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UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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52 responses to “UK vs. Georgia LIVE BLOG”

  1. me

    I need a live stream link. Dont get espn u

  2. Walt

    Where online can you stream the football game? I’m in Pigeon Forge, TN but my hotel isn’t carrying the game.

  3. Don't bother

    Don’t worry about watching it. It’s already 14-0 and going to be the usual blowout. Save yourself the trouble.

  4. Well...

    This is worse than I imagined it and that’s saying a lot.

  5. Bmac

    Espn3 should have it or watch espn app. You don’t want to watch it anyways.

  6. Elmer

    Coach Stoops will be mad. I expect the Cats will come out after halftime and pull this one out

  7. Bmac

    Now they might have to pull a redshirt. Ky football.

  8. capt

    Why would anybody waste their saturday night on this garbage? Shut down the live blog and find something good to do. You’ve earned it.

  9. KevvBacon

    This is beyond embarrassing.

  10. Trod

    I love UK, totally understand losing every week and im ok with that. That said, this game against Georgia is the most pathetic thing ive ever seen from this football program, and theres still 7 minutes left in the first quarter. For perspective, if they keep going on this pace UGA will put up 150 points on us. We wont even have a shot against Tennessee playin like this…

  11. jbba

    just forfeit if you can’t do any better than this

  12. scukfan22

    Sometimes you just have to give the other team credit, its their senior night and theyre plaing fast! Not many teams go in there and play them close the way they are playing tonight.

  13. Keeping it real

    Stoops sucks.

  14. Big Fat Redneck

    Yeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  15. bluescat

    shome on!!!

  16. Jim


  17. Andy

    Link anyone?

  18. Mr. Self Destruct

    Stoops gets a free pass from me for 5 years after the crap hole of a program Joker left.

    1. Haha

      Okay, in the last 50 years of this crap hole of a program, who you gonna blame? I blame the SEC. Stinking conference, y’all suck.

  19. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    This is like watching a college team play a high school team.

  20. Haha


  21. I don't get it

    This team has gotten worse since the beginning of the year. We can’t even stop their backup qb from slinging it all over the field. And why do we keep running it up the middle? I have seen high school teams that can beat us. Our coaches need to reevaluate their game plan. I get this is a rebuilding year but for heaven sake these teams have been begging for us to beat them, yet we get destroyed every game.

  22. Glass houses

    Apology won’t happen. MJ doesn’t have the class or integrity – too interested in making Edge gay news continue to be lead sponsor.

  23. ag slater

    We suck so bad in football I really forgot that we were even playing a game at all until about 9. We are pathetic in every way possible.From the coaching to the players this football program is pathetic. Can we just take football away from the university It is pointless to play. The only thing our football program is good at is making a bad name for the university and making any team look awesome, How sad is it when your team cannot even win a conference game in 2 seasons. Absolute joke. laughing stock of all of football

  24. NL

    I don’t know if they are worse, but I do think the guys have given up and just want the year to be over. The rebuilding process will take time, but I do believe Stoops will get it done (not sure where the ceiling is though). Stoops toughest job at this point is going to be to convince all the guys to stay committed and also find 3 more solid recruits to bring in. If he can accomplish both, then we should feel confident in the recruiting for years to come.

  25. ag slater

    sanders blows ballsack. they shoulda just released him. all he has ever done is fumble and suck

  26. Stoopid

    Mark Stoops cries more to the refs than a little girl.

    1. No kidding

      You’d be crying too if your former team was playing for a National Championship and you can’t even mange to get a single conference win.

  27. JJ

    Stoops & Co. are amateurs and should be at a school in a mid-major conference. Stoops not having any head coaching experience has shown through this season. He wasn’t ready to coach in the SEC much less rebuild the worst team in the conference. This year is on the coaches for a poor performance. Other SEC coaches would have won more games with the same talent.

    1. Michael

      I can’t envision any Division I head coach wanting to leaving where they are now to come coach at Kentucky. It’s like digging a grave for your coaching career.


    UK Football is terrible! Or as Charles Barkley would say, Turrible.

  29. Hilltopper

    Bobby Petrino has more SEC wins at Western Kentucky than Coach Stupid has at UK.

    1. catdaddyd

      That’s funny:)

  30. Not the ai raid yet

    What happened to whitlow?


    The Joker Phillips hire was a really bad decision on behalf of Barnhardt. This essentially put UK Football on probation, but I’m wondering if a 3 year death penalty would have been better. BBN is enduring some really, really, really bad Football. Thank God for Basketball.

  32. NL

    27 – Other SEC coaches like Joker Phillips and Randy Sanders are the reason we are in this predicament. Give Stoops some time to turn it around. Arkansas has a good coach and he isn’t doing any better, with more talent than we have. UT has a coach with experience and a ton more talent and he isn’t doing much better. Stoops may have a learning curve but you have to give him some time before you judge him so harshly

    1. Badger

      “Arkansas has a good coach” …LOL. It should read, Arkansas has a coach that was at the right place at the right time. If Ohio State and Michigan hadn’t shot themselves in the feet, he would be nothing more than an average coach. Just like Stoops.

    2. JJ

      You are basing your comments on the notion that Mark Stoops knows what he is doing. I’m not convinced he or the assistant and position coaches know what they are doing. If not, you can bring in as much talent as you want, you will underachieve.

    3. JJ

      You are basing your comments on the notion that Mark Stoops knows what he is doing. I’m not convinced he or the assistant and position coaches know what they are doing. If not, they can bring in as much talent as they want, they will still underachieve.

  33. Uk football

    You know that new law they passed in Switzerland legalizing a patients right to euthanasia? Yea, I’m in…

  34. orangello

    Quiters. BTW, Tyler, this popcorn is awesome. Goodnight, folks…

  35. Roberto Duran

    “No Mas”

  36. Nick Roush

    “If we only hadn’t spotted them 21 points.” I’d still be a douche nozzle and we still be getting an ass kicking.

  37. Linda Taylor

    Glass Houses is there a closet you want to come out of? Never once have I seen any ad for anything gay on this website. You are seeing that ad because of your own search history. That is how Google ads works.

  38. Raymond Innocent Sanders

    We only lost to UGA 29-24 last year and they were a much better team! Yeah so Arkansas and TN have good coaches and more talent and THEY can’t do it? So that’s supposed to make me feel how about our football future? At least they have tradition and $$$

  39. Undertaker's Dong

    The devil may have gone down to Georgia, I don’t know, but the Undertaker’s Dong certainly didn’t slip between the hedges tonight. (DONG!)

  40. JJ

    Anyone think things will improve next year?

  41. LMAFAO at UK Football


  42. LMAFAO at UK Football

    cant wait till next year so we can watch those crazy cats win 2 more games. yeeee hawww!!

  43. LMAFAO at UK Football

    My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush. You can do it!!

  44. catdaddyd

    There must be something new about the ad program. I got the gay ad once and now an Obama ad, not gay and not an Obama fan either. Maybe Al Gore’s web is sending out a message. If the next ad is Chicago Bath House….

  45. In All Honesty

    Realize the talent level is really low at UK. But what worries me is this team has not improved over the course of the year. It fact, it seems to have gotten worse. That is on the coaches!! Not sure this staff can turn it around. Give them 2 more years and see. It has to get better!!