal don’t have any kids just yet but if Mrs. Shively1978 has half the passion you do for 18 year olds Ill give her one hell of a night and you’ll be a stepdad!

    4. bigbluebanana

      Mike Honcho, I’ve never seen a better put down on KSR, kudos sir.

    5. Shively1978

      It’s called morals dipshit and if your parents had any they would have passed them to you. They need to start nueturing people so punks like you won’t be born. Your generation is the softest most pathetic that’s ever lived and you ruin what it means to be American with your gang crap. Then you run and file lawsuits when shit hits the fans cause you dont know what it means to be a man.

    6. bigbluebanana

      Shively78…”old man yells at cloud”.

    7. Shively1978

      Wtf does that suppose to even mean. Besides his put down is behind a cell phone screen. I don’t worry about Mrs Shively because she goes to bed with a real man at night. Wouldn’t say that shit to my face because this “old man” can still throw down. You young dudes don’t know anything about that you freak out if you get a damn splinter in your finger.

    8. Mike Honcho

      Shively, Ordinarily I would make a “Your wife loves it when I dipshit” joke butt I’m trying to be the mature one here.

  22. KYjellyRoll


    1. KYjellyRoll

      Or was there something in next years roster he doesn’t like?

    2. Willis Wolf Tattoo

      Unless it is Benny coming back I don’t want to hear it. Having him and Bowden on both ends would have been special.

  23. Snapper42

    Too bad. I know he’s gonna get blasted by the lunatic fringe.

  24. ukjaybrat

    “Respect my decision”

    You said yesterday you were 100% committed to UK WHILE reports had you flipping to Nebraska.

    You can’t blatantly lie to people and then ask them to respect you.

    1. jaws2

      I get these are just kids that sometimes make bad decisions, but I have to agree ukjaybrat.

      In this case we could see the writing on the wall when he said he would consider uOFsmell if Brohm went there. Why even bother to say you’re ‘committed’ to any team, let alone 100%?

  25. Cats Other Paw

    The brutal life of a Kentucky football fan yet again… lose the top-ranked in-state recruit and in less than a month will lose another bowl game to end the season under dark clouds. It’s hard to take.

    1. dhard

      The game has already been played and we lost? Who knew.

    2. jaws2

      Man, I didn’t know they still made the Magic 8 Ball!

    3. Booby Petrino

      aw cats paw is back. Sorry not sorry about the ass whipping we gave your cards.

    4. ClutchCargo

      cats paw, enjoy the dark cloud your boys are already under, and the years of mediocrity that are coming.

    5. Kat4Life

      Get back in the bathtub and play with your toaster

    6. beskag2

      “Get back in the bathtub and play with you toaster”….I needed a good laugh today, that had me rolling! lol

    7. Realme

      Is this THE Cat’s Paw?!?!?!?!?!? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I thought you were dead.

  26. dhard

    Wishing you the best youngster. But, Nebraska?

    1. CatsandPats

      Right?! You think Kentucky was a building project, Nebraska doesn’t even have a footer poured yet to even begin the process. At least our foundation is solid and we have some walls up!

  27. binarysolo

    Thank u, next

  28. Swizzle

    See ya scrub

  29. BluemanGreen

    Dont COMMIT to your HOME state school that is fighting like hell to be a major program, fresh off a 9-3 season with some stupid video making a huge deal of it…then flip to some has-been school all the way across the country. That is incredible disrespect. When you commit you should COMMIT! This dude deserves the negative response he’s getting.

    1. cats646

      You’re right.

  30. cats646

    Fuk’im. Next man up.

  31. jytruebluefan

    Is it too late to give Mr. Kentucky to someone who tells the truth

    1. Cole28

      Actually, no. Because he only won a newly initiated award. The historic award has not yet been given, I’m pretty sure.

    2. zoupman

      Mr. Ky should go to the QB at Male.

  32. Not Dan Issel

    He was probably concerned about having to compete against Bowden for PT. I say WHO CARES!!!

  33. az1006

    100% committed*

    *Unless I change my mind. Which I may do. But probably not. No, I won’t. I’m committed. For now. Maybe. Yes.

