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UK Student who allegedly made up threats made media rounds prior to arrest

This morning, Haily Duvall, a 19-year-old University of Kentucky student, was arrested for spreading and reporting a fake threat against White Hall, a prominent classroom building on campus. Before the police discovered she made the false threats via SnapChat, Duvall did several interviews with local media, even telling the Kentucky Kernel that she had a test in that building today but felt UK should cancel classes and fully investigate the matter.

“It’s a safe or sorry thing. Would you rather ignore it, and then somebody get hurt? I definitely take it seriously. I’ve even encouraged fellow students, ‘Hey if you don’t feel safe, don’t go.'”

“Your life is worth more than 10 participation points,” she continued. “Or notes you can get from a fellow student. This should not be taken like a grain of salt; there should be some concern in this situation.”

[Kentucky Kernel]

Not the smartest criminal, Duvall didn’t stop there, even going on camera with WKYT.

“Definitely at first, I was like, yeah, no, this is one mad kid who probably failed an exam, but the more they came, once I was added on SnapChat by the person, I realized it was a little more severe than initially led on,” she said.

One of the threats Duvall allegedly created and spread on SnapChat said “White Hall is about to be white ashes along with every a**hole student in it.” Another said “Thirsty thursdays are about become ticking time bomb thursdays.”

Maybe you should have just taken the F on that test, Haily.

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24 responses to “UK Student who allegedly made up threats made media rounds prior to arrest”

  1. secrick

    Dam what the heck is going on with people.

  2. ibescootch

    Ugh. I know her. She’s incredibly nice and seemingly normal, this is strange behavior.

  3. cats646


  4. ky1988

    She might look okay on outside but she might have mental health issues that Know one knows about.

    1. KTR2786

      #BelieveAllWomen. You bunch of bigots!!!

    2. cats646

      What? You’re a bigot.

    3. plumloopy

      Aww… KTR, Did your bias just get confirmed?

    4. kywildcats33

      Doesn’t look okay on the outside that person looks like a psycho

    5. cats646

      I agree with wildcat33. She looks insane.

  5. Duff86

    Incredibly stupid. However, I do feel really bad for how much trouble shes gotten herself in to over a clearly thoughtless prank. Should have just taken the bad grade. Sidebar: Millennial’s really have no clue what a payphone is.

    1. playmorezeppelin

      You can’t send snapchats on a payphone, old head.

  6. nicky

    Christian Fellowship shirt on….man something is wrong here….praying for this girl for sure

    1. SanDiegoDave

      Praying is not an action verb. You might as well watch tapes of the last basketball game expecting a different outcome.

  7. Biglaw Dawgin'

    But did she pass the test?

  8. Nickerbocker05

    Umm she is the ticking time bomb here!?!

  9. UKani

    She wanted some attention

  10. ukcats1776.90

    living is this disgusting patriarchy lead this powerless woman to act out. white republican men, not this woman, should be punished for her behavior!

    1. Ettish

      Please remove yourself from this forum and then from life.

    2. cats646

      I can’t tell if your serious or not based on how f%#king stupid your comment made you sound. This insane chick needs locked up!

  11. az1006

    If she put half as much effort into studying as she did into orchestrating this charade, she probably would have done quite well on the test. Could’ve gotten a C, at least.

  12. A_Blue_Wildcat

    She’ll get a slap on the wrist because she’s a young, female, blond, and white. Probably get kicked out of school but won’t get jail time. Maybe some community service and a fine if her lawyer isn’t great. Sad society we live in.

  13. SanDiegoDave

    Another stupid hick from Glasgow. She’ll be governor of Hicktucky one day.

  14. chris43

    Sounds like ole blondie got drunk and was bent over by a few the night before….didn’t get to study….and wanted that test postponed at all cost! You go girl! ?

    1. cats646

      Sounds right.