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Vote for your favorite Louisville fan of the day

We have a friendly competition this morning between two Louisville fans who have no respect for their bodies. We’ll put their unique looks to vote in the comments section and whoever emerges victorious will receive a lifetime of failed job interviews and never-ending laughter wherever they are.

Happy voting. Good luck to both. Let’s get to it…


Up first we have “502 Head,” an oversized mural of blood red filth on the side of the skull. It looks like he went to the airbrushed t-shirt stand in Panama City and laid his head on the counter.

“I’ll take the letter L in Old English, my area code, the fluers-de-lis symbol, and the Louisville Cardinal, please. Extra red if you can.”


Next we have “Cardinal-Bird-Firing-An-AK-47-While-Standing-On-Rick-Pitino’s-Head Leg Tattoo Guy.” We’ve seen his haunting Rick Pitino tattoo before, but I believe it’s the first time we’ve seen his AK-47-toting Cardinal and Denny Crum on the other leg.




So who will it be, folks?


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

51 responses to “Vote for your favorite Louisville fan of the day”

  1. RealCatsFan

    Gotta give it to the guy with the head tattoo with the 502 area code for sheer idiocy. I hope for his sake they never split off his area code, or he might have to tow his trailer to a new spot.

  2. Brian

    Has to be 502 Head. At least the other idiot can cover his legs

  3. Elleraiser

    Don’t forget about Smokey the Bear on the other calf! He wins.

    1. shot

      I thought that was stokey the bear, thanks for the clarification

  4. Elwood Blues

    If 502-Head’s tattoo were anywhere else, it would go to Cardinal-Bird-Firing-An-AK-47-While-Standing-On-Rick-Pitino’s-Head Leg Tattoo Guy.

    BUT…it’s on his head. The winner is 502 Head.

  5. BigBlue

    Wow that is pathetic


    Nothing like some U of L bashing to distract from a heartbreaking loss.

  7. Cat Fan In Georgia

    Years ago I worked in downtown Louisville and every few weeks I saw a guy with a UK logo prominently tattooed on his neck. So he must have worked or lived downtown. Stupidity cuts across all fan bases.

    That said, the guy with the 502 on his head wins…but is that really a tattoo?? It almost looks like a stick-on decal.

    1. RealCatsFan

      I’m not expert, but think a fresh tat has a shiny appearance like that one. Refer to the pictures of Pitino’s tat from last year for comparison – if you stomach can take it. I recommend only doing that on an empty stomach.

  8. jaws2

    Who gives a flying f*ck about these morons!

  9. ULosers

    OK #6, let’s talk about the win against UL then

  10. Weezee

    The AK-47 Cardinal not only totes an assault rifle but is smoking a joint at the same time. Haha. Priceless.

  11. L1Covermyhead4ever

    That seriously cant be a tattoo. Looks too fake and surely to God NO one is that stupid?!?! If so, 502 head tat guy wins not only this round, but the dumbest tattoo in the world award. Point. Blank. Period.

  12. trey

    Cardinal blowin smoke with the AK! Personifies their 5 core values.

  13. Kev

    Did the bird fire the AK-47 at Denny and blow out his eyeballs?

  14. fatkidineastky

    HOLY CRAP! Please let them do away with the 502 area code so this dork will have to explain it while in prison!!!! To his BOYFRIEND!

  15. Kentucky

    I’d rather punch myself in the taint then to vote for any of these.

    1. Dribble-drive high-five

      Ha, I kind of want to know how you punch yourself in the taint

  16. realme

    Contestant number one, hands down. I especially appreciate how the numeral 2 is on top of the red fluers-de-lis, but under the black outline. Number 2 is nice, but I don’t know why he wants a cardinal to shoot Crum.

  17. 9-asty

    I vote for KSR.

  18. Maximus

    Not that this makes it any better in any way shape or form, but it looks to me like the head tat is maybe a cover-up… maybe that’s why it is that large/ blood-red? I’m not one to give uofl fans any benefit of the doubt, but that could at least explain some of the insanity of that abomination.

    1. RealCatsFan

      What on earth could he possibly be trying to cover up with that thing? Can’t think of anything that could be worse than that.