  34. truebluefootballfan

    Should have pulled his offer when he said he would consider Louisville if they hired Brohm. His character is garbage so it’s makes sense he flipped to a garbage program in the middle of no where. He knew he’d fair better player against smaller competitors in a lower conference… complete bs he would commit just to get votes. They should flip their decision too and give it to someone with a better moral code.

  35. kingbing

    People on here blasting kids for changing their minds are idiots and extremely immature.

    1. cats646

      It’s not about changing his mind. It’s about him being an attention whore. Have fun sucking dick in a shit conference.

    2. CatsandPats

      646 is LIT like my Xmas Tree! Love the way you pieced that together.

    3. njCat

      Changing his mind? Sounds like he never intended to be here and just out and out lied. Nothing but an entitled publicity whore. F him and all the other flippers.

    4. Cats N Pats

      Coming from someone that’s 23, “kids” these days have no sense of accountability or responsibility. It’s quite sad and I hate most people my age and younger due to immaturity and stupidity.

    5. cats646

      HEY!! I’m 23 too and have the exact same thoughts on that subject. Our generation is for the most part pathetic.

    6. jytruebluefan

      The thing isn’t that he changed his mind. It’s that he consistently lied about his position on “100% Committed”. When he learns how to deal with the press and learn to decide when he actually knows then people wouldn’t blast him.

    7. Shively1978

      No what is wrong with you and people like you are you American? Did your parents not teach you what it meant when you gave someone your word? You don’t commit to something until you mean it. So yeah he deserves the critism and so do you.

    8. bigbluebanana

      Hey shively, you do realize college kids flipping on their commitment is not a “today’s generation” thing right? Hell, I’ll do you one better…what about the coaches? Huh? These grown men of integrity from the good old days that lie to athlete’s faces literally one minute, then take another job the next? They aren’t millennials are they? I’m almost 40, in high school, I committed to play soccer for Campbellsville University, less than 2 months before school I got an offer from Coastal Carolina, I flipped. My parents raised me just fine, I just got a better, more exciting opportunity. I do t like that Wandale essentially lied either, but it’s not a generational thing at all. It’s only more prevalent now because the media covers every move these kids make. You just sound like a bitter, old fart.

    9. Shively1978

      Little different when you get paid to do it. If you don’t like my comments dont read them.

    10. Shively1978

      Plus it’s the way they go about it. I wouldn’t call Nebraska a better opportunity. I don’t know where they tho k they where ever a football powerhouse. They have had good years but there not Alabama Michigan or Notre Dame. Honestly I think it’s all about what coaches tell them and promise them apparently from an article I read Frost basically promised him he’d win the Heisman and other awards.

  36. Underdog

    I’m guessing when that lone Nebraska assistant coach that doesn’t even coach his position visited last week that he left a thick envelope with the family.

    That would explain it.

    Otherwise, holy cow, you really have to question the kid’s mental state or his integrity.

    If you really was lying just to win mr. Football, to score some political points, or get an award, that’s low.

    If he is just immature and can’t decide, then I hope he grows up before he proposes to his girlfriend.

  37. Kat4Life

    I will skip all the niceties and platitudes about “wishing him the best”, and “he has to do what’s best for himself”, etc., etc……what galls me about this is not that he went to Nebraska instead of Kentucky…..that is his prerogative and his decision. What bothers me is the clearly disingenuous headfake he gave the Commonweath by “committing” to UK. Why do that ?? Why excite the fans across the state ? Why say misleading and insincere things to the staff, the media, and the state ?? Maybe I am naive in this regard…..
    One final comment……please remove this guy from all the various places he appears on the site. He is dead to me, and should be dead to you.

  38. Le Docteur

    Okay to be confused. Okay to change your mind. Even adults do that. But to say “I’m going to UK and I’m recruiting for UK” at a time when you’re going to go somewhere else? Biggest tool move in a business of tool moves. He is dead to BBN. Next.

  39. BluemanGreen

    And if you’re going to play at such a powerhouse ? you have to be able to take criticism…part of being a cornhusker! LoL

  40. beauleonard

    Bye! He’ll never get the support from his home state that he would have… But you do you, young fella. F#%king Nebraska, okay…

  41. StuckinLville

    Kids an asshole… period.

