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Vince Marrow throws not-so-subtle jab at Kentucky football’s recent decommitment

This morning, four-star Kentucky DB pledge Keontra Smith announced he would be flipping his commitment to the Miami Hurricanes.

Out of Hollywood, Florida, Smith had been flirting with the Hurricanes for months, visiting Miami back in January, Junior Day in March, and then again for an unofficial visit in early April.

Now, he’s officially headed to The U.


Listed as a top-250 recruit in the nation, it’s a tough pill to swallow for Kentucky fans, though it comes at no surprise. As a native of South Florida, Smith has been a Miami fan his entire life, and it was the one school the Cats had to worry about in his recruitment. After an offer came, Smith’s flip was inevitable.

Nonetheless, at least one person on staff isn’t worried about the news in the slightest.

This afternoon, Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow had some not-so-subtle words for Smith, announcing on Twitter he only wants guys in Lexington that want to be here.

With Marrow’s ridiculous success on the recruiting trail in his time in Lexington, I’m going to trust him on his promise.

It was an expected move. What’s also expected, however, is Marrow bringing in another talented prospect to replace Smith in the very near future.

Go get ’em, Big Dawg.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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22 responses to “Vince Marrow throws not-so-subtle jab at Kentucky football’s recent decommitment”

  1. KYcats11

    If it was so expected, why didn’t we get the scoop from scoop lemond a while back!?

  2. 3 fan

    This is example 432,456,837 of why no one should give a sh!t about verbals. And even with all the $$$ Stoops is paid, he still isn’t getting it done

    1. katfan33

      7-6 – bowl game
      7-6 – bowl game

      It’s definitely heading in right direction!!
      We have a great coach and staff. Keep up the good Coach Stoops and Company!!
      We’re 100% behind you!!

    2. cats646

      Agree with you katfan

    3. unbridled

      So 7 wins, including a mediocre and irrelevant bowl game (with a very favorable schedule this past season) is now the benchmark for success? Yeah still not getting it done.

    4. katfan33

      Then don’t watch the games or follow the program! God forbid we didn’t go from 2-10 to 10-2. Whether you want to admit it or not, the coaches are getting the job job done and the program continues to head in the right direction. Go Cats!!

    5. Parker_UKFanNC

      It’s amazing how much people can judge while sitting behind a screen. They aren’t trying to just turn around a program they are fighting a losing culture. Sorry that it isn’t as fast or as successful as you want it to be but it is getting better. We haven’t fallen back only moved up or stayed the same.

    6. notFromhere

      Absolutely katfan33! Drown out the idiotic noise.

      Keep backing this program! We’ve got to outshout the whiners and the game fans from the Ville posting here

    7. s49

      You have to start somewhere no team goes from being a 2-10 team to legit national contender. The negativity from UK fans is disgusting

    8. unbridled

      Finding a competent and lively coach is a start. It’s college football people. A good coach can change the course and culture of a program over night. Uk should be faaaaaaar better than they are. Why settle for a status below mediocrity? How many not great football schools are ridiculously better than uk, year in and year out? Answer….lots. Keeping thinking that message board posts and a cheering crowd are what’s holding the football cats back. I’ll keep shaking my head in reality that stoops is in waaaaaay over his head.

  3. Rembrandt

    Marvin Grant.

  4. CombatMedic_98

    Need to start in state…work out front m there!!!!

    1. gobble gobble

      Hahah… start in state?! If they did that, there’s no way they’d even make it to a bowl game. Not enough talent in state

    2. CombatMedic_98

      I think that is so ignorant of you to say as the starting running back for Alabama is from KY…don’t speak with ignorance please.

  5. Greatcatfan

    We’re getting it done… replacing 4 star studs who move on to proven couches with 3 stars who need a lot of work? This is why while not a fan of Cal’s recruiting strategy I prefer it far and wide. Who cares if they want to be here it’s your job to convince them they do for at least the minimum amount of time.

  6. BigBogee

    “Respect my decsion”????? Respect is earned and buddy, you aint getting it from me!

    1. michaelb

      Yes BB, it sounds like a plea… lol cuz that’s the only way he’ll get respect for that decision . This guy won’t start for the U . he will be missing his spot at ky and playing against the sec . Sec is the only place respect is earned

    2. gobble gobble

      Uh oh… Big Bogee won’t respect him. This 18 year old kid going to lose many nights of sleep over Big Bogee’s lack of respect for him

    3. BigBogee

      He demanded that from anyone reading his announcement. I read it and I’m not RESPECTING it. So, your childish and personal comment towards me says that you and him are just alike. Your word is the only thing that can never be taken away from you. It means alot in my book and speaks volumes about character. Your words told me all that I need to about you.

  7. michaelb

    It’s our own fault for valuing a verbal commitment : disappointment is your own option.

  8. notFromhere

    See ya, Ksmith

    Got nothing else for the kid. He’s not our guy. Can’t wait to see the one that has that fire to play here.

  9. chris43

    Uh oh….is this a MINUS YAHTZEE?!?!? ???