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UK vs. Mississippi State LIVE BLOG


Article written by Drew Franklin

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136 responses to “UK vs. Mississippi State LIVE BLOG”

  1. vkh/

    how can I watch the game live on my laptop?

  2. captain picard

    I am ready

  3. Tyler

    Go Blue!

  4. Fake Professor

    We are 50 percent o 3rd down conversions

  5. Marvb

    Run the ball on first and second down. They run the ball good and pass like shit. Run the damn ball. My gosh!

  6. Marvb

    Shocker. Miss St ran on their first play.

  7. chris

    anyone have a link to watch it?

  8. bigbluelimo

    What happened to the gray unies??

  9. Marvin

    Ran on first and second, passed on third and scored a touchdown!! Hello, Wake Up. That’s why you run the ball!!

  10. Brian

    Ah, the KSR Live Blog, also known as Mrs TT’s Popularity Contest.

  11. niaps

    Defense anyone?

  12. Brian

    also known as The Repeat Everything Matt Said on the Radio Live Blog Update.

  13. niaps

    They are cutting thru us like a hot knife thru butter

  14. niaps

    Will state even punt tonight?

  15. niaps

    Too many joker rejects on defense

  16. niaps

    Pathetic just pathetic

  17. Elk

    It’d be nice to log on to the chat using something other than Twitter… Not all of us are social media zombies. On a side note; I know that is a bulldog on the side of the MSU helmets, but I just don’t get it.

  18. Knoxville CAT
  19. niaps

    There just seems there are not many offensive plays for this team. No variety same thing over and over

  20. niaps

    This will be a blowout if they don’t stop em this time

  21. niaps

    I see a UK with no fire no energy and no will tonight

  22. niaps

    Ticky tack plays hoping for a breakout run like Timmons had seems our only offense tonight with zero downfield capability. If only we had a real quarterback.

  23. niaps

    No back and forth with anyone tonight?

  24. niaps

    Hello anyone out there?

  25. Tinsley

    @Niaps what are you talking about there playing hard

    Also, come out to watch the Roy G. Walton bowl tomorrow between Tates Creek and Lafayette for the Cup and District Championship.

    GO CREEK!!!

  26. Marvb

    Niaps, thought you were a basketball fan. Do you talk to yourself in the mirror and answer yourself? Haha. Run the ball Cats. This seems to be a battle of who doesn’t want to win. Get the ball back to Timmons.

  27. Marvb

    Shod of bad that first down. It’s called effort

  28. Just.shut.up.

    Hey niaps, just stfu sometimes. I get sick of you dominating this comment section every game. That’s why I give up and leave, and I am sure that’s why you end up talking to yourself

  29. niaps

    Three punts in a row wow terrific offense cats

  30. niaps

    State looks like men and Ky looks like boys.

  31. niaps

    Easy 1st down

  32. niaps

    21-7 at the half any bets

  33. Marvb

    It’s a gift if Miss St punts on 4’th down and anything.

  34. niaps

    I may be wrong tho it may be 28-7

  35. DerbyDemon

    Horrible play calling, putrid defense, no pride, no enthusiasm, NOTHING. There’s nothing like UK football. Won’t be watching anymore of this shit this year. They suck–plain and simple.

  36. niaps

    Sorry that you homers on here can not stand the truth but joker left us this mess and no coaching staff in the nation can fix it overnight. I laugh at the idiots who thought this may be a win for the Cats.

  37. niaps

    I can’t shut up. I don’t know why, but I think I have such important comments to make so I have to run on and on and on. You should see me at a party…I am the guy everyone avoids and tries like he11 to get away from. In truth, I know very little about football, although you probably already guessed that from my inane comments. Please. Kick. Me.

  38. ag slater

    Sorry excuse for a football team. Horrible defense. Cannot win any games with our pathetic players on defense . Also the live blog is a joke. Its 5 or 6 ppl just chatting with each other. Whats the point. They won’t post anyone’s comments. Max smith stinks

  39. Rei

    Max is bad. Very, very bad.

  40. Joe

    Same Old Kentucky! Stoops Poops

  41. Marvin

    Who was he throwing it to. Got an idea also. Let your running backs run it and your wife receivers catch it.

  42. Bully Ray

    Classic trap game for Kentucky tonight coming down from the high of Louisville losing last weekend.

  43. Marvin

    I’d go for it if I was Miss State.

  44. FSU

    Congrats on the Stoops hire! We sure do miss him.

  45. eatit

    Its not the qb, its the play calling, Neil Brown is a moron, no wonder tuberville bitch slapped his ass!

