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Article written by TJ Walker

19 responses to “UK won’t land an official visit from Wandale Robinson”

  1. shelby

    I fear he’s another damien harris; just using UK to be a big shot, sideline access, practice access, etc… no actual interest in attending UK. I do not like damien harris.

    1. Bluebros

      Not sure how you think he’s “using” UK. I haven’t read anything about him saying UK was even considered a favorite. Let’s take a step back from the ledge and see how this plays out…

    2. krautdog

      He ‘Bama bound!!!

  2. UKWildcatNation

    This is the type of player that would make waves in the recruiting world. If he chose to come to UK, then it’s a message to the world that Kentucky has a really good program. Of course we all know how amazingly far the program has come and that we are actually a team to be reckoned with in the SEC, but the National perception of us is that we are a basketball school with a subpar football team who may have a decent year from tome to time. I mean College Gameday is a PERFECT example. It will take some time for that perception to change, and that only happens with solid recruiting classes and a consistent competitive team year in and year out. Sometimes all it takes is one highly touted player to commit and other will take notice, visit, see the facilities and the culture, etc.

    1. Bluebros

      Robinson’s father was a BEAST at Franklin County back in the mid 90’s. It would be great to see his son play for Kentucky. Fingers crossed!!

  3. BluKudzu

    I think we have done well without Damien, and I think we will do well without Robinson.
    Let him go to OSU, or wherever and wish him the best. Home State young men that come to UK will always be heroes, the rest of their lives in the commonwealth.

  4. dismore

    Alabama bound

  5. UKInsider

    We don’t need a primadona like Harris. We lost on Harris signing with UK, but won getting Benny. The Big Dawg can continue to recruit him, but time to move on. The strength of this team is the team, not a single recruit.

  6. Cmart0907

    The numbers Rondale Moore is putting up at Purdue it will be hard to turn down. That will be one helluva duo.

  7. Jesus H. Chrysler

    He’s gone. Doesn’t wanna compete with Bowden for playing time anyway

  8. bigblue98

    If he comes he comes but if not no loss. More interested in the offensive and defensive linemen we’re getting. They will make the qb, backs, and receivers look good. Having said that, best of luck to the young man in whatever school he chooses.

    1. runningunnin.454

      True that, the big boys on the line win the games in the SEC. Just look at our OL and DL this past weekend…we owned Miss State.

  9. jahanc2uky

    I say OSU for 2 years, then transfers to UK.

  10. ClutchCargo

    Or maybe he knows he’s going to UK and just wants to ebjoy the recruiting process with some official visits to the top programs. Insecure much?

  11. notFromhere

    We want the ones who want to be here. End of story. If that’s WRobinson, great! If not, they will find someone that is a good fit, as they’ve shown

  12. Shively1978

    If he dosent come best of luck to him. I just can’t see why any one would want to play for Urban Meyer but I guess it’s just preference. I just can’t stand listening to him on TV. Yes he can coach but seems like he hasn’t got much personality.

  13. Kat4Life

    We have no chance. Which is fine.

  14. runningunnin.454

    Yeah, it’s heady stuff to go to Ohio State or Alabama; but…will you be recruited over?
    Just ask Jalen Hurts and that QB at Ohio State a couple of years ago…forget his name, Jones?

  15. CopenhagenCat

    Hes going to Louisville. Kidding