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UofL athletic board votes to begin termination process as Pitino sues for breach of contract

Things are about to get really ugly between Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville. According to WDRB, Pitino has sued the university for breach of contract, prompting the UofL athletics board to vote unanimously to begin the process to fire him.

Per Eric Crawford, Pitino’s suit claims that the university breached contract when it suspended him last week instead of giving him ten days notice of that suspension. The suit claims Pitino was also denied a chance to respond. After receiving the notice, the athletics board voted to begin the for-cause termination process, and here we are.

Never a dull moment…


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18 responses to “UofL athletic board votes to begin termination process as Pitino sues for breach of contract”

  1. Sentient Third Eye

    Like all good catastrophic pileups, this Louisville mess is getting harder and harder to stop looking at…

  2. runningunnin.454

    Unreal, absolutely no shame; give it up, Rick…just fade into obscurity.

  3. secrick

    Maybe he and Jurich both will get to keep their jobs and we can have some fun with SIN city then for sure.

  4. John Henry

    Hey Rick, the news is out, all over town. You Lose Again

  5. 4everUKblue

    Where are you now DennyC? Come out, Come out wherever you are . LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    1. eRUPPtion

      The University canned Denny while he was in the hospital recovering from a Heart Attack. lol

  6. 4everUKblue

    Does anyone know who would make the final call in a lawsuit like this one?

    1. Billy Mays Here

      Obviously, it would be in a civil court, but depending on language in the contract would determine if they have the option for federal court (I doubt it). As far as the final call, I presume you’re asking who would make the win-or-lose decision? If it were to go to trial, I would suspect they would opt for a bench trial in which the judge alone makes the call–no jury involved. However, I have a feeling given the way UofL is run and their penchant for misappropriating, they will settle. Especially considering the huge political connections on Pitino’s side via his attorney.

    2. 4everUKblue

      Thanks BM!

    3. eRUPPtion

      Well, he breached his own contract that has a moral cause so this isn’t a clear case Rick has a leg to stand on. He was continuing to commit recruiting violations less than 3 months after the time UL was given the NOA.

      Rick has learned nothing from his last Hooker Scandal & decided to still roll the dice right as the University is awaiting the punishment of the NCAA next month.

      This is a lot of shit Rick has dumped on the University as if the Sex Hooker scandal isn’t in it’s conclusion.

  7. 4everUKblue
  8. david8577

    If I was a UofL fan, I’d be livid that piece of trash was then going to sue my college as he leaves in disgrace.

  9. Catlogic15

    As Billy Mays says, Pitino is posturing for a huge settlement since his 44 million is down the tubes “for cause”.

  10. eRUPPtion

    He needs to be more focused on getting a lawyer to help him in his FBI case coming against him soon.

    1. Cletis75

      He’s trying to get his money together for that battle.

  11. EdC

    Guess you gotta be able to buy those ciggies to trade at the commissary.

  12. Han

    I’d call him a scumbag, but the irony of calling him a word that used to mean condom would be too much.

  13. ccrab1984

    This is why you absolutely do not ever feel bad for rick. He only cares about the money. He never cared about the student athletes or the program. Rick own up to what you did wrong, and allow louisville to start the process of digging out of your disaster.