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UL’s Two Coaches on the Town


Brilliance once again from LSU Freek

Article written by T.Walters

51 responses to “UL’s Two Coaches on the Town”

  1. Memphis Raines

    LSU freek is gods gift to the internet

  2. Barry Soetoro

    That is the best GIF I have seen in a long time! Love it!

  3. Rob


  4. Tommy Turtleneck

    You can’t spell adultery without UL

  5. Dave

    My only problem with that Gif’s accuracy is that it lasts 5 seconds longer than Rick’s normal “relations”

  6. Mack

    Looks like it was much less then 15 secs. for the flow to begin this time around, maybe it was a race to prove the fastest uofl coach.

  7. Yep

    The Freek has UofL squarely in his sights. It’s a bad day to be a card, but truthfully, what day isn’t?

  8. Ares

    Pure genius

  9. harry


    1. Rick Petino

      I didn’t cheat with a woman it had a penis. Oh crap it was Tj in a dress.

  10. harry

    What was the criteria for hiring BP? His stats are not that impressive.

    1. TDog

      Probably the fact he went 41-9 in a high school conference last time he there.

  11. Wonder why?

    There aren’t any funny gifs with stupes? I guess you have to be relevant.

    1. C

      Or a philanderer.

    2. I guess then

      He should philander

    3. St Ronnie was a moron

      @ I guess then
      Only if he wants to go to Louisville

    4. Whonder Why I Can't Spell Stoops?

      My Duhville edumacation.

  12. Harry

    Someone please explain sports – particularly football – to me.

    1. Clint Hurtt

      Find a great player and pay him to come to your school.

  13. C

    That post is so racist against Italians! 🙂

    1. harry

      Italian is a race?

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Just a reference to those who had conniption fits about the Blazing Saddles/Charlie Strong GIF.

  14. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Comment 13 and the reply to 11 are mine…bad typing skills today!

  15. catfanmike

    Pitino was not happy with the Petrino hire…Upon hearing the news he said, there is only room for one adulterer in this athletic program!

    1. Takethoseonionsoffmysliders

      I think Bobby, Quick Rick and Karen are getting together for a three way!

    2. Clint Hurtt

      Nope Karen ain’t invited it’s Jurich in a dress.

  16. Sam Berns has passed away.

    While you simpletons guffaw at this typical, low-brow humor on the Internet, another young man has lost his battle against Progeria. Yet in his mere 17 years of life Sam accomplished far more than any of you peasants will accomplish should you live til the next century. Be ashamed of your pathetic and wasted existences.

    1. PotMeetKettle

      You’re so tore up about this young man’s death that the thing you thought you should do is come to KSR and act self-righteous? Makes perfect sense. If the people here are what you say they are, doesn’t that mean you are just the same, seeing as though you are on this site too?

    2. harry

      What? r u insane? People all over the world are dying due to poverty, war, disease, etc. I post to talk about sports not about death and destruction. Not here!

    3. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Pot and Harry, calm down. Me thinks this comment was aimed at Rickie’s “on the day Ted Kennedy died” self-serving press conference.

    4. Sorry about your botfriend.

      Sorry you lost the love of your life but don’t take it out on people for laughing at the truth.

  17. LA

    if a woman gets between those two it will be like a sex vise. very dangerous.

    1. St Ronnie was a moron

      albeit very quick

  18. Uknow it


  19. catfandan

    Trashing up da ville…..Devil Bobby & Rick Pitino 3 stacks.

  20. Carmine

    LOL Maybe the funniest post ive seen on here!!

  21. D

    This gif is leaving an annoying sound when you come on the site you mindless idiots.

  22. D

    NM its an auto start on the stupid video above.

  23. wildcat813

    Don’t get me wrong, James Young has crazy talent but what does it take on here for someone to speak up on the truth……the kid forces too many bad shots and it is beyond aggravating. Let’s add he gets lost on D and gives up a few easy cuts to the basket in most games. You wonder why Cal benched him for the latter part of the first half? People claim he is our, “true” scorer but he averages 33% from 3 and built a house with all the bricks he tossed up tonight. 33% from downtown isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.
    Again, I love the talent (Louisville game especially) but he makes me cringe more than anyone in a UK jersey in quite some time.

    1. Clint Hurtt

      Tom take your meds and go back to bed I’ll send Bobby in there to help get you to sleep pretty soon.

  24. Kentuckiana Kat

    Please, stop the automatic start of this hilarious gif!

    Expect recruiting to be difficult …mom knows best: “Not my son!”
    “The Year of the Card Sharks!”…….such poor representation for the University and city of Louisville.

  25. Sonya

    I miss Cal. Hope the next time he is in Memphis he stops by. I guess our 9 year relationship is meaningless.

    1. Karen Sypher

      Girl, you should’ve gotten yourself knocked up and then blackmailed him. That’s one way to make sure he never forgets you.

    2. Clint Hurtt

      You can stop lying on Cal now, if you would have stayed with Teddy like I told you he wouldn’t be leaving early. YOUR FIRED.

    3. Sonya's Pimp

      Clint just cause you paid me for her services to get those Miami boys there don’t mean you own her. You better pay up more or I’m going to the NCAA. Blackmail baby.

    4. Clint Hurtt

      They won’t do nothing Louisville’s donors already paid them to make sure nothing ever comes to light.

    5. Sonya's Pimp

      Damn……I’m out.

  26. Beavis

    Sonya,,,,,did he last longer than 15 seconds ??

    1. Sonya's Pimp

      It’s funny how much Cal looks exactly like Rick Petino when see had the lights on.

    2. Charlie Strong

      And Bobby with them off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I still can’t believe you replaced me with that. Joker was my whipping boy but at least he didn’t spread an STD in every city he had an away game.

  27. buddyblue62