  42. BluemanGreen

    Please no interviews or QUESTIONS either!! Lmao what a punk

  43. drew_123

    I hate the “they’re just high school kids” talk. The dude was clearly lying. I’d have infinite more respect for him if he just said he made a mistake and wanted to go to Nebraska.
    And how laughable is it that less than a month ago Nebraska fans were saying UK paid him!!

  44. BigDaddyD

    Young man… go where is best for you. No one will judge you for that. However….learn from this as you have created a perception of someone who wanted attention (waiting so long to commit)….someone who is indecisive and can’t think on his own (outside influences)…. someone who wanted something so bad he risked being ostracized (Mr Football). We should have all see. This coming when he mentioned maybe going to Louisville IF…. he wasn’t committed to UK and was just trying to ease the blow and save face.

    Oh well. UK will continue, and Frankfort will be without the Robinsons.

    1. cats646

      Don’t know the kid or his family, but my guess is that Frankfort will be better off without the Robinsons.

  45. Bigblue7982


  46. IrishCat

    I’m not big in criticizing high school seniors, but he deserves some amount of criticism. Mostly for the way he handled it, and just a little bit for wanted by to do anything in Nebraska other than drive through it to get to the mountains.

  47. BBNDan7

    He will de commit and go to ITT tech once he realizes he can’t win Mr Nebraska football from this.

  48. UKinIN

    The fact that Robinson was considering Purdue and would have checked out U of L if Brohm had take the job, makes me think this was a decision based on offensive style. Is it a coincidence that Robinson flipped after U of L introduced Satterfield officially eliminating Brohm?

  49. JoshtheCATSfan

    I hate that these kids can commit then de-commit then commit and de-commit. I wish the NCAA would change the rule so once a player commits to a school they have to honor it for a year because the coaches stop recruiting that position that year or another player considering that school commits somewhere else because of that commitment. A commitment has a ripple effect that is bigger than that one player. It is totally unfair to the school because it screws them in recruiting. I’m not going to bash a kid for choosing another school. If you do not want to play for UK in your home state then peace. I am just saying if you go back on your word there needs to be some protection for the school

    1. ClutchCargo

      What you are describing is what the NLOI is for. The NCAA has no control over what a high school kid tells people about where he wants to go to college. And I doubt this puts a monkey wrench in the works for UK’s recruiting, because that position is pretty well set, and Robinson would have just been icing on the cake because he is in-state and really talented. It sucks, and it’s a bad look for the kid, but we will be fine.

    2. michaelb

      Hey wasn’t long ago clutch you were bashing me for saying this exact stuff about the kid being an attention seeking flip flop hall of fame er.

    3. ClutchCargo

      michaelb, I can’t even respond the way I need to, since the mod bot has me on double-secret probation. But different situation.

    4. michaelb

      I’m not mad just reminding you bud . I knew how this kid was gonna be . He’s spoiled rotten lol

  50. bwise

    If we had a good passing qb he stays….just saying 🙂 best of luck

    1. cats646

      We have one. Did you not watch how Terry developed throughout the year? Fuk off.

    2. bwise

      Lmao! Oookkkkk delusional fans

    3. Booby Petrino

      you’re wrong…just saying.

    4. bwise


    5. bwise

      Heres the stats you emotional people:
      QBR: 10th in the sec
      YARDS: 12th in the sec
      YARDS PER ATTEMPT: 11th in the sec
      TDS: 13th in the sec
      INTS: 3rd in the sec

      And for you morons who can’t understand factual information, this is in the SEC NOT THE NATION.

    6. Booby Petrino

      that’s quite a vocabulary you have there. Delusional on repeat. Impressive. And you’re still wrong.

    7. cats646

      3rd best completion percentage in the nation against top 50 teams. And half of his incompletions were drops.

    8. bwise

      Hand in hand with yards per attempt….swing and a miss….

    9. cats646

      Yards per attempt is Eddie grand fault not Terry’s.

  51. ukwildcat1991

    Maybe this time he will stick with his commitment? Nah he will probably flip to another program in a few days. At the end of the day we shouldn’t care. For all we know he might be a bust and the kid is head case so who needs him?

