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UofL President denies hiring golf club thief as foundation CFO

UofL Foundation CFO Robert Mims is now the former UofL Foundation CFO after he was let go from his position following his arrest for stealing from the UofL Golf Club. (That’s so bizarre to write.)

Mims admitted to his crime of stealing three items from the pro shop, thus ending his two-week run in his position within the foundation.

But now there’s some controversy surrounding who exactly brought Mims on board in the first place. Card Chronicle’s report said UofL President Greg Postel recommended Sims for the position, but now Postel is saying that is simply not true.

A statement to ESPN680 on Friday read, “Dr. Postel, in fact, played no role in hiring Mims. Further, he has not even met Mims, who began working for the Foundation two weeks ago.”

Drama! Card Chronicle’s source is likely within the athletics side of the university, and Postel’s office was quick to come out and refute the report.

Sounds like we have some inner university beef brewing between athletics and academics.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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8 responses to “UofL President denies hiring golf club thief as foundation CFO”

  1. JoshEstep

    Just got confirmation from Malik Monk he will be at the alumni game.

  2. ukjaybrat

    so dude had the job of CFO for two weeks and never once met the president much less got hired…. think im just going to take this opportunity to walk in, sit at the desk and take the job. no one has to hire me. i can not meet the president. and as long as i don’t get caught embezzling, stealing, or hiring hookers, i think i can just get paid millions of collars by a corrupt university. god that place is a dumpster fire.

    1. secrick

      Yes they are and i like it

    2. Mathlete

      To be fair to U of Littlebrother, the UL Foundation is different from the University itself. It’s supposed to be their financial development and charity side. They’re kind of like Ronald McDonald House and McDonald’s (plus the incredible amount of corruption of UofL), related but separate and distinct

    3. Catlogic15

      Yeah, but SOMEBODY with authority hired him. His title was CFO, not bottle-washer.

    4. Mathlete

      Oh, yep. Totally. I don’t mean to absolve the whole university. Clearly someone failed miserably in their hiring screening. Just not the university President in this case.

    5. Rixter

      Yeah, the U of L Foundation is like the Ronald McDonald House, if the RMH gave millions of dollars per year to McDonalds top executives, and their wives.

  3. Loserville Hater

    For years, a popular expression on KSR has been “That is so Bullitt County.”

    Evidently we need to adopt something similar as having a shoplifter serve as your Chief Financial Officer is “so UofL.”