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UK vs. Louisville LIVE BLOG


Article written by Drew Franklin

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113 responses to “UK vs. Louisville LIVE BLOG”

  1. Question. Mark


  2. BBN#1

    any site streaming the game?

  3. link???

    Anyone gots one?

  4. Dano

    I HATE this 2 QB system.

  5. Dano

    Watchespn has it.

  6. So

    Where can I listen to the game on I heart??

  7. niaps

    Bring in Whitlow again he will give this game away

  8. niaps

    Not a QB he is just not. Good grief did they learn nothing against WKU

  9. niaps

    Wide open and misses a big gain

  10. niaps

    Are you kidding me 2 wide open dropped passes

  11. Dano


  12. ccalaparty

    whitlow is garbage and deserves a D-2 scholy If we go with two QB’s put Towles in

  13. Dana

    Dropped passes. Mental mistakes.

  14. Dana


  15. niaps

    The defense looks terrific the only Cat bright spot so far

  16. niaps

    Smith needs to settle down and play smarter

  17. niaps

    Smith down field looks horrible so far

  18. niaps

    Another 3 and out

  19. niaps

    Defense is our only hope and we need a turnover bad

  20. Poot

    How bad is towles not to be playing?

  21. link!!!!!

    anyone link to the game please??

  22. Dana


  23. niaps

    Turnover yes there it is

  24. Dana


  25. Dana


  26. Dana

    3-3. Time to play. With Whitlow on the bench.

  27. niaps

    Timmons is dangerous with the ball, need to get it to him more

  28. niaps

    How many dropped passes now 4 or 5?

  29. Andy

    Link would be much appreciated if possible?

  30. niaps

    Now defense get another TO

  31. Marc

    Matt, what are you going to say on the CBS broadcast ?? Where can I hear ??

  32. niaps

    Cats outplayed Cards first quarter and would be up 7 if not for drops

  33. Dano

    Only link I know of is on watchespn

  34. Dano

    D Line has to get their hand up

  35. niaps

    Great D just GREAT

  36. Dano

    Teddy meet ZADARIUS. SACK

  37. PsychOfMSE

    Game stream in 1080p high def @

  38. niaps

    How can we ask more of this defense. Time for the offense to do something

  39. niaps

    another drop

  40. Dano


  41. DT in DC

    Stupid Live blog is about 10 seconds ahead of my tv. Spoiler alert!

  42. niaps

    the offense is offensive. 2 feet for a 1st and cannot get it

  43. niaps

    Screw the live blog. Just a bunch of buddies on there and no one else can get on

  44. niaps

    Cats are making the UL D look better than it really is, drops and no running

  45. The curse

    Thanks Matt

  46. niaps

    Bridgewaters heisman is taking a beating so far

  47. niaps

    Wow 3 running plays in a row. WTF is going on with the play calling

  48. niaps

    Defense on the field to much. Offense is hurting the Cats whole game

  49. Super Size Screens

    Need a BIG stop here. Looks like Brown is the answer for Louisville running game. We’ve got to stop him right here!!!

  50. niaps

    Cracks are starting to show

  51. Future Mrs. Matt Jones

    How is Bridgewater a Heisman candidate? LOL.

  52. niaps

    Looks like the end is near unless the offense starts doing something

  53. niaps

    Well Cat fans the defense cannot hold them forever and the offense is no help at all. Brown needs to look into his bag of tricks and get the offense moving. Sad day unless catches are made and the run improves.

  54. niaps

    One thing is certain so far. UL looks way overrated unless they really get it going the second half.

  55. Cuk02

    We just don’t have very good players. Simple as that. Dropped passes, blown assignments, no offensive playmakers, etc. Can’t wait for Stoops to get us some actual football players.

  56. Cuk02

    Garbage. Way to piss it away Cats.

  57. niaps

    Are u freaking kidding me . Get jokers boys off the field they suck

  58. Carl

    Kentucky football is a joke. Fumbling on the 10 yard line is the type of $#*t Kentucky football does. they showed our students in the crowd laughing because it’s something we do.

  59. robuk

    We always find a way to give away a game. Will it ever change?

  60. BobKYCats

    Hey guys, it’s halftime of a 10-3 game; we’re still in this.

    Go Cats.

  61. niaps

    Well I hope there was some adjustments on offense for the Cats or this one is over

  62. bbmike

    And here they go. . .

  63. niaps

    Too easy.

  64. niaps

    Bad tackling set up that TD

  65. BobKYCats

    Dammit, never mind.

  66. Well

    Well….that was a fun 2 .1238753 qtrs to watch.

  67. bbmike

    We have to move the ball now and score or it may be over fast

  68. niaps

    Defense played their game the 1st half with no help from offense. May be at a point where they just give up unless Smith can move this team for TD’s

  69. niaps

    Well game over if Smith cannot play. Whitlow just sucks

  70. niaps

    Well that says it all

  71. bbmike

    And that’s the ball game

  72. niaps

    We need a quarterback now this one is over

  73. CryingBlue

    Max Smith Injured?