  52. drbigblue

    We only want kids/players that are proud and blessed to be apart of the Big Blue Nation!!
    This kid was never on board with the Cats from day one. He showed he wasn’t sold on KY when he wavered on the possibly of Braum coming to Louisville.
    Enjoy the cold cornfields!
    Avg winter temperatures
    Avg. high. 34.2
    Avg. low 14.3
    Avg. daily temp 24.3

  53. mgwolfe

    100% committed. Sorry I don’t care how old someone is if your not don’t say it.

  54. 2Dogs

    What time do the adults leave their comments?

    1. cats646

      What should we do? Praise him and talk about what a good choice he made lying to BBN this whole time then goin to play in a shithole conference? I’m sorry but as an adult I just can’t say such moronic things. Kids a complete ass.

    2. bwise

      You need to get off all social media…you’ve commented negatively on basically every person who wished the kid well. You are literally so pissed off over a kid who may or may not pan out at the college level, and ultimately it’s his choice. Get a life buddy.

    3. cats646

      I have 0 social media accounts on anything except this. And I’m not pissed because he’s going to college somewhere else. I’m pissed because he’s an attention seeking liar, and people like that should not be congratulated. So get the fuk off my back.

  55. King_tucky

    Again I keep saying where I come from 100% means 100% not some corny ass Twitter emoji. Also I would never let a player pose and a uni till he signed on the line. One for the program and two for the player themself. And it sounds like Nebraska who didn’t even make a bowl again probably brought the suitcase with them. It’s Jeff cable recruiting Nebraska football

  56. BigBlueToo

    Good Luck!

  57. runningunnin.454

    He was promised the starting position in the slot by the WR coach; then the head coach said, no to that.
    So he must have received that promise from Scott Frost; so basically, Nebraska has a new head coach, ha ha. All hail, Coach Robinson, good luck in the Big 2.

  58. JohnnyCheeseSticks

    Stupid Corn Monkey.

  59. davis2319

    Kentucky football is to the point now where one recruit does not make a break our class. Would we have liked to have had Robinson? Sure. Are we going to be okay without him? Yep. And It’s not like he is going to another SEC school or UofL where we would play him every year. He is going to a school in a difference conference that we would only play in a bowl game. I’m not saying you have to cheer for the kid while he is in Lincoln, but at least respect his decision as a human being. He is 17/18 years old making a decision that will greatly impact his life. We are better than wishing bad fortunes on a kid. It’s ridiculous the people who do that. Gives everyone else in our fan base a bad name.

    1. cats646

      I respect his decision to go to college wherever he wants. I don’t respect him lying to us. Therefore, I don’t respect him.

    2. ClutchCargo

      I was going to call you out for commenting after saying you would never comment on a KSR post again, but you make excellent points. It would have been nice to get this one, but it’s not a show stopper by any means. The terrible attitudes of supposedly mature adults is a lot worse than what a wishy washy kid does.

    3. davis2319

      Yeah, ClutchCargo. Had to make one last comment before I went out lol.

    4. ClutchCargo

      And I’m not wishing him well or otherwise trying to act like it’s ok to be dishonest and use people, but I’m not going to act a fool about it, either.

    5. meeksfor3

      It is his choice and he can go where ever he wants but he seemed to use UK to win Mr Football and then continue to lie to everyone up to yesterday when he knew he was going to Nebraska. That is the issue I have. Don’t say respect my decision when you made it in the most disrespectful way possible.

  60. Wade

    Adidas strikes again

  61. kwagmyr

    Normally who cares but the way this went down is very distasteful. I honestly don’t care if I never hear from the kid again. “Respect my decision” Oh, this time? This is the real one?

    1. Cole28

      Hard to respect a bad decision. 4-8, when your previous team went 13-0 without you… we will see.

  62. bhb71

    If the people moderating this site have any class they’ll permaban anyone saying nasty stuff about this kid. Some of you people are absolutely disgusting. I hope my kids someday never have the misfortune of dealing with you in person because if you’re willing to act this over whether a kid plays football in a blue uniform, I can only imagine how nasty you are if someone actually inconveniences you in any way.

