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UK vs. Wichita State LIVE BLOG

Live Blog UK vs. Wichita State LIVE BLOG

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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48 responses to “UK vs. Wichita State LIVE BLOG”

  1. BigBlueFan

    Live stream links for Kentucky vs. Wichita St. NCAA Tournament:

    Check back shortly after it ends to watch a 720p HD replay of the game. Also, a Leach & Pratt radio sync replay should be available late tonight.

  2. Mathlete

    When Louisville loses, America wins.

    Now, about that banner they won with the hookers helping them recruit…

  3. syrin23

    Loserville goes down even after benefiting from some of the worst first half officiating I have seen.

    1. Eazy

      ACC is a joke. 7 losses.

  4. AGSlater

    someone explain to me why the cats are going to win. They look awful as usual

    1. Eazy

      Explain to me why Louisville lost and the ACC is 6-7?!

    2. Eazy

      UK isn’t playing well but they are only down 1. We will win because Fox and Monk will eventually take over.

  5. AGSlater

    Cant play Gabriel in this game. He is bad

  6. AGSlater

    I truly hope Humphries leaves after this year. He does nothing

  7. AGSlater

    When did Gabriel get a green light? He is beyond terrible. We suck so bad. They deserve to lose. Bunch of scrubs

    1. Eazy

      Yeah, we really suck. What does that say about Wichita who we are beating. Speaking of sucking…Virginia got embarrassed by Florida and Xavier hammered FSU. At least UK won’t get beat by 25 plus like those overrated ACC teams.

    2. BBN in H-Town

      AGSlater troll level: basic

    3. syrin23

      He’s just mad that his team lost to Michigan.

    4. 4everblue

      We who you f*cking troll? You’re team lost to Michigan….What? Yep you suck!

  8. SanDiegoDave

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gabriel score. I hope he transfers. Has Fox forgotten how to pass?

    1. syrin23

      The guy lacks confidence right now, but actually has a great shot.

    2. AGSlater

      He stinks like sewage

    3. syrin23

      That just your breath and soul you are smelling.

  9. syrin23

    We aren’t playing as bad as you all say. We are shooting terribly, missing open shots. We’ve had some really sloppy passes that led to turnovers, and some missed rebounds, but really, we are playing great D, and our offense should start to kick in.

  10. SanDiegoDave


    1. AGSlater

      He is getting punked by their big guy. And we dont like feeding him. Pass around the perimeter if they dont turn it over and jack off an ugly jumpshot

  11. rockatao

    I feel like I’m watching a CIT consolation game. Terrible play from both teams.

    1. SanDiegoDave

      Good observation

  12. bankerbh

    Why Cal didn’t call a timeout befor 1:13 is an example
    Of his in game coaching snafus. He had 4 to use and left Willis sitting on the side waiting while Wenyan was stone cold and missed two shots.

    1. SanDiegoDave

      And Bam, Fox and Monk sat at the table for over three minutes while WSU got back into the game.

    2. syrin23

      I was thinking the same thing. This isn’t the time to experiment with line ups. Willis has missed some WIDE open shots too.

    3. SanDiegoDave

      Willis will get hot in the second half. He, at least, has the potential to do so.

  13. AGSlater

    Cals acting like the shaq they have is oneal. Why double and leave wide open threes? Cals awesome coaching

  14. AGSlater

    willis cant guard an 8th grader

  15. AGSlater

    This kids dont want itm Cal getting outcoached as usual.

  16. AGSlater

    Good offense Monk. Run down and jack up a 3 while on the run. Prob couldnt have drove it

  17. SanDiegoDave

    Cal, please leave Fox on the bench. His NBA highlight reel is failing miserably.

  18. AGSlater

    Briscoe is like Iverson with those ball skills

  19. Fake Donald Trump

    How was that a foul on Hawkins a few minutes ago when 24 black was all over his back?

    1. SanDiegoDave

      Poor call. The ball doesn’t lie, though. Got the travel to even it out.

    2. Fake Donald Trump

      For a minute there, I thought Doug Shows was officiating the game. That guy’s terrible.

  20. AGSlater

    Lesgo Fox

  21. AGSlater

    Willis has set the NCAA record for most points against one player

  22. AGSlater

    Put hawkins back in on chamet asap. Cal prob wont

    1. AGSlater

      Lets keep Briscoe in. He has done nothing

  23. AGSlater

    One heart attack, one stroke later, win

  24. henderblue

    Where you at Slater? Suck it

  25. SanDiegoDave

    SWEET 16!!!

  26. kenny

    I know one person that’s mad right now. He’s a Louisville fan, acts like he’s a UK fan. Any guesses who?
    Hint: has a friend named zach morris

    1. AGSlater

      who? screech?

  27. dballrb

    I never call people out but AG(saved by the bell)Slater;SCOREBOARD.

  28. Eazy

    Great win! Clutch d. Moving on. Louisville going home.

  29. roundballwiz