    2. Miss Nomer

      I agree — I think it’s a cover up of a black outline Olde English L — which really makes no sense.

  19. rahrah

    Head job guy wins easily. Just one more reason to be ashamed of this city. Ugh.

    1. ZombieLibrarian

      You said ‘head job guy’……huh hu huh…..

  20. bigblueoval

    If only the cardinal had a line beard and an extra clip in a royal crown bag.

  21. James

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the greatest post in the history of KSR. Look at these ghetto DWEEBS!

  22. Jaybird86

    Head TAT! You cant hide that at all.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Actually, I guess he could let his hair grow out to cover most of it when he is applying for the late shift at the local Taco Bell.

  23. Jordan
  24. TAXman

    We need to find out what the 502 head tat is covering up. Because if this is better than what was on there to begin with, then this man has made more than one extremely poor choice.

    I love that Smokey the Bear is chilling on the other calf. Like it’s mocking the Cardinal “Hey, Cardinal, make sure you put that joint out properly, only you can prevent forest fires!”

    1. BlueRedNeck

      I have to wonder if there is much going on inside that cranium that it is covering up. 🙂

  25. Biglaw Dawgin'

    I need some answers from tattoo peeps before I vote. I was originally going to vote for 502 Head simply because AK-47 Leg could wear pants. Buuuut, is it possible for 502 Head to cover that up when he sobers up by letting his hair grow? Do any tattoo afficianados have an answer to this riddle?

    1. BlueRedNeck

      He better pray that he never develops male pattern baldness when he gets older and wants to find a respectable vocation. (OK, I know it’s a long shot that he will…)

  26. BlueRedNeck

    BTW, how can a bird fire a gun if they don’t have fingers?

    How can a bird have teeth?

    Why haven’t they passed a law to make tattoo parlors follow a 48-hour “cooling off” period before permanently disfiguring someone?

  27. dj

    Pretty sure McDonald’s and papa john’s doesn’t care about visible tattoos. Could be wrong on that but from what I’ve seen neither one is very selective. Kinda like how Pitino recruits now.

  28. C'mon Drew

    “fans who have no respect for their bodies” — says the guy who gulfs down Taco Bell everyday?

  29. Larry

    As I have said many times before: “You are the MAN”. Only you could come up with this. I have to go with the Filthy Head. All that red is enough to make a person sick. He probably puts his area code on top of his head in case he gets lost.Probably lives at the Jail downtown.I hate those filthy Cards! Good job!

  30. Bald Guy

    I wonder if this person will make it… anywhere… I mean how could someone this stupid find the bathroom.

  31. frank

    the pitino tat looks quite nice

  32. Citizens for a better world

    For my community service work, I am starting a fund to give both of these guys a vasectomy. Please, donate to help make this a better world!

  33. ZombieLibrarian

    That one guy’s not a very good UveL fan. Seriously, he has UK’s old coach tattooed on this leg.

  34. Lil c

    502 tat is definitely a cover up!!

  35. Buckets

    The bird firing the gun also has a cigarette in its beak. Classic.

  36. Ruppeat Offender

    I’d guess that the head tat is covering up an old english “L” that was done in prison. Otherwise, you’d never be able to cover up a black tat with a red/yellow one.

  37. mcann

    Drew, it is spelled “fleur” not “fluer”.

  38. Jloud

    Say wat u want. My lil bra a G. DieHardCard

  39. Jloud

    Our trailer drives has a motor of its own.. We just hop in and go.. OMG ITS A COVER UP!!!! And….. Was not done in prison. HATAZ THATS WHY UR NOT PROFESSION COMEDIANS! My bras HNIC.. Second to me.. How dare u.. Wack ass Kentucky fans I have pitty for u.. Go beat sum meat hataz

  40. Jloud

    Hey it’s Marcus here just so everyone knows yes it is a cover up and it’s not even done yet Adam and I are getting together in a week or so to finish the grey wash background so you haters set back and enjoy it

  41. HLCoverdale

    So, what will the peckerhead do when the 502 area code has to change numbers when there are not enough numbers left in the 502 scheme?

  42. CardsFam

    So this is what you guys do in your spare time. We only get like this around rivalry week! Little brother is in your head!