    1. cats646

      Actually I shower twice a day. I’m not nasty at all. I hope your kid never has to deal with you telling them you will support them through ANYTHING no matter how bad it is. People like THAT are disgusting. “(Whispers) pssst, you’re one of those people. ” smh

    2. bhb71

      I’m sorry, I didn’t realize having a hard time deciding where you’re going to go play football when you have 80 different people trying to pull you in various different directions makes you “one of those people.” There are things where you definitely don’t enable your kids. This is one where you do. This is this kid’s life for the next four years, and it sounds like going to UK was something he didn’t want to do of his own accord.

    3. bhb71

      For the record, I’m not talking about the harmless talking “So much for being 100% committed” stuff, I’m talking about the literal human garbage posting shit like “Choke on the corn you prima dona”

    4. cats646

      Ok. I gotcha.

    5. secrick

      Good luck to this kid. It’s one player guys. I have always liked Nebraska football and will cheer him on when i watch them play. Go Cats.

  63. Realme

    Whatever. I wait to start following a player until signing day anyways, but some of the character assassinations on here are way overboard. And the idea that he “used” UK or BBN to get Mr. Football is just silly. Of the past 10 before Wandale, half didn’t even go to schools in this state and won, only 2 chose UK, so that is clearly not of interest to the voters for the award.

  64. BigolBlue


    1. Booby Petrino


    2. runningunnin.454

      Hey BP you left off a TD, PAT, and a FG.

    3. Booby Petrino

      Lol I can’t type today

  65. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Screw him. Hope he is 4th string entire time there.

  66. meeksfor3

    “The whole time I was waiting for the Kentucky Mr Football award to be announced, I still had Nebraska in the back of my mind”

    I fixed the quote for you.

    1. jos_ros_


  67. jos_ros_

    i will not be convinced otherwise that it was all for the mr football award. sad.

    1. Catlogic15

      Boy how stupid does Stoops and his coaches feel now after sitting through that long narcissistic video on Robinson’s “commitment” video.

  68. BigolBlue

    Why would anyone want to play for Grans boring offense and Stoops smash mouth tactics? Hope he does well in life but sucks at football.

    1. Booby Petrino

      He can’t suck at football as badly as you suck at comments, so he has that going for him.

    2. runningunnin.454

      Why would he want to play in a P5 conference whose absence from the playoff series is, um, glaring?
      If Kirby had not given the SEC championship to Saban, SEC would have two teams in the playoffs…just like last year.

  69. Kywc4l

    Good luck in no mans land!

  70. Unremarkable Post

    I’ll bet he wanted to further away from home. Who can blame him wanting a college experience in a new environment away from the hometown noise.

    1. secrick

      Yep i kind of agree with you. Kids now days are not as fired up about the home town school like we use to be back a few years ago.

  71. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    No one can fault a high school student for changing their mind. However, I don’t understand committing if you aren’t ready to commit. These aren’t ten year old kids. They are old enough to vote and fight by their senior year of high school. They aren’t going to make the best decisions, but still there is a level of accountability…if you say you are 100% committed then there is no room to be uncommitted. If you aren’t 100% committed then don’t lie and say that you are. Kid? Man? Doesn’t matter…what matters is he is old enough to know the difference between the truth and lie.

    1. secrick

      Pressure from coaches.

  72. michaelb

    Clutch cargo is a was bashing people on here that didn’t like this kid & his ways . Now he’s joined , didn’t take very much more of his antics to switch on over did it clutch?

    1. ClutchCargo

      There was nothing to even react to yesterday. Now there is. And yet I still haven’t acted like a crazy ex-girlfriend just because somebody I don’t even know made a choice that I didn’t like. See the difference?

    2. michaelb

      It was bout a week or so ago . On the Louisville rumblings post. It’s cool man I’m not mad lol just wanted to let you know I knew this kid was drama .

    3. michaelb

      I hated every thing he did regarding his recruitment . Now this kid will go down in infamy . Skill position players are dime dozen , just the o & d line is the only players we should give a hoot about anyway .

  73. DaniTheGirl

    You can take the kid out of louisville but you cant take the louisville out the kid..

    1. IndianaSucks

      He’s from Frankfort…

    2. cats646

      Ha! Wow Dani

  74. UK Maine-iac

    This sucks, but honestly I can’t blame any kid for not wanting to play in Gran’s offense.

  75. kjd

    Immature. Simple as that.

