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UofL professor writes the best bonus question ever


We generally consider UofL evil around these parts, but it seems like there is at least one faculty member fighting the good fight in the vile ‘Ville. Check out this picture of a test administered by a University of Louisville Industrial Engineering professor, who came up with the best bonus question ever for his/her students. Well done.

How soon before Jurich gets him fired?

H/t to TJ Walker

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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23 responses to “UofL professor writes the best bonus question ever”

  1. CatfanintheVille

    I wonder how many students will refuse to answer it!

  2. hank


  3. lesigh

    “Professor, there isn’t enough room on my sheet for UK’s total number of wins bar.”

  4. Lisa


  5. Champtime

    Are those actual National Championships? Because UL calls everything a National Championship.

  6. Louisville Fan

    First off I would like to ask what’s a bar graph? Is it like something that tells us where bars are?

  7. Section 133

    Well, based upon the degree of difficulty of that question, I would say U of L industrial engineering grads are well represented in the working world.

    -designed the BP oil rig in the gulf–check

    -designed the levees in New Orleans–check

    -designed the Challenger space shuttle–check

    -designed the Ford(e) Pinto–check

    -developed bath salts as a recreational drug

  8. Realness

    7… Something tells me all the other questions were much more difficult

  9. Louisville1Cal4

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m glad someone there knows what’s up, good for him. He deserves a raise, he’ll probably get fired tomorrow, if not tonight though.

  10. Undertaker's Dong

    What smells like formaldehyde? Sorry, that’s me. Carry on folks!

  11. Wildcatsteeler

    Pretty lame thing to do for the school that is paying your salary. And pretty dumb thing to do considering how last season turned out for the two schools.

  12. Jason Hellmann

    I have three degrees from UofL, but still bleed blue!

  13. Heisenberg

    #11 calm down Francis. I did something similar when I was a professor and UK won in 2012. The students knew I was a huge UK fan and got a laugh out of the question. My guess is the professor is tenured so this doesn’t matter.

  14. Louisville1Cal4

    @11 Lame to do to your employer? I can agree.
    Dumb to do considering how last season turned out? Not in the slightest.
    Last season didn’t change the standing between UK & UofL historically at all. UK still owns UofL & it’s not even close.

  15. AnthonyBBN

    Louisville1Cal4 you forget the mind and memory of the Louisville fan is that of a female goldfish, they just remember winning the championship this past year, they don’t have memory capacity to remember any more than that.

  16. BBN

    AWESOME!!! really hope this question appears on my astronomy exam tomorrow or else well…. anyway GO CATS!!!!!

  17. Undertaker's Dong

    You don’t want to see me on your exam paper.

  18. Professor Blue

    If JurBitch does get him fired, UK should hire him immediately!

  19. Sopunny

    I’m in that class! The rest of the questions were just as easy, fortunately.

  20. UKinTN

    I have a civil engineering degree from UL. From ’01-’06, half of my professors were UK grads/fans. Also, it seemed to be a 50/50 split within the students of who they rooted for.

    CATS all day!

  21. Ricky Bobby

    If THAT is a serious bonus question in an IE course, I should have gone to UofL for my degree.

  22. The truth

    UK sucks at everything right now. UofL is great at everything right now. Keep living in the past and dreaming of the future you crap losers


    2 win football last season
    1-3 football this season
    Loss to WKU
    2 double digit losses at home to ranked teams being considered progress
    Robert Morris
    Wiggins and Mudiay

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the last year of UK athletics






  23. Jesse

    If I were a student of his, I would have also color-coded my graphs to reflect the more subtle behind-the-scenes aspects of the wins. As Walter White says, a scientist is not only aware of the quantitative aspects of mathematics and science but also the more important qualitative aspects.

    For the victories pre-1989, white with black dots, similar to KKK masks.

    And dollar signs and razors to reflect the point-shaving era….or just dollar signs for most eras.

    Or a lot of asterisks to reflect all the sketchiness concerning UK’s administrative “tactics.”

    Or a lot of grammatical errors and misspelled words to reflect the instructor and stereotypical UK fan’s IQ. (just kidding)

    Or pink to reflect UK’s current basketball coach being a pig.

    Or just make the graph look like a hand with the middle finger up. As if to say, “Hey teach, **** you…..biiiitch!” (Aaron Paul would approve)