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UofL players, recruits say Papa John’s name must go

The University of Louisville is currently evaluating its options regarding the naming rights to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

If the players have their way, John Schnatter’s name will come off the Cardinals’ home football stadium. Some of Louisville’s prized recruits want it gone, too.

Nick Coffey over at The Cardinal Connect has a long collection of tweets from UofL’s football players saying they want the name of the stadium changed. Jaylen Smith, one of the stars on the team, says he isn’t down with it “AT ALL.”

Smith’s tweet came in response to the tweet from another receiver, Seth Dawkins, who said he’s “not here for it.”

Louisville commit Aidan Robbins, a running back out of Dupont Manual, is opposed to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium too.

Many others weighed in as well. You can see them in Coffey’s story: CARDINAL FOOTBALL Current & Future UofL Football Players Aren’t On Board With Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

It won’t be an easy fix, though, as Schnatter personally owns the naming rights in a deal that runs through 2040.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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25 responses to “UofL players, recruits say Papa John’s name must go”

  1. G_Money

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
    Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

  2. Cousins Fake Tooth

    All he said was “Colonel Sanders called black people jiggers”. Really? He said nothing wrong.

  3. Kywc4l

    Good lord sticks and stones!!wasn’t even directed towards the students!!

  4. Booher

    Snowflake world we live in

    1. Luether

      And mob rule…

  5. MadHatter

    Haha I’d hate to think someone saying a specific word would tear me up that much. S-A-W-F-T lol

    1. blueballs80

      This is about respect and tolerance. Something you clearly don’t understand.

    2. Bluebloodtoo

      Yes, you would, if you took the time to see it from their perspective.

    3. MadHatter

      Balls and blood: a word can only offend you, if you let it.

  6. WildcatCam

    Yal sound just as ignorant as Johnny boy…smh. It’s called couth and respect, getcha some of that!

    1. MadHatter

      Don’t be a softie cam lol

  7. BluKudzu

    Cardinal Strong…. No wait….
    Cardinal Wrong.

  8. luke_emberton

    Squirters are us stadium

  9. Chacosrule

    He can name it whatever he wants for 22 more years. That’s hilarious. If it’s me, I would get creative.

  10. ukbradstith

    He did not say anything wrong. He was making a point to show that he could recover from bad press. Am I allowed to karaoke a rap song as a white person?

    1. blueballs80

      You can karoake, just dont drop N bombs.

    2. TBW3011

      Then don’t put it in the song. Simple fix.

  11. KatsKlaws

    Some of the people commenting here make me embarrassed to be a Kentuckian…

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      Move back to California snowflake.

  12. Bluebloodtoo

    Papa might want a show of good will like letting the naming rights go so he doesn’t lose his business too.

  13. BCO

    This will reaaaaaally hurt them in recruiting. Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch.

  14. Alex90

    I wish someone would stand up and say what’s the big deal? Seriously almost everyone has said it before and he wasn’t even calling someone that. This was one mistake in his life so why are ppl acting like he’s a kkk member

    1. TBW3011

      Because it’s 2018 and that’s the way people act. One mistake and you have to lose your job and have your life ruined.

  15. UKNUTZ

    They Should change it To Subway’s Jerod Fogle Stadium

  16. satcheluk

    It’s amazing how many ignorants and/or racists we have here. A white man, especially, and the CEO of a public company should never use that word unless he is on the witness stand.