  76. IndianaSucks

    Can’t say I wish he didn’t switch but wish him the best of luck. I’m not gonna be one of these other UK “fans” that hate on him for doing what’s best for HIM.

  77. nadkin

    I said this last night, he can see the momentum in our recruiting, we are scouting players above him, and they are interested in the BIG BLUE. He wasn’t going to start, ,just like Lynn, and Benny, they got mad over it too. He isn’t willing to wait for his time, they said he will start the first game next year. We will be fine, we have some talent that will step up on offense. ITS OK

    1. UK Fan In Nashville

      That’s a hot take I hadn’t heard yet. Would love to see a top ten recruiting class, at least in the SEC, next year.

  78. StuckinLville

    If you don’t want blow back, dont commit to a school if you dont really wanna be there!

  79. east-ky-boy

    He’s not a little child so don’t hate me for saying I hope Nebraska sucks! This hurt

  80. nadkin

    I will say this, I have followed this website since the beginning, and being a die hard UK, and College Football fan, WE ARE NOT JUST A BASKETBALL SCHOOL!!!!!!! There is more comments these days about football commits, then basketball! Let ROAR WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!! I still love UK basketball a awful lot. It was what I was raised with, listening to games on the radio with the TV turned down.

  81. UKFootballYall

    I’ve been to Nebraska and there’s a reason the state pushed the “Cornhusker State” motto on the rest of us because it used to be referred to as the “Great American Desert” by the rest of America. The place is an utter wasteland. Enjoy it Kentucky Mr Football, it’s a round world.

  82. rlburd2

    100% has changed apparently since I took math.

  83. BluKudzu

    Too bad.
    Best of luck. Should Nebraska ever play UK, I hope they will beat your team into ashes.
    Loved the video though.

  84. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Pressure? What pressure! This is only sports, kid.

    The real world has some news for ya.

  85. Racerr11

    bwise, lol what a joke you are. Just saying……..?

  86. Catfan4life-original

    I have no problem with him going to Nebraska. I have a huge problem with how he handled it. A person’s word used to mean something and today it does not. I expect this to one day catch up to him, but to be honest I hope he kills it in Nebraska and that they never win a game.

  87. Racerr11

    After it’s all said and done we are better off without a person like that. UK is way above.

  88. nybrasky

    Can’t wait to see where he ends up transferring to in a couple years. Craig Yeast might end up with a playmaker.

  89. Gus Chiggins

    I know the politically correct thing to do is wish him well, but I personally hope Nebraska doesn’t play in a bowl the entire time he’s there. Am I wrong for that? Also that division Nebraska is in is the worst in power 5 college football. Have no idea how they didn’t make a bowl this year.

    1. Shively1978

      Nope not wrong and yeah Northwestern won that division and lost every non Confrence game they played. 0-4 VS mon Confrence. That division is bad. He only went there because Frost is known as an offensive coach. His defenses are equally bad though so I don’t see them being good for a long time.

  90. notFromhere

    Let’s see what else they can delete

  91. Cmart0907

    Boy you people are pissed in this comment section lmao.

  92. friendsofcoal

    I’m hearing that the new HC at OSU is now after him hard.

  93. Melvit

    It’s time to stop glorifying these verbal commits. Obviously a person’s word means nothing anymore.

  94. UK Fan In Nashville

    I still just don’t get it. Like what could have changed in the last two weeks? It seems really dirty. You have a blue chip program that has been irrelevant for years with all kinds of hype for it’s new coach last year. They fail to make a bowl game and now Frost is desperate. Just seems dirty to me. There’s no evidence of payment, but it feels wrong. I used to have nothing against Nebraska. Frankly, I just didn’t care about them. Now, they are an enemy.

  95. philtaul

    He won’t stay at Nebraska… Wish him the best but he obviously doesn’t know what he wants… kinda like my ex-wife 😉

  96. lribookend

    Very puzzling change. I have no inside information, but what I can only suspect that would change a young man’s mind is one of the following:
    1) a girlfriend;
    2) a chance to start immediately at a lessor school;
    3) Fear of failure in front of friends, families and fans;
    4) Money

    Again, I have no idea of why he changed his mind. But being closer to family, weather, status of conference, chance to go to a bowl game, chance to be a hero in his home state, apparently played no role.