  46. Joe

    Still not ready to bail on stoops, but can’t blame all this on lack of talent. Miss. State is garbage too

  47. Tub o lard

    Why does stoops have such a big gut? Is he lazy?

  48. Well

    Thank goodness we don’t play Bowling Green next week. They would kill us.

  49. espn

    What the hell were we thinking scheduling kentucky football on national tv? I think the professional pool we show on sunday when nfl is on gets much better ratings than this garbage

  50. Marvin

    Not giving up on Stoops. Love him FSU. You’ll miss him soon enough.

  51. Hink

    Max Smith is terrible….

  52. what?

    Eat it….are you watching this game? Max is beyond horrible. Can towles really be worse than this?

  53. Well

    Smith is flat out awful. He can’t throw any passes. 5 yard out he throws too hot. 15 yarder bounces. I will give him credit– can’t remember a QB being so awful in such a wide variety of ways.

  54. jeff

    Please sit “Max I can throw the ball 100mph to my receiver that is 10 yards away from me and then blame it on my receiver for not watching the ball Smith” on the bench.

  55. Drew Barker

    Max is terrible. I will be starting for sure next year!

  56. Well

    So the defense does not want to be out awfuled by Smith…

  57. BBN44

    Max Smith is by far, the WORST qb I’ve ever seen in my 36 yrs of existance on this earth

  58. niaps

    This UK team doesn’t have a legitimate quarterback on the squad. No QB no scoring. Thank you joker

  59. Dave

    Is tolls really that bad. Anybody can over though wide open wr

  60. niaps

    Anyone still think the Cats can win this? I laugh in your face.

  61. jeff

    I’ll be so excited to see next years class come in. I’m sure the majority of the class will see the field since the upper classmen down want to play ball..

  62. albert mcpatmeballs

    That sideline reporter is sexy. I’d hit it for sure

  63. jeff

    I would have burned Patrick Towles rs a month ago…

  64. jeff

    Tooooo funny Albert πŸ™‚

  65. TheyFeet

    Jeez Max. I’ve seen better arms on chairs. Towles and Phillips must be complete vegetables.

  66. niaps

    It is a big mistake to think this team will be much different next year. Stoops has some very good players coming in but freshmen seldom make huge impacts in the overall game. Look for a few more wins at most.

  67. TheWildcatsNuttsak

    Who the hell do all you fair weather pukes think could win with the shit recruited and left here by the sorriest excuse for a coach ever hired anywhere! Joker Phillips is to blame idiots!

  68. Jobob

    Reese Phillips please!!!!!!!

  69. niceville_cat

    best kid in the area… playing against d. ware tomorrow… still not sure why this kid is not at least 3* gonna do watch the game is should be good, district matchup

  70. niaps

    Thank you #67 I been saying that all year.

  71. bmt22033

    Ok, brace yourselves for the shock…..Pitino says Chane Behanan will be “told the truth and will be back on the team soon”. No joke. See this guy’s twitter:

  72. eatit

    Apparently you Folks don’t understand football, you can’t run it 5 times and line up in a predictable run heavy 3 back set every time and then attempt to throw it on 3rd and long after your predictable run plays get stuffed, that is stupid and puts all the pressure on the qb, when they started off throwing the ball and calling easy plays the qb could complete the qb went 4 for 4 with a TD, play calling and rhythm, pure and simple

  73. NL

    niaps has to be the most annoying person on KSR

  74. eatit

    Trust me everyone…I know my football. Max smith is an excellent qb. I like how he works his balls and thrusts his body while doing so. 3-4 defense strong sibgle high safety. A gab nickel corner blitz. Press defense vs zone snd the dt needs to pull inside

  75. niaps

    Cats have a chance if they take out a knee on Prescott as he is treating UK like they are his beeoch.

  76. CATandMONKEY

    1. I support UK no matter the sadness witnessed.
    2.We do NOT have a true division I QB…Whitllow is an athlete who could produce big time as a WR/RB.
    3. NIAPS makes this comment section a bad day at the gynecogist’s office, game after game.
    Sorry for the ad hominem but it is wildly appropriate.
    4. I posted 15 or more posts on the live blog….not one ever appeared.
    5. Expensive vodka and fresh cider makes this game less painful.

  77. niaps

    I see #73 has a low IQ keep spouting your wisdom my man.

  78. CATandMONKEY

    Gynecologist…sorry niaps.

  79. Jobob

    What about Clark Kissick? I bet he wouldn’t mind burning his practice jersey and red shirt!

  80. niaps

    Uk as a program is pathetic. Yea there good in basketball so what. Their football team sucks so bad it evens itself out. Blahhh

  81. 2020

    Patrick Towles must be the football version of Jared Carter.

  82. Rupp UK2K

    Anyone else not having their comments appear up top?

  83. Davis

    Did we actually just blitz!!!

  84. Marvb

    Eat it’s an idiot. When have you ever seen UK line up in a 3 back formation, that may be called the wishbone, which apparently your familiar with. And name me any time this year UK has run it 5 times in a row. Are you Eadit or Idit?!. My gosh

  85. Clark

    When r we going to get a quarterback change?

  86. UKCPA

    Yea . . . high powered offense this year. Defense will be terrible but we’ll put points on the board. Great assessment, Matt, of what our season would be like this year. Great to know that we’re equally bad on both sides of the ball.

  87. Special Eddie

    Where is WhatWasThat! This proves him stupid again!!!!!!

  88. Special Eddie

    Naips is the only person I can relate to anymore! Is this good? lol

  89. Special Eddie


  90. jeff

    LMAO…. We only need 5 more safetys to win this game!!!

  91. Special Eddie

    Naips I never read number 60… Disregard what I said. You are acting like a douche also!!

  92. Special Eddie

    Yeeeeesssss whitlow!!!

  93. jeff

    Yes!!! Bout time Max got some splinters in his a……. Whitlow makes a difference right off the bat..

  94. Hink

    Whitlow is that man, to hell with Max Smith.

  95. 2020

    I’m Whiting in my pants!!

  96. albert mcpatmeballs

    That offsides penalty could be the difference in the game…that and our defense sucks.

  97. albert mcpatmeballs

    This comment section is the land of live blog misfits. They don’t post shit besides the stuff they write that they think is funny. TT is probably the lamest person on ksr. The live blog is just all her posts.

  98. Hink

    Max Smith is killing me….

  99. 2020

    Defense gave UK great position again. Smith & Co. fail to take advantage. Again.

  100. Capt

    Censorship much?

  101. unreal

    Nice defense on those crucial 3rd downs…haha. pewee league defense

  102. Joker

    Defense needs help.

  103. Elk

    They said that the wins wouldn’t matter this year as long as we see improvement… I’m not seeing improvement; we’re still making bad teams look good.

  104. unreal

    Well game over. Pathetic defense. Not even that they converted all of those 3rd downs but the fact they were wiiiide open. I don’t care how bad the players are that’s coaching

  105. jeff

    bad defensive call again.. Stoops needs to let the D Coordinator call his own D.. That was a huge mistake..

  106. niaps

    What amazes me about the morons on here the most is listening to Matt. That guy don’t know poop and what he says means no more than anyone else. Cats close but lose again, and again and again ………

  107. CATandMONKEY

    I don’t think the principles at KSR are actually censoring… they don’t have time. Maybe all of us whom have posted 20+ attempts on the live blog, to no avail, have had our IP addresses blocked? I generally, nay- almost ALWAYS post favorably towards KSR and UK. Perhaps it is the slowness of our internet servers??

    Tonight is by FAR the most frustrating night on the live blog. Not ONE post has come across on the blog. I find it hard to believe my posts are any more insipid than the majority of the random dreck that makes it through from the non-KSR staff posters. Can certainly understand why Matt, Drew, Mrs TT, Roush etc would have priority… but beyond that, is it just a crap shoot?

  108. jeff

    Yep, Unreal….. Wouldn’t doubt if they get another conversion on this 3rd and 9…

  109. jeff

    fg wins this one for State.. MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. jeff

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  111. jeff

    How freaking lucky can you get with a shoestring tackle…

  112. mashburnfan1

    are you freakin serious. 3rd and 7, no timeouts and we do a qb draw. another terrible play call that cost us a chance to win.

  113. jeff

    game… max smith sux again..

  114. sucksass

    Idiot ran qb draw on 3rd and 7!! R u serious!! Dumbass

  115. Smith is trash

    Bench Smith.

  116. clancyhat

    STUPID play calling

  117. 2 and 10

    Same ole Kentucky. The sheep will think uk is turning the corner, as usual.

  118. Hink

    Max Smith ain’t shit….

  119. JC

    Nick Roush is killing this site in regards to football. Much like Stuart Hammer does for basketball. They don’t know anything and yet have been given a forum to appear like experts.

  120. niaps

    Ok this one is on the horrendous play calling of Neal Brown. Running the football with time running out was joker-esk. I am sorry but his play calling has been terrible too many times this year. It was like they didn’t want to win. You totally lost this game Brown with you suck ass calls

  121. D Tackles?

    UK has the worst Defensive Tackles in the Country!!!! Matt Elam, please come!!!!! Rumph and Cobble are horrible against the run, and have ZERO ability to get a pass rush. Can not wait to get more talent at UK, especially at D Tackle.

