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UofL tight end accused of rape days before playing in game

The UofL Ethical Leadership Program already has its hands full because there’s another scandal brewing on Floyd Street.

Kemari Averett, the Louisville tight end arrested for holding a gun to a woman’s head, is now accused of raping a different woman in mid-August. Petrino suspended Averett for the gun incident on October 16, but the alleged rape happened in mid-August and reported to UofL police on October 9. Averett played in UofL’s game vs. Boston College on October 13. (The alleged victim reported the incident to the on-campus sexual assault crisis center on the same day, but the police didn’t open the case until October 8.)

Both Petrino and Vince Tyra claim they didn’t know about the alleged rape before the Boston College game, but how could the UofL Police not have brought it to their attention?

For more on the allegations, which Averett is denying, check out the Courier-Journal.

[C-J: Louisville football player accused of rape days before appearing in game]

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15 responses to “UofL tight end accused of rape days before playing in game”

  1. runningunnin.454

    This is all very depressing. I’m going to watch Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech at 7:30. Hope dirty Geo Tech don’t break anybody’s knees; Go Hokies.

    1. notFromhere

      GTech needs to lose some linemen to the same sht they dish out. 3 in one game and they might rethink their fkery

  2. Irish son

    Guarantee they knew.

  3. Ez21

    How was it reported to UL police Aug 9th but they opened the investigation Aug 8th? How’s that work?

  4. Ez21

    I mean October my bad.

    1. Mathlete

      Happened in August, reported to Metro police in August. Metro police told campus police on October 9, the day after Metro police started their investigation

  5. cats646

    Rick Pitino knew

    1. JASUN74


  6. makeitstop

    The explanation they didn’t know their player was arrested for rape when they needed him in a big game sounds like Saudis wrote it. Please.

  7. notFromhere

    It’s Petrino! Wth would you expect?
    It’s UL, what would you expect?

    Petrino would get a death row inmate out on work release if he could play ball, AND he had any eligibility left.

  8. kjd

    This is the ticket UofL can use to fire Petrino w/ cause and save the $14 million buyout.

    1. unbridled

      Ul will need to prove that patrino knew of the allegation. Might be easier said than done. I find it hard to believe that anyone could possibly be this stupid….even for a ul coach.

  9. Nickerbocker05

    Exactly kjd

  10. Nickerbocker05

    The fact Boobie P hasn’t KICKED THIS CRIMINAL off the team shows that neither petrino NOR ul care about their image.

  11. J. Did

    I believe Vince Tyra; not Petrino.