  74. niaps

    Hold them to a FG was a win win there

  75. niaps

    Max is out and Whitlow just sucks so what kind of chance we got now. I see another INT coming or a fumble from Mr. Worthless.

  76. BardstownCatFan

    I know we don’t have a choice if Max Smith is hurt, but we’re never going to be a winning team with Jalon Whitlow as our quarterback. He’s killing us.

  77. BardstownCatFan

    Max out just long enough for Whitlow to throw an interception to the goal line, so we couldn’t score.

  78. niaps

    Max is back but cannot be effective with bad shoulder

  79. Wildcatsteeler

    Is Neal Brown the new Joker? He seems to have the same knack for turning golden opportunities into negatives. 3rd and 5 and a run. 2nd and 1 and a screen. Big play into the red zone and runs a hurry up that results in the RB not knowing he is getting the handoff for a fumble. 0-9 3rd down conversion. 14 mins of possession while stranding the D on the field for 28 mins. And lets not forget naming Whitlow the starter beginning the season. I’m very unimpressed so far.

  80. niaps

    Cats need a 14 play drive to let D rest

  81. barn

    how can towles not be as good as whitlow? someone must’ve really mis evaluated his talent in the recruiting process, or maybe he was brought to UK due to influence from his granddad?

  82. Captain obvious

    Someone give whitlow a zany bar!!

  83. niaps

    Running game all we got now

  84. J A Brooks

    Anyone comparing joker and Neal brown probably needs to never talk football ever again

  85. niaps

    Jojo Kemp looks good keep jokers boys off the field

  86. niaps

    That penalty cost us any chance of a TD

  87. Go Cats

    Lets go cat fans!!!!! Stay with our boys, this game is not over! GO CATS!!!!!

  88. satcheluk

    Heck of an effort by the defense. Our offense, in particular the WRs, really let themselves down.

  89. niaps

    The big question now is will Whitlow complete a pass

  90. niaps

    FG ? You kidding me?

  91. niaps

    Even EKU scored a TD on these guys but this Cat offense is toothless

  92. niaps

    How can we have 4 QBs and Whitlow is the 2nd best tells how bad we are

  93. niaps

    Gotta say the kick coverage has been good

  94. UL sux

    Can we suit up WCS? He immediately becomes our best receiver.

  95. niaps

    The D has nothing left . Cards score every possession now

  96. niaps

    LOL @ 94

  97. niaps

    Have a good day all this is pathetic

  98. satcheluk

    Other than the WRs and the TOs, they should be proud of how they played. This game is going down to the wire if they don’t have 10+ drops and unforced TOs. There is reason for hope, as this team will continue to get better.

  99. satcheluk

    If we score here, it’s a push with the line being 14.

  100. talon2chief

    really? i like the guy but that was DUMB of stoops to put in whitlow when smith was actually playing somewhat solid… just DUMB!!!

  101. wildcatinOH

    #100 – you mean to blame Neal Brown?

  102. Ukfansrretarded

    Anyone blaming stoops or brown are st upid n know nothing about football

    Take away the few stoops recruits… This is jokers team !!!

    So shut it

  103. 3fan

    Whitlow sucks. Max sucks. Our offense sucks. Neil Brown is counting the days until he gets his recruits here. I mean Whitlow really really sucks.

  104. Katdaddy

    Max smith ain’ t worth a shit either. Stoop should do like cal did, tell all these QBs to go somewhere else Today show just how bad of a team Miami is.

  105. Katdaddy

    Jokers gone tired of hearing that crap. This offense looks like shit!

  106. Rixter

    We play teams that are not as good as Louisville. We’re going to win some games

  107. wildcatinOH

    Rixter, I am afraid that it’s Louisville who is overrated…meaning we are going to have a hard time winning games in the SEC still

  108. Linda Taylor

    Defense played well until they got gassed because offense couldn’t stay on the field.
    Much improved special teams play.
    Poor QB play
    Poor receiver play
    Need to put new guys in earlier. Give up on the older guys that can’t catch a ball.

  109. bob

    pretty much same as last year…you lost by 18 last year 14 this year. Factor in home field this year and you basically lost by same amount…..

  110. Rixter

    Bob, I think coming out of this game UK feels better about itself than U of L does.

  111. bob

    I think UL should feel good about 2nd half. Got running game going and passing game opened up. Just played a bad first half. UK played with a lot of heart.

  112. Rixter

    Here’s a question I’ve always had: Why does a defense get gassed when they’re on the field a lot, but the other team’s offense doesn’t, and they are on the field the same minutes?

  113. satcheluk

    Rixter-You’ve obviously never played football. The offense can substitute at will, but the defense has to play at the speed of the defense, plus it takes much more energy to chase than it does to be chased or get around a block vs. blocking.