  122. BravoBigBlue

    Neil Brown has a long way to go as a play caller. The pressure clearly got to him on the 2nd and 3rd down calls on the end of game possession. Very curious. Like you he was trying to fool somebody.. Jokeresque.

  123. mashburnfan1

    announcers were dead right about how little room for error this team has. a guy offsides on a perfectly executed onside kick was killer as msu gets ball and scores only td{and game winning td}of the 2nd half. too many drops but maybe the wr’s are not ready to catch the ball because most of the throws are not close to them. add in the bad play calling and we lose to a bad team.
    i want to give the d credit but they gave up 21 points and 300 yards in 1st half. yes they did give up just one score in 2nd half but msu has done that all year so was it them or was it us. still holding my judgement of the new staff until they have their players, if their commits stay with us.

  124. football school

    YOU DON’T CALL A QB DRAW ON 3RD & 8 WITH NO TIMEOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOTIC!!!! I DON’T CARE HOW JACKED UP HE IS ON THE SIDE LINE. You just don’t make that play call, Neal. Always next year…

  125. john

    Fire neal brown! What a bad call i cant believe how bad his play calling has been all year.

  126. chris perkins

    Who ever decided to put witlow in the game on 3rd and 7 to run should be burned at the stakes. What the @#$# was they thinking. We had a real chance and stupidy @#$#@# us again. I know smith wasn’t throwing worth a damn but that was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. They should have left smith in the whole game. There is so much that’s so close and the curse just keeps biting us in the ass. I can’t believe what I just saw. That just made me sick.

  127. eatit

    Horrible play calling once again, swapping qb’s once again at a horrible time, let one of these guys stay in there and actually run the offense, so stupid

  128. D Tackles?

    While I hate our D Tackles, I will say these are Joker’s players, and they are not D-1 let alone SEC caliber. Stoops has some real talent coming in, and our coaches are proven winners. they have to adapt their schemes to the roster, which obviously restricts the play calling.

  129. BravoBigBlue

    Neal Brown hasn’t lived up to his billing. Not ready for prime time. By that I mean the SEC. NOT Kentucky football. He’s par for that.

  130. D Tackles?

    125, Neal has to make play calls in accordance with the talent on the roster. Joker put a bunch of horrible talent into UK’s system, let alone players that are not even D-1 capable. Our staff has proven itself in the football world, yet they have to adapt to the talent on the team.

  131. eatit

    We heard for years joker was bringing in better talent and things would get better, were is all that talent? Not on this field, bottom line is regardless of talent, they hard to coach these guys up, I’m just not seeing improvement

  132. BravoBigBlue

    Joker didn’t call the plays tonight. Neal Brown choked once again. He’s a joke.

  133. TvilleMike

    Coach Stoops showed his inexperience tonight. I know he will improve with experience. Max Smith does not need to see the field the rest of the year. Either he doesn’t want to throw an INT or/and he couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn if he was inside with a bazooka.

  134. whatwasthat

    Special ed you are the stupid one, granted max did not look good, but whitless is terrible, he didn’t score Jo Jo did. Max’s shoulder may be done, but we will never win a SEC game with whitless and maybe no game at all. The future holds promise with Drew and maybe some better defensive play. And special ed Max was moving the ball at the end until they put whitless in and special ed I have and never will camp out of BBM tickets, I camped out for real tickets, but only former students older than say 48 would know what I’m talking about sleeping on the concrete in front of Memorial on a freezing December or January night for midcourt tickets for the Cats. You special ed are truly a moronic libral piece of shi*.

  135. RUPPS_rhetoric

    All you, quit bitching about Neil Brown. Guy has no QBs to work with. Max isn’t healthy and Jalen is hurt and raw. Towels obviously isn’t worth much. Barker is on his way. I’ll wait and hold judgement on our coaches for a year or two when we can overcome Jokers recruiting deficiencies. This was 3 win team at best. They’ve performed about as well as any reasonable person could expect them to. Yes I’m disappointed we didn’t win. But we’re just not that good. That’s Jokers fault not Stoops, Brown, or Elliot’s fault. Get off the coaches back.

  136. Matt m

    Max smith is not the problem. He is fine. He throws at an extremely high % and whitlow can’t throw a 5 yd out. Neal Brown, however, who had the audacity to throw Smith under the bus, should have to hitchhike his way back to Lexington. Nice